Legend of the Seeker: Star and Producer Confirm Show’s Cancelled

Legend of the SeekerYesterday, we reported that Legend of the Seeker there were strong rumors that the TV show had been cancelled after two seasons on the air. ABC Studios, which produces the program, hasn’t made an official announcement. However, two of the show’s most vocal supporters have.

Actress Bridget Reagan (Confessor Kahlan) wrote, via Twitter, “Got some sad news that Seeker is no more. So sad to say goodbye to my NZ family but excited for what’s next.”

Via his own Twitter account, producer Mike Sussman wrote, “The quest is complete. Thank you so much to our amazing cast, crew & all our fans, it’s been an awesome two years. We will miss you all.”

What do you think? Was Legend of the Seeker worth watching? Why do you think the show’s ratings were on the decline?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Kenny says

    Ya MRSLEGOLASGREENLEAF is right people all over the world watched that show. It was just so cool! I really loved all the castles and swords and the long flowy dresses the girls were waring it was just awsome! So sad… :(


    It was my favorite show. I am in saudi arabia and many people even in this country loved that show. Every Wednesday I’d be like “Yay! Legend of the Seeker is on tomorrow night!” I’m really sad. :<

  3. Nate says

    Really good series that stayed in sync with the books . Syfi would be a perfect move TRY IT !!!!!!!! Love Cara too .

  4. tiffay says

    there was soooooo many begings without ends to the second season? what will lord rahl do to nikki? what fate lie’s for richard and kahlan? will they get married now? what about rahl isnt he still a BIG issue hes alive still? theres so many ends that NEED to be shown!! as fan’s of this season PEOPLE PLZZZZZZZ!!!!!!! help us get it back.!!!

  5. Moa says

    Season 2 left off as if it would be a season 3 when Darken Rahl gave nicki life of breath. It is so stupid that they do so that everyone believes in a season three and then just cancel it!!

  6. CS says

    **warning** Some spoiler information below. If you’re new to the series or books, you may want to skip this.

    I think part of the reason this series got cancelled is that the story was so far off from the books. I know many hard core fans of the Sword of Truth series that got turned off by them taking too much creative leeway in producing the TV Shows. We all know that it’s very difficult to put as much detail into a movie or TV show as a book does, but the whole series felt rushed to me. They could have had much more detail put into the various episodes, stuck much truer to the characters and the way they were in the books, taken more time before they got to the point of the battle and defeat of Darken Rahl. I forget the wizzards name, think it was Gilly or something, but they made him into a bad guy in the show and he was very much a good guy. They took a lot of the teeth out of the Mother Confessor, made it so she could use her powers way too often and then still fight instantly which was in direct contrast to the book. They failed to show Zeddicus’s wit as the first wizard. The fact that Darken Rahl after he was dead got to rule the Underworld and continue to hunt Richard and Kahlan and to wreak havoc on the living. There was so much drastically different it to me was like watching a new series almost with no book background.

    That being said, the series was done decently well. The acting was good, special effects so so. I was disappointed to see it go as it did seem to get better in the 2nd season.

  7. Taylor Gordon says

    I love Legend of the Seeker more than most any show/movie i watch. I think that the rates were going down because of when the show started. When i wanted to watch the tv show it came on at 12:30 at night and I would have to record it and watch it tomorrow or on the computer. Some people don’t have computers or the ability to record tv shows so if ABC studios were to show the tv show again they should keep it during the weekends but not have it come on so late or to early. -Taylor Gordon
    Bridget Regan, Tabrett Bethell, Craig Horner, Bruce Spence you rock!

  8. Dee Ann says

    This was a great show. Lot of action, fantasy, love, and great morals combined!! The acting was great, I am so sad it was cancelled.

  9. hallory esquivel says

    My all time favorite book series is The Sword Of Truth and Confessor series bt Terry Goodkind. When I saw they made a television series out of it I was excited and loved every episode. If the original network doesn’t want it then let Syfy have it. Anyone who likes fantasy and adventure will love it. I think most people who watch CW are teens and non fantasy lovers. I am extremely disappointed to hear it was cancelled.

  10. David says

    Family and I JUST found out LOTS cancelled. Any hope at this late date for return?
    Pity, such writing, acting, character development and action in a tv series and it gets cancelled while we continue to have shows like dancing with the stars and biggest losers. There is something seriously wrong. Can anything be done?

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