My Own Worst Enemy: NBC Cancels Christian Slater TV Show

My Own Worst EnemyThough it was promoted ad nauseum during the coverage of the Summer Olympics, NBC could find few friends for their My Own Worst Enemy series. The TV show has been cancelled after airing just four episodes.

My Own Worst Enemy follows the strange life of Henry Spivey (Christian Slater), a hum-drum suburbanite with a wife and two kids (played by Madchen Amick, Taylor Lautner, and Bella Thorne). Unknown to Henry and his loved ones, he has a dual identity as a secret operative and trained killer named Edward Albright.

Edward works for a superspy organization under supervisor Mavis Heller (Alfre Woodard) and is partnered with friend and fellow operative Tom Grady/Raymond Carter (Mike O’Malley). Others in the series include Omid Abtahi, Saffron Burrows, James Cromwell, Sarai Givaty, Mark Ivanir, Mindy Sterling, Missy Yager, Eugenia Yuan, and Louis Giambalvo.

The show debuted on October 13, 2008 on NBC. Despite a lot of high-profile promotion, the premiere attracted only 7.27 million viewers and a 3.0/8 rating/share in the 18-49 demographic. The following week, the numbers dropped to 5.69 million and a 2.6/6. The most recent episode hit a low of 4.27 million and 1.8/5. Though Heroes has been struggling this season, Worst Enemy has been losing over 40% of its lead-in audience and more than that in the key demographic.

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NBC has announced that they are cancelling the series following the completion of its ninth episode. It’s been confirmed that the network plans to continue to air the series until all of the episodes have been shown.

If Worst Enemy goes uninterrupted, the series finale should air on December 15th, the same night as Heroes’ so-called “fall finale.” Because of the abrupt cancellation, fans of Worst Enemy aren’t expected to be given any kind of conclusion to the show’s ongoing storylines. That’s enough to make even mild-mannered Henry angry. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. Madison says

    I can’t believe the show has been canceled. Everybody says Mondays suck, but I thought they didn’t, but now Mondays suck because My Own Worst Emeny isn’t airing any more. I really loved this show too now I’ll just have to find something else to watch on t.v. on hatefull Mondays.

  2. Kim says

    I kept waiting for the next episode and I am beyond disappointed that it has been cancelled. Hope someone has enough brains to put it back on air!!!

  3. John says

    WTF NBC another great show gone !!!! Friday night lights & now this one! What the hell are u guys doing? I love watchin shows on this network but u guys keep canceling them! Heroes will be fine dont worry & the economy is just all messed up thanks to BUSH. Well just give it time & everything well fall in its place.

  4. Molly says

    I was VERY disappointed when I discovered that My Own Worst Enemy had been cancelled. I love the story of Jekyll and Hyde and it was very refreshing to see something done RIGHT for a change! Christian Slater pulled of the switches VERY well; I was drawn in from the first episode. I would not have been NEARLY as upset as I am if they had actually concluded the show in such a way that it wrapped things up, but as it is, I am VERY annoyed. Every single viewer that was watching and loving this show was highly disappointed.

    Viewers, if you’re looking for something spectacular along the lines of this story, check out the BBC mini-series “Jekyll.” It is truly amazing.

  5. Outraged says

    I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS SHOW WAS CANCELLED!! WTF NBC – are you serious?!? The comments above are right – this show started out a bit slow but was just hitting its grove, and NOW you’re pulling the plug?? Your programming director seriously needs to be FIRED. My husband and I don’t have many TV shows in common, but this was one that we watched and enjoyed together. We were always excited to see the new episodes waiting for us on our DVR, and are extremely disappointed that there won’t be anymore. We just finished the “last” episode, and can’t believe the show’s going to end that way!

    NBC used to be the undisputed King of late night television – even when cable shows were starting to pull viewers away. Well now cable has nothing to do with it. It’s no wonder you’re losing viewers when you keep cancelling your best shows and keep crap like Knight Rider on the air. What’s next on your hit list – Life and Law and Order? Because those are the only good shows you have left….

  6. Dave says

    Typical – cancel a good show that has a plot and fleshed out characters but keep crap like Americal Idol or Dancing with the stars on the air. This is why I don’t watch network TV – they keep canceling the shows I like.

  7. Fernando says

    What the heck are you guys doing up there? Are you crazy? How could you cancel such a great series? Perhaps you guys should consult the viewers through surveys or something before making such harsh decisions because it is quite obvious the boss is listening to a bunch of airheads. Hello…KEEP MY OWN WORSE ENEMY ON THE LINEUP. Nuff said.

  8. Tammy says

    This was a great show. It’s too bad the network didn’t give it a chance. The others are right-the show should do better now that MNF is over. I also watch a daytime soap on NBC. But not any longer. I have taken NBC off of my channel listings.

  9. brooklyn says

    Such a good show! Christian Slater did an excellent job! When I watched the first one I thought that if the series doesnt work, they could really do a great movie with this script. Hope someone is reading the blogs. Good job Slater you did incredible.

  10. Bobby says

    Are you kidding me?

    That is so pathetic.

    First of all, you put it on a Monday night during MNF. No wonder why the 18-49 demographic might be hard to get. Not only that its a NEW SHOW. Millions of viewers watched, perhaps more will tune in after word of mouth advertisement.

    I told two of my friends to start watching the show and they started liking it.

    Its pathetic how NBC would do this.

    I sure do hope a network can pick it up..that and Heroes if they decide to ditch that too. Those two shows made my Monday night.

  11. Scott says

    Wait, just thought about it. What do you expect when you go up against MNF? Most shows will probably do better on Mondays after the Season is over, but that seems to be when they cancel everything.

  12. Scott says

    First Journyman, now Enemy. Please, let someone take Chuck before it gets lost in the whole of NBC. Hey, at least we got Mamma’s Boy…

  13. Allen says

    I agree with several of the other posts. If you start something… you should be obligated to finish it!!! If it gets cancelled… fine… at least do the last episode to conclude the show for the millions of viewers who were watching it. I’m done with NBC until they decide to do the right thing… finish what you start!!!

  14. Edward says

    Good show…….big mistake by you guys to drop the show…..very disapointed…..I will not be watching NBC anymore….good luck

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