Isis: Classic Filmation Character Coming to Smallville (Sort of)

Isis on SmallvilleIf you were watching Saturday morning television in the 1970s, you surely remember the Isis live-action series. Created as a companion to Filmation’s Shazam! series (starring DC Comics’ Captain Marvel), Isis was the first live-action weekly series to star a female superhero. It ran for just two seasons and 22 episodes, from 1975 to 1977. The show stars JoAnna Cameron as a high school teacher who uncovers a powerful Egyptian amulet that gives her the power to transform into the goddess Isis.

After the series ended, the character returned in animated form in Tarzan and the Super 7 series and was also given her own comic series. Isis is one of the few properties to begin as a Filmation character and then move to comic books. Usually, Filmation worked the other way, bringing existing characters like Tarzan, Batman and the Lone Ranger to Saturday morning.

Isis is now coming to Smallville, albeit not quite as a super heroine. TV Guide reports that the October 22nd episode will find Lois Lane (Erica Durance) transformed into the Egyptian goddess via an artifact, complete with a white costume that looks a lot like the original.

In the episode, Isis will attempt to sacrifice Clark Kent (Tom Welling) so that she can use his body as a vessel to resurrect her dead lover, Osiris.

If past Smallville episodes are any indication, this installment will likely contain a few homages to the original version of Isis and the Filmation series. Here are some more photos…

Isis on Smallville

Isis on Smallville

Isis on Smallville

Isis on Smallville

What do you think? Do you remember the original Isis series? Will you be tuning in to Smallville this Friday night?

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  1. martha boltares says

    I wish this episode had been a positive one of Isis. I couldnt believe shed resort to murder or attempted murder to try and revive Osirus. This is not what the two of them stood for. Their love was supposed to be true not corrupt. Im dissapointed in this episode.

  2. P Casey says

    I had forgotton how many female “heros” I had growing up: Isis, The Bionic Woman, Wonder Woman. I’d love for WB to make a replica of the amulet. I’d definatly buy one!

  3. MK says

    Poor Lois…there’s a woman bound for Alzheimers by age 40. All that head trauma and looks like more in this ep. Poor, poor Lois.

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