Major Crimes: Season Three Ratings

Major Crimes TV show on TNT season 3 ratingsWhile Major Crimes hasn’t been nearly as successful as its predecessor, The Closer, the series has still done very well for TNT. Will it continue to be one of their most popular shows? Will this TV series be cancelled or renewed for season four? Stay tuned!

Major Crimes follows the further investigations of the detectives in the Los Angeles Police Department’s Major Crimes division. The crime drama’s cast includes Mary McDonnell, GW Bailey, Tony Denison, Michael Paul Chan, Raymond Cruz, Robert Gossett, Phillip P. Keene, Jonathan Del Arco, Kearran Giovanni, and Graham Patrick Martin.

The ratings are typically the best indication of a show’s chances of staying on the air. The higher the ratings, the better the chances for survival. This chart will be updated as new ratings data becomes available.

7/18 update: TNT has renewed Major Crimes for a fourth season.

Final season averages: 0.7 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 4.53 million total viewers.

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For comparisons: Season two of Major Crimes averaged a 0.8 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 4.74 million viewers.

What do you think? Do you like the Major Crimes series? Do you think it should be cancelled or renewed for a fourth season?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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    • Tina says

      Actually, it’s the same writers since The Closer. The writers for last night’s episode have written all of the episodes that involve Provenza & Flynn hijinks for 11 seasons!
      Same writer, directors & producers for the last 11+ years. The use of the characters is far better now than it was in The Closer. Now each character gets more individual screen time! That makes for a far better show and overall ensemble cast!
      And it has 4 seasons that prove it!

      • Sierra says

        I agree with Rex. There is something missing. The chemistry of Flynn and Provenza from The Closer is missing. Last night’s episode was suppose to be funny it wasn’t. No where near as funny as the Dodger episode from The Closer. Not all the writers are the same, some have left for other projects. The ratings are down for season 4 from season 3. I still like The Closer better and pretty much have given up hope they will recapture that chemistry. Major Crimes isn’t working for me, was so sick of the Stroh storyline last season and the Rusty storyline is being pushed down our throats and is too forced and unbelievable. No way would a kid be able to hang like he does at LAPD.

        • Tina says

          According to James Duff, the creator of both TC & MC, nothing has changed for the writing staff. If there has been a change its a minor one. The Head Writers and Consultants are the same.
          I watched The Closer for several seasons and gave up on it because I began to have a very strong aversion to the lead character.
          When Mary McDonnell joined as Sharon I started to watch again. I found that the lead was more tolerable with Sharon as a check on the leads questionable ethics.
          I found that I disliked Provenza and Flynn as two characters that had never grown up. Mostly in their pursuit of girls half their age.
          They were also not used to their full potential as detectives.
          On MC Provenza is the second in command who is allowed to use his experience in running a crime scene. Flynn is allowed to act his age and make use of his skills and experience. They are now among my favorite characters.
          Captain Raydor has trust in Flynn & Provenza’s abilities and allows them to do their jobs, thus the difference in the characters that you speak of.
          Overall Major Crimes is a far better show IMO.

          But we all have our own perceptions of what the show is and will have to agree to disagree.

          Oh, and the ratings. TNT has chosen to not promote the show. There were NO talk show appearances by the cast, NO magazine articles promoting the premier. NO photo shoot to promote the new season. What you have seen are pics from S3.
          And yet S4 numbers, while initially down, are rebounding and winning their time slot in viewers for all 4 wks since the premier, and this is with no promotion.
          MC is holding it’s own…on its own!

          • Sierra says

            I saw the statement by James Duff where he said the staff has remained consistent but some of the writers from The Closer did in fact leave to do Longmire. Greer Shephard is executive producing Longmire. I think the writers have been doing it so long now they have lost something or are running out of ideas. The Brenda character had her moments of being taken too far but Sharon is just too wooden and I liked Flynn and Provenza the way they were even though I don’t object to Provenza having more responsibility. I actually liked Sharon on The Closer and the scene where she shot the bean bag gun gave me hope for her character but she is just so boring and her home life is not where near as interesting as Fritz, Brenda, and Brenda’s parents. The whole Flynn and Sharon relationship just doesn’t work . James Duff also said he follows LAPD rules on the show and yet Sharon and Flynn having any kind of dating relationship would be against policy and one would have to transfer to say nothing of Rusty hanging out there would never happen. Differing opinions on what we like.

            Everybody always blames lack of promotion for ratings but this is a show in it’s 4th season and should have an established audience that is familiar with it’s schedule and if they “love” the show would be watching regardless of it being promoted. Having the stars do the talk show circuit in the 4th season doesn’t matter much at all. I don’t even watch talk shows and I’m one of the “older” viewers that they don’t care if I watch or not as I’m not in the Key Demo. I doubt that Key Demo they desire watches talk shows these days. It’s not a new show! S4 numbers for ratings are not impressive since they virtually have no competition in that time slot. I’m watching it only because there is nothing else new to watch at that time but I’ve pretty much decided to give up on it and watch something on NetFlix or Amazon Prime instead.
            You can spin anything or make excuses to support your point of view.

            • Sharon says

              I agree with Tina. In my opinion, the show is better than the Closer. I loved the Closer, but by Season 5, my interest had waned because it had become so formulaic–Everyone would be puzzled, then someone would say something that triggered something in Brenda’s head so that she figured out the mystery, then she’d set something up to get a confession, but keep everyone, including her own officers, in the dark until the big reveal. The show was rejuvenated when Sharon Raydor joined. Loved her character.

              Now, I love Major Crimes. It has so much heart. I could never figure out why Fritz stayed with Brenda, she ran her car over him so many times that I lost count. But on MC, I love that we are learning more about each character’s life. I love Raydor as a leader, who appreciates each of her officers and understands where they need help sometimes (Julio). As for Raydor and Flynn, it is NOT against LAPD regs for them to have a relationship. THe regs only require that they inform their superior, which James Duff has said Sharon will do. Tony Denison said that the LAPD detective the show works with said this type of thing happens all the time.

              As for the ratings, if promotion and talk shows aren’t necessary in Season 4, why were the Rizzoli & Isles cast all over the talk shows before this season premier (their 6th)? Why is the TNT cover for its Twitter page Rizzoli & Isles? Why was Rizzoli & Isles included on the cover of TV Guide for the summer shows, and why did TNT by the back cover for an ad for R&I? Why were there tons of ads for the Last Ship, why does TNT tweet constantly about Supernatural, and almost never about MC? And, yet, with all that, R&I’s numbers have not been good, and last week were lower than MC’s. Given MC’s great numbers this week, I expect R&I will be even further below it. Promotion absolutely matters.

  1. Liz says

    I think Rusty is wearing out his stay. I find him annoying, arrogant,and sel-serving. I used to love this show but have enough of him. Let the other actors shine.

  2. Penny Miller says

    I love Major Crimes, I have all the Video’s and I look forward to the season. I like all the characters. I am so glad they kept Rusty in the series, And that they made him able to heal and not be mean. Penny Miller

  3. amanda says

    I think they need to put the stroh deal to bed and get on with something else. covert affairs was canceled because they spent most of their seasons on one skumbag. he should have been dead in the 2nd season. it took until the 5th and then she just shot him in an alley.

    come on some original programing would help.

    • Sierra says

      You might want to read the post you’re commenting on before commenting. Major Crimes was renewed. In fact it was renewed LAST JULY 18 for season 4 which is stated in this post and was one of the 1st summer shows to be renewed by TNT. Season 4 starts June 8th.

    • Mary Ann Bachman says

      Keep ’em coming. It might not be as good as the Closer, but it’s so much better than most of the drek out there.

      Mary Ann

    • Sierra says

      If you look at this post that your commenting on you will see Major Crimes was renewed back in July for a 4th season. In fact the new season will be starting soon. June sometime.

  4. diana says

    i enjoy Major Crimes,but truly miss Brenda in The Closer.It is a show i know but when Brenda,s mother died that was so emotional,i loved her mother on the show.I still watch reruns of The Closer and i wish Major Crimes stayed on longer but i will take

    what i can get.

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