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  1. linda c says

    I LOVE “Harry’s Law”! Very cute show! Did I read they were going to cancel it?
    If so, that is very sad. It’s one of the few shows out there, that caters to me, the mature viewer.
    I also have to say, I liked the show better, when it was set in a shoe store; Different, clever and quirky!
    And while I enjoy the show very much, sometimes the plot gets a little too “liberal” minded for my tastes, but I still enjoy watching Harry do her thang!

  2. Amanda A says

    Love the Cape, they should keep it going for a second season. They put it on a crappy time so it wasn’t able to get the right audience. It is a great show and they should try to show it to the world a bit more before condemning it to be canceled because they hid it on a monday night.

  3. Colleen says

    Love Chase, Chuck and Harry’s Law. Our entire family – ages 62 to 18 – six of us, all stop and watch these three programs. Please keep them,otherwise there is no reason to keep NBC as one of our ‘favorite’ channels.

  4. SR says

    Well said Ed!
    As a fanatic fan of CHASE which is/has been axed without being given a fair chance – I also watch Harry’s Law … a very insightful program that in many ways brings a much needed “message” with it …
    So when should we expect NBC in its wisdom, to axe that one too ???

  5. Mary says

    Ed, I only watch 3 shows out of the entire line-up: both of the Law and Orders and Harry’s Law. (I tried to watch OUtlaw, but they started it on Fridays, moved it to Saturdays, then cancelled it, all in the space of 4 weeks. It was an intelligent thought-provoking show with excellent actors that just did not have the chance to find its audience. Too bad; it could have been a winner if they let people find it!)
    I do recommend Harry’s Law. It is by the same group that gave us Ally McBeal, so it has that unique combination of humor, heart and quirkiness that brings a smile to your face and keeps it there. At least watch it once! You may or may not have the chance again for a while. I saw an episode listing on another wbsite and it looks like they are going to call six episodes a “season” – hopefully they will get smart and order more. I would happily buy the season DVD, but only with 12 or more episodes.

  6. Ed says

    Dropping Chase and keeping the rest of the CRAP that is found on NBC, you have got to be jerking my pud. Who are the clowns at NBC listening to?????? I don’t watch NBC because of the CRAP-like Minute to win it/Dateline (all leftist lies and propaganda) and the rest of the kiddie porn-aka so-called Adult comedy shows. They had best remember that us old farts have the money to spend on advertisers, and we don’t watch NBC, because of the show line-up.
    Keep a better show line up and I will start watching and/or record it to watch after I get home from my very well paying JOB.

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