Happy Town: Watch the Last Two Episodes of the Cancelled Show

Happy TownHappy Town revolves around a bunch of strange disappearances and murders in a small town. The large cast includes Sam Neill, M.C. Gainey, Geoff Stults, Lauren German, Amy Acker, Steven Weber, Ben Schnetzer, Sarah Gadon, Jay Paulson, and Robert Wisdom.

After a disappointing premiere in the ratings, Happy Town was pulled off the airwaves for most of May sweeps. Before the show returned on June 2nd, ABC officially cancelled the TV show. Only eight episodes were filmed but at least answers to some of the TV show’s mysteries will be revealed by the end.

Unfortunately, ABC pulled the show off the air once again and left fans hanging as to when the final two episodes would air. Well, the network has released both episodes and you can watch them below.

What do you think? Are you in any way satisfied by these final two episodes?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Wandena says

    I still think there should be more shows. I am still comfused. I really like the show and hated to see it end. Please bring it back.

  2. donna says

    i miss this show what i didnt get was the girl with the tatoo the missing happlin girl it would have been nice to see everyone get there loved ones back but the last two episodes did answer alot

  3. K says

    What a waste…I hate that ABC does this…why not finish out the show instead of running re-runs. They did the same thing with Eastwick.

  4. LaLa says

    I was not satisfied, it looks like the last two episodes were the best effort, got really interesting, and then,nothing but answered questions. Bring it back!!!!!!!!

  5. Mary says

    There are to many questions that need to be answered. It was an interesting show, ABC just put it in the wrong time slot and night. I will not be pulled into another mini-series from ABC. They don’t finish what they start!

  6. Nana says

    Oh, I am SOOOO glad I got to see them but we are still so hanging here! It’s just cruel of ABC to leave it like this. They know how to advertise to bring in the viewers. A little more effort and more people would’ve been hooked like I was!

  7. Sharon Shrader says

    I love this show!!! Please bring it back. I need to know the ending. Is there a book I can read??What a great cast of characters….. Bring it back please!!!

  8. Sedate Me says

    I’m trying to watch the last two episodes of this show. (Just who the hell cancels a replacement series with 2 episodes left in the middle of the summer?) But all I get is that damned message ABC, Hulu and various others give me. “Sorry Loser. While the show was shot in Canada, starred several Canadians and you can get ABC for free at your house with bunny ears, you are not allowed to watch this show on-line because you’re from Canada.” Hell, I’ve actually been to one of the locations, but I can’t watch a cancelled show ABC doesn’t even care about because…I have no idea why.

  9. wrbtu says

    although i would have liked to have seen the series finish, i’m thankful to abc & hulu for giving me the chance to watch these two episodes. excellent series, too bad it was canceled.

  10. Snowman says

    No I was not satisfied at all. Their still way too many questions unanswered. The biggest being is the under laying cause of all the evil supernatural or just a completely crazy family.

  11. Wran Velvet says

    I’ve just finished the first season. I like this show, I mean: suspens is here, until the end, we can’t guess who’s the magic man. I think there is the aim! I’m sure it’s hard to make a screenplay with all the residents of the town involved but there, it works! I think people prefer watching commercials easy shows now, they probably don’t want to turn their imagination on… what can we do… unfortunatly.
    I just can observe that it is more and more difficult to please the audience nowdays. I guess this last think to be clever than this show but I don’t think “Desperates housewifes” or “How I met your mother” would make them clever as well…

    As for as Happy Town’s concerned, Choice of music is unfortunatly very bad. Less one for the sound but Plus one for the screenplay and plus one for the casting and plus one for the way of playing the characters. :) Happy Town is nice and I think it deserves to be continued.

  12. says

    You need to bring this show back, it has such great twists that could make for a fabulous series. It was so nice to watch a show that is interesting opposed to all the reality junk that is on tv. PLEASE bring this show back. I want to know more.

  13. Angie says

    I would love to see a final 2 or 3 hr show. I really loved this show and also October Road. Please put them back on or at least answer the questions from both shows. Maybe they should have been moved to another night instead of cancelled!! I haven’t seen too many ABC shows that are worthy of replacing these shows.

  14. Natasha says

    I loved the last two episodes and loved this show! Why the hell did it get cancelled!!? Can it be brought back?

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