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Nash Bridges: Don Johnson to Be Paid by Mark Cuban & Co.

Don JohnsonWhen he appears on the second season of Shark Tank, Mark Cuban will be judging the viability of potential investments and entrepreneurs. The billionaire may want to think twice if anyone comes pitching a TV show deal.

Cuban, Todd Wagner and their 2929 Entertainment company have been ordered to pay millions in Don Johnson’s Nash Bridges lawsuit.

Johnson reportedly owns 50% of Nash Bridges, the TV series he helped create in 1995, and sued for profits that he felt he was owed. According to his suit, Bridges has earned more that $300 million in revenue, with half of that coming from syndication.

The actor/producer was awarded $23.2 million in the suit in July and then, last month, an additional $28.5 million was added. On Thursday, a judge ruled that 2929 Entertainment and investment firm Qualia Capital are the ones who have to pay Johnson.


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Struudla March 7, 2011 at 4:43 am

I love the show. Why is it not on DVD? There are the first 3 seasons but only Region 1. I need Region 2.


Johnny October 10, 2010 at 1:27 pm

Who cares about Nash Bridges? The nash bridges cast is the most awful group of actors that some how got famous off this show. I don’t know how this show even got so much hype, it’s the worst show on television. Haha sorry my dad used to love the show and I could NOT stand it.


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