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  1. Susan Gaswint says

    Maybe you thought that Heros was not worth continueing, well I really don’t see anything else I want to watch . you could of done better things with the show, but you decided to take that off and leave the appritice and others off. Well won’t have to worry about watching this channel this year, and I was so looking forward to another year of heros..this station really is getting worse every year.

  2. jlb says

    Really, a show called “Outsourced” in the venerable time slot once held by “Cheers” and “Seinfeld?”

    It better be damn good. And I must admit, of the new shows the only one that looks interesting, but COME ON, “Mercy” was an awesome show. “Heroes” went down hill after the first season so I can understand it’s cancellation, but “Mercy” ended on a REAL CLIFFHANGER, what happened to the Doctor who went back to Afghanistan.

    That show was awesome. It had real depth and characters who were dealing with real life problems.

  3. lucas says

    Chuck and 30 Rock are the only shows up there that i still watch….what happened to parks and rec? i know its not cancelled. and i wish they would’ve kept 100 Questions for at least 1 more season. they needed to advertise it more, as most people didnt even know about the show.

  4. Jeremy Rynek says

    Thank you John. I’m glad theres someone else that thinks logically. I know it’s not gonna happen but hopefully they’ll wrap both shows and not just leave us hanging.

  5. SEAL76 says

    Get rid of the Football and never broadcast any pro sports team event again especially football and basketball. I just have a problem with so many high priced, pampered felons on TV.

  6. Sharon says

    I might check out L&O LA the only other NBC program I watch is an occasional Dateline.
    Kinds looks like they want to be in last place!

  7. Lori says

    Continued – And if Law & Order Trial By Jury didn’t last what makes NBC think that Law & Order Los Angeles will fare any better.

  8. Lori says

    Even though I abandoned NBC after they stupidly canceled Heroes, I decided to check this out out of curiousity. WTF is with this schedule. The only shows I recognize are Chuck, The Biggest Loser, Parenthood, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Community, 30 Rock, The Office, The Apprentice, and Dateline. Before I decided to abandon NBC a lot of these shows I didn’t watch because I thought they were stupid or I just didn’t want to watch them. The other shows appear to be new and by name alone appear to suck. No, there are no shows I am looking forward to seeing. NBC is going to hell in a hand-basket.

  9. mdaldridge78 says

    Apparently NBC dosen’t have enough programs to fill all the time slotes. Saturday nights will nothing but reruns. Why don’t you schedule Saturday Night Movies on Saturday nights instead of repeats? If the viewers missed a episode or program earlier in the week they could watch it online. NBC you could do better .

  10. Saskguy says

    There is absolutely NOTHING on the NBC schedule that I even want to watch. I guess this clears up some of my viewing schedule for other programs, and, perhaps, even the chance to live my life! :-)

  11. NunYa says

    ‘Friday Night Lights’ is the “BEST” show on this lousy network and they keep freaking canceling it!!!! What LOSERS!!!!!!!!!! Time to start watching ABC permanently!!! NBC YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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