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Larry King Live: CNN Series Signs Off After More Than 25 Years

Larry King LiveTonight, Larry King brings his signature talk show to a close after more than 25 years on the air. Via CNN’s Larry King Live, the suspenders-wearing host has conducted thousands and thousands of interviews and recorded more than 6,000 shows.

King, whose series has declined in the ratings over the years, announced last summer that he would be retiring from his regular talk show duties in the fall. He ended up continuing until today while a deal with Piers Morgan could be worked out to replace him.

Morgan, best known for co-judging on NBC’s America’s Got Talent, has an impressive background as a journalist. He served as an editor for the Daily Mirror and currently hosts an interview program in the UK. Morgan’s CNN show will debut in the same timeslot in January. It will be based in New York but will also operate out of Los Angeles and London.

The last episode of Larry King Live is expected to be filled with clips of past shows and tributes from previous interviewees. Ryan Seacrest (who some expected to take over King’s seat) and Bill Maher are expected to appear in addition to 14 others from various locations.

King has said that he will continue to work for CNN, contributing various specials.

Last night, King’s guest was singer/director/author Barbra Streisand. When she tried to get him to answer a question, King quipped, “I just ask questions. I don’t have answers.”

What do you think? Sad to see Larry King go? What do you think of King’s preference to go into interviews with little preparation?


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