JONAS LA: Disney Channel TV Show Cancelled; No Season Three

JONAS LAThe Jonas brothers may still be popular with the younger set but apparently not enough of them are interested in watching the JONAS TV show. Disney has cancelled the series after 34 episodes and two seasons on the air.

The sitcom began running on the Disney Channel in May 2009 and was a moderate success. JONAS was renewed for a second season but revamped into JONAS LA with the guys moving from the East to West Coast. The first season was made up of 21 installments and Disney ordered a more tentative 13 episodes the second time around.

While the show has averaged a 3.7 million viewers in season two, that’s clearly not meeting the cable channel’s expectations, especially considering the singers’ name recognition. Hannah Montana attracted 7.1 million viewers on Sunday.

A Disney spokesperson told The Wrap that the series’ end was planned, saying, “We’ve been fortunate to work with the enormously talented Jonas Brothers on several projects… The series has concluded as scheduled after two very successful seasons, and all original episodes of its second season have aired… We look forward to working with them on new projects in the future.”

The series finale of JONAS LA, titled “Band of Brothers,” aired on October 3rd and attracted 3.5 million viewers.

What do you think? Why wasn’t the show a bigger success? Are you sorry that it’s been cancelled?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. says

    Why cancel JONAS LA I was well annoyed when I heard I t got canceled plz put it back on Disney . Im a HUGE fan I love JONAS brothers music . Cancel bloody fish hooks that has to be the BIGGEST LOAD of **** on Disney channel . Or phineas and ferb . I love all the Jonas brothers .

  2. maranda says

    i think it should go back on! if the reason why it isnt is because there wasnt enough views then that is just ridiculous. if you keep it on more and more people will watch it as it continues on. please keep making the episodes!!

  3. aishva says

    i love jonas la i absoltly love it and i beg you to make a 3 season please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Delilah says

    This show was awesome.
    It had everything! Music, drama, romance, and comedy. Those are the things that people look for in a good show. Jonas LA was interesting and it was a show that yu could look forward to watching every Sunday night.
    I am against Jonas LA ending. And, by looking at the comments, many of you are too. So, let’s all try to save it. Write letters to Disney, start websites, clubs, all to get this remarkable show back. Just a little paper and pen came make a difference.

  5. KevN'sync says

    i have 2 elementary school age sisters and an elementary age niece and they loved the jonus bros last year but they fell off and now its all about The bieber

  6. Anonymous says

    I swear, if Damn Disney replaces 1 more good show with something as stupid,unintellagent ,worthless,gut-wrenchingly as horrible as Fxxxxxxx Fish Hooks,I am going straight to disney HQ and going to kick whoever is sick enough to create or produce fish hooks’ ass until they show complete and absolute remorse and cancel that poor eqouse for a show. }:(

  7. Rebecca says

    Me my brothers and cousins really loved both Jonas and Jonas LA… I think the guys looked better in Jonas LA. And more grown up.. I have a bunch of them on the DVR we watch over and over. So what if Hannah Montana got more Viewers her show isnt as good as Jonas is… 3.7million people is a lot of people! So wish you would bring back Jonas!!! You disappointed 3.7millon people. And now Hannah Montana is no more! So good luck with that…

  8. LLK says

    i watch disney channel, and i admit that i did love the first season of Jonas, mainly because of the humor and all of the gags like Macy being completely Jonas crazy, or hitting people with sports equipment, and things like that. but the 2nd season disappointed me because it turned into a soap opera-like show. i did not like most of the plots because there wasn’t much humor. i wish that if disney had continued the series, they would have returned it to the funny show it once was.

  9. Ronda says

    I have enjoyed watching the Jonas Brothers with my granddaughters. There music is great and they are good role models for young girls. Look at the alternative…Miley Cyrus! She has just tried to grow up too fast and is turning herself into a ******-looking girl. The Jonas Brothers are very talented. They are not exploiting their private lives and seem to really be good guys. Please, keep the show! Get ride of Phineus and Ferb! YUCK!

  10. Regina Lime says

    Joe Jonas went from HOT HOT HOT to oh-so-ordinary looking, and the show was canceled. Who ever the stylist was that said “stop flat ironing your hair…. in fact cut it off, and find some glasses…. and make sure to not shave too close… you need to look like you are a 30 year old junior high school science teacher” should be run out of the business. I suspect it was Kevin or Nick that talked him into this new look and both of them look better by comparison. But now they are out of work too. He needs to go back to the old look ASAP.

  11. Showluver101 says

    Ok some of you say that your kids or you hated it and some of you think that you need a classic disney not pop tweeny and some are saying they have no talent. But let me tell you something you may not like the Jonas Brother just like some people don’t like other popstars or teen stars. Ok but you should not say they aren’t talented and here’s why. Some people may not like Justin Bieber(i do though but i know someone who doesn’t) but he is still a talented young male artist just like the Jonas Brothers ok so don’t say they don’t have talent ok. Just because you don’t like them or their show doesn’t mean they don’t have talent. If they didn’t have talent they wouldn’t be ROCKSTARS and I don’t know why some of you or your kids hated this show and why you think the show was poorly written. This show was funny and it also had fun love between the characters in it. So I would like to know why you or your kids didn’t like it. Now last what do you think is classic Disney? What do you think it is? is it all the other shows and movies except Jonas? Well maybe they added Jonas, not to give Disney viewers a “pop tweeny” Disney, but maybe they wanted the viewers to have a variety of shows so that maybe if they didn’t like one there would always be another. I for one like the shows on Disney Channel and I have recently had an interest in the new Disney show Shake It Up.

  12. Showluver101 says

    I liked Jonas and Jonas L.A. So they didn’t get 7.1 million viewers that doesn’t mean the people who liked the show wouldn’t miss seeing it when they cancelled it. They should bring it back so there are more shows on Disney that kids can watch. They should have really thought about the 3.5 million viewers who would miss the show.

    • Donovan Clawson says

      I totally agree. I didnt watch the first season of JONAS, but i watched JONAS LA and i thought it was awesome. So what the show didnt get that many viewers. I hope the Disney channel knows they let alot of JONAS fans down.

      • says

        i agree i love the jonas brothers i wacthed season 1 and 2 and they er great i also watched phil of the future and he was great too DISNEY YOU TORABLE LWTING DOWN THESE FANS AND I MEAN LETING DOWN THE FANS IMEAN YOU R TORBALE

  13. sue says

    I watched Jonas with my 11 year old granddaughter. I am 66and I love their music and that they are such good role models. I think they tried to keep their lives to private. For instance nick would say we are here to talk about the movie and we will keep our personal like personal. all he had to say was things are going great and we are enjoying each others company. My granddaughter would have shrieked just to hear him say that. Fame is fleeting. Joe does a good job of just giving out the right amount of info to keep the fans interested. Be yourselves. The movie was all scripted. I so want you to continue. I hate to see the end of your show. But you are far from failures. Keep singing. Come to Country music. We will love u. grammy

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