Merlin: Colin Morgan on Merlin’s Journey, An Extra Episode, and Playing Another Character

I recently spoke with actor Colin Morgan about the Merlin last episode, season six, the possibility of him appearing in a spin-off, and what he’ll miss most about the show. You can read that here.

I also asked him about his character’s journey, something that he would have liked to have seen, another character he would have liked to play and more.

Do you have a favorite aspect of the Merlin character?
I think it’s his ability to put himself to his sights and focus on the huge task that’s been put in front of him, despite himself. He overcomes any ego and he becomes a little bit selfless. He is working towards a future for himself but he knows everyone has to come before him so he can live in that future. I admire his ability to do that.

Do you like a particular way that the character has changed? A kind of type of growth, of maturity, or something like that?
Yeah. I think Merlin definitely started out as quite a naïve character. He was very trusting of people and as a result, he made a lot of mistakes along the way. As we progressed through the series, he did become a lot less trusting of people. He was sometimes ruthless in how he approached things because he’s kind of taking no prisoners. You know? He realized there’s such strong forces coming against him that he’s had to up his game and he’s become stronger as a result. And I think it’s his strength that I’ve admired and that I’ve really enjoyed playing over the years.

I completely see that. If you were given the opportunity to film one more episode of the series, is there any aspect of the character that you would like to explore that maybe wasn’t explored enough? Or, perhaps so that we could see a different aspect of him?
I always thought that a flashback episode would have been really good for Merlin’s life, before he came to Camelot. Perhaps like a season opener. Even if it were just for a few scenes, where you get to understand the circumstances about why he left where he was from or the circumstances of his birth or something. Something great, dark or sinister that changes your view of the character in a way, so you really understand where he comes from. Because his past is a huge, huge mystery both to himself and the audience and I think that would have been a really interesting thing to explore.

Sure. If you weren’t allowed to play Merlin, what’s another part in the series that you might like to have played?
I think one of the villains would have been really good. I once thought that Charles Dance’s character, the Witchfinder, was a really fun character — partly because he made it really fun. He was really creative. I always felt that was a really fun role. But, you’re kind of spoiled for choices of characters on the show because it mixes in with the fantasy genre. But I think definitely one of the villains would have been fun to play.

My final question for you is, do you have anything lined up that you’re looking forward to doing, or that you’d like to do?
Yeah, I always want to be looking ahead. I’m starting a new project in January. For me, it’s about finding the stories that you enjoy and want to tell. I know immediately when I read something if I really respond to it instinctively and it seems like the right thing. That’s what I want to do. I want to be a part of good stories, intriguing characters and work with positive people.

What do you think? What’s your favorite part of the Merlin TV series?

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  1. Billie says

    Basically, Idk what I’m going to do with my life now. Lol I really enjoyed this series and at least got to watch back to back (almost literally) refused to watch anything else during it. (Thank you Netflix!) The characters were wonderfully played, as I would still love the chance to smack Morgana’s face, but what a show! I would LOVE a spin off of some sort, but I’m afraid I’ll just keep wanting one after another and I know I wouldn’t appreciate any trade-off in actors who played the characters so… Thanks for a fantastic series. I will be devastated for awhile, but all good things must come to an end. :(

  2. Kara says

    My favorite part was the way the characters interacted with each and how fully developed each became. None were all good or all bad, all smart or all foolish, all loyal or all deceitful. The only main character that was not fully developed had a minor role and that was the uncle. He did not need fully developed and it would have wasted time from more interesting characters and situations. I greatly enjoyed how “Arthur” , “Merlin”, and “Gaius” could say so much with their facial expressions. All the main cast were talented. I keep checking sites to see if a sequel is happening. I really do hope one is with as much of the original cast as the scripts can allow without messing up what’s already happened.

  3. lilou says

    Colin est un tres bon acteur sans parler de la serie elle est géniale sa fait maintenant trois ans que j’ai decouvert cette serie et depuis je suis toutes les saisons et tout les épisodes sans exeption.
    Etn je pense que au fil des saisons les acteurs se sont développés au niveau de maturité,ambition,et povoirs

    P-S: silvousplaiit dites moi si la série s’arrete j’ai vraiment envie de savoir

  4. Mama says

    Colin Morgan is my favorite actor and the best one. He is so outstanding as Merlin! I really love listening to/reading his thoughts too. What a bright mind! I can’t wait to see him in his new project! Can you do an interview with him and ask him what this project is exactly?

  5. snowcat60 says

    I have loved watching this series through 5 years — and watching all the actors, but especially Colin and Bradley grow as actors from really just boys into the interesting and talented young men they both are. This series has challenged them all through physical skills (horseback riding, sword fighting, etc) and the huge range of emotions they display each week.

    I look forward to seeing all the actors in their future endeavors! And wish them all great success!

  6. Jennyl says

    I’d like to wish the whole cast the best of luck. My son and I have loved the series since it began. For 4 years we have waited each year for the next series, which have never failed to entertain us. How Colin keeps an English accent I do not know. He’s brilliant. Hopefully Colin’s new project will be as successful as his past career, don’t really want to see this series end, but hopefully Merlin and Arthur will overcome Morganna and all will be happy. Much love and Christmas wishes Jenny and Joe x

  7. Tom G says

    Two things here:
    1. As Colin describes Merlin, his life, his ambition, his indifference to reward or fame, his selflessness, that has all these qualities and more, yet in spite of all them, or because of them — Merlin is the classic spiritual philosophical figure of the hermit; or Hermit, if, further, you see him symbolically.

    2. In the Merlin Series, if he wasn’t Merlin himself, he’d like to play the bad guy, the heavy, a dark figure; it says he has a “wee bit o’ the devil in him” in Irish. So, light or dark, Colin is Merlin, or the bad buy. Or both, some of both in the same character. A crafty villain, or wise hermit.

    p.s. another wise hermit, though not young like the young boy/man Merlin, would be Obi-Wan Kenobi. Can’t you see Colin someday maybe playing the part of Obi-wan. Or now, but he’s have to have a devil-may-care side, like young Anikin’s love of driving speedsters and spaceships too hard he gets himself in trouble every time. (:

  8. Terri says

    Enjoyed the comments but will miss the show. I wish Colin had said what this new ‘project’ is. Will it be something that all can watch or is it a stage production?

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