Heroes: Dawn Olivieri Thinks Show Will See Season Five

Dawn OlivieriThe days of Heroes being a blockbuster in the ratings are long over. The ratings of this season’s episodes have been even lower than last season’s, which were pretty bad on their own. That, along with some discontent over storylines, has led to a lot of online speculation that the show is coming to an end. If that’s the case, fans won’t be too happy to know how season four is ending.

When asked if this season of Heroes was going to end in a satisfying way or with a cliffhanger, actress Dawn Olivieri (Lydia) told Digital Spy, “I would probably go cliffhanger, because that’s how you do it these days, right? As for satisfying, I’m not sure. There’s definitely gonna be a few surprises that we’ve been filming recently and it’s gonna stir up some trouble. There’ll be a lot of buzz, for sure.”

When asked if she thought that the rumors were true, that the show would be cancelled soon, Olivieri replied, “Everybody talks about it losing momentum and not being so great in the ratings, but honestly, this show makes so much money for NBC that I don’t see it going anywhere. It’s had No.1 DVD sales every year it’s been on — internationally — and I don’t think it’s going anywhere. I think it’ll keep going.”

Is she correct or just being too optimistic? Based on the ratings to date, it looks unlikely that NBC will cancel Heroes this season. Though the ratings are far from what they once were and Heroes rarely wins its timeslot, you have to put things in perspective.

NBC is doing terribly in the ratings. They’re doing so badly that the 18-49 demographics for Heroes are among the network’s best. Though NBC could certainly do some budget-trimming to keep costs lower, it seems highly unlikely that NBC will let Heroes go because of how poorly the rest of the schedule is doing. Also, NBC-Universal produces the show so they make additional money on the DVDs and syndication.

What do you think? Will Heroes stick around for another year? How low can the ratings go before the network pulls the plug? If you’ve stopped watching, what could get you to come back?

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  1. PaulD says

    So let me get this straight. Dispute the drop in ratings, it”s still one of the highest rated shows on NBC, yet they have to cancel it because of how badly other shows are rating. NBC is the new FOX. The writers strike ruined season 2. If you have season 2 on DVD then go watch the special features and see where the second season was going with the Shanti virus, it was potentially the best season ever.

  2. says

    Why did they cancel this show………………………………………………………….what a bummer…………………I need to stop watching TV I think I jinx it for these shows, always when I start watching and liking them what happens………..they get canceled…..though if I say I hate the show, damn thing keeps going for many, many, many, TOO MANY YEARS, lol. Okay Im done crying

  3. Anonymous says

    It just got too tame over the last two seasons. I feel like season 5’s going to better, if not amazing, because there’s finally some action (revealing to the world about their abilities). It’ll stay on, but not sure if for just for 1 season or more.

  4. Danielle says

    They definitly need to make season 5. I would like to see where Sylar ends up and with who. And I would also like to see where clair ends up. There are way to many unanswered questions.

  5. Gren says

    Would really like to see Peter get his Powers back, they need to Keep Sylar and Samuel, and need a new twist in the story line, why does Peter have the Compass Tattoo and can Steal one power at will. Peter and Sylar working together was awesome, would like more of that story line between them. heres hoping for many years of Heroes to come…

  6. Mike Cappi says

    SAMUEL is definetly a great villian and character! Robert Knepper deserves a thumbs up! Mohinder can leave the show and be forgotten so can Emma. I think personally canning Nathan Petrelli was a bad decision because he left sooo many open ends unmet and could have had a potentially great story line. I wonder if they will bring back Elle?? Future episodes showed Sylar having a child and was normal but he still had powers. So much of the futuristic episodes left me in the dark as to when they will eventually catch up so to speak and finally get to that point in time.

  7. Mike Cappi says

    My idea would be to bring the heroes like the people from the carnival and make season 5 an interaction between the real life normal humans on earth with the heroes. Just having the heroes living in a bubble acting among each other can only go on for soo long. Season 1 was great and I think the seasons after that were good but getting back to the name “Heroes” makes it not sound like much of a hero when you are only having story lines among themselves. For instance like Peter was using his abilities to save human lives and now hes tied up again dealing with Sylar and saving Emma. Consistency is the key when producing a show and start a storyline and have meaning behind it with a solution or satisfying end. I think the nightmare storyline could be a great potential maybe to draw the other heroes into and it becomes all of their nightmares for the most part. Having peter turn evil and somehow he turns on the other heroes and sucks them into their nightmare by accident or purpose by using matts ability would be a cool idea. I think the best plot would be to introduce Samuel and friends into society and have to deal with everyday real life. They could have instances where there are real life catastrophes and the heroes can use their powers to help or some may turn to be villians and turn for the worse. You can make this series into new events every week without having to drag the season along. If anyone remembers Tru Calling (Eliza Duschku) (spelling) when she can see people who were about to die and go back and save them. Every episode was challenging and exciting. Please heroes go back to the drawing board and keep us looking ahead for many more seasons!!! I know tons of people like myself who cant watch it live and just watch it online. Ratings havent declined there just are more options to watch it..LONG LIVE HEROES!!! =0)

  8. Anonymous says

    I think Season 4 has been a lot better then the last couple seasons. They are sticking to fewer main storylines and there is more of a common goal for the Heroes in mind instead of having each one off doing their own thing. They all sort of tie together just like in Season 1.
    Unfortunately not many people came back after season 2 and season 3. They just gave up and haven’t bothered with the new season. I’m interested to see how it plays out now that Sylar is whole again because I really enjoyed him messing with Parkman. Those were my favorite scenes.
    But if the show ends on a cliffhanger without closing up all these storylines that’s gonna suck and really piss a lot of people off.

  9. Joe says

    The show would be interesting this season if we could see Sylar dying forever at the hands of Samuel who has been the best villain so far.Plus Samuel could display a great plan to
    give the upper hand to the mutants over the humans giving credibility to the story.
    However,it seems that the old crappy repetitive story will continue and Sylar will reign and Samuel will die and that idiotic japanese dude will continue to say yataaa i’m an heroe like a ******.

  10. Robert says

    That’s one of the reason I download shows now. Why get emotionaly involved when the show might get pulled off the air after 9 episodes?

    Like Dollhouse, Kings, Firefly and so on.

    When Networks go to a 13 episode format, i.e. “you got 13 episodes, let’s see after”, I’ll keep on pirating.

  11. Jonathan says

    It’s pretty clear that Dawn Olivieri doesn’t have much inside information on the series besides the scripts that she’s filmed. She just guessing how the season is going to end. If this was a different year and NBC wasn’t facing the tough times that they are, cancellation would be a forgone conclusion.
    Also, if the show was even partially back to it’s Season One glory then I could root for it, but now I just hope they can bring the series to a satisfying end.

    The longer they drag this show out, the more they are trashing any good will that was built up in the first season. The whole “Lost vs. Heroes debate” that sometimes goes on is now laughable because Lost has really held up with a clear direction. Lost was accused of making things up as they went along, but it’s become clear that Lost had a solid plan but Heroes just blindly plowed forward. There are so many dropped plot points, it’s ridiculous. I’ve always wanted to love both shows but Heroes has just made me mad because it’s a completely wasted opportunity to continue what was a great show. Pull the trigger and put it out of it’s misery so their budget can be used to make a better show.

  12. Clay says

    Life, Knight Rider, My Own Worst Enemy and Heroes season one. All better than any of the crapola that NBC is pumping out these days. My family and I have stopped watching new series. Why start them? They will only get pulled anyway. If a good series makes a strong run, we’ll look it up on DVD from blockbuster. Otherwise, just finishing up some current runs then the TV can go into storage. With programing like what we’ve seen the past couple of years, NBC would be better off buying stock in Barnes and Noble.

  13. WolvenSpectre says

    I think the large problem of it is that they didn’t understand what it was that people loved about season one both on screen and online. They haven’t brought that all the way back and after all the baggage of two mediocre seasons where they not only didn’t give the fans what they wanted, but went in the opposite direction, they may have done too much damage to the franchise to ever get it back to the place it was.

    I am a fan and have followed it both on and offline.

    In the first year and a half I contributed to HeroesWiki, I read the online comics which not only expanded the Heroes universe, but were cannon and gave you information about what was going on in the show that you wouldn’t get otherwise. And being cannon, you could be watching the show and go “Oh! Oh! did you see that … that’s happening because of this thing in the comic! (fanboy squeal)”.

    I rewatched episodes to find clues and facts to prove or disprove theories, I read the comics when they came out, and I played the ARG as much as I could (I am Canadian so there was some things I couldn’t do), and I listened to several Heroes Podcasts and chatted on their forums.

    I still listen to the podcasts, and watch the show but the rest is meh. The comics aren’t cannon, the ARGs are pale versions of themselves, and the content rarely has me editing a wiki back and forth. There are also no big mysteries like HRG’s name, Who Sylar is, who is the exploding man is.

    This season is an improvement but is still a far cry from the real world real life drama of season 1. If they can do it they may get their mojo back… but I doubt it.

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