Outlaw: NBC TV Show Cancelled After Four Episodes

OutlawFirst, FOX cancelled Lone Star and then, ABC cancelled My Generation. Not wanting to be left out, NBC has now cancelled Outlaw. The Jimmy Smits series has ceased production but viewers will still be able to see the remaining episodes.

Outlaw follows a Supreme Court Justice (Smits) who decides to step down and go back to being a lawyer in order to fight injustices. The NBC series also stars Carly Pope, David Ramsey, Jesse Bradford, and Ellen Woglom.

The series debuted following the season finale of one of NBC’s biggest shows, America’s Got Talent, and could only attract moderate ratings. In its regular Friday night timeslot, Outlaw’s ratings have gone from bad to worse. This past Friday, the show hit a new low in the 18-49 demographic with a 0.9 rating and fell to just 4.10 million viewers. It was in last place in both categories.

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As we previously reported, NBC shut down production last week, supposedly wanting to wait to see if viewership got better in later weeks. If that was actually the case, they didn’t wait very long. Outlaw has been cancelled and the cast and crew won’t be returning to production.

TV show supportFor the time being, NBC will fill the 10pm timeslot with an expanded edition of Dateline. The four remaining episodes of Outlaw will be seen on Saturday nights starting on October 16th. An episode won’t be seen on October 30th because of a previously schedule Shrek special. The last episode of Outlaw will air on November 13th.

What do you think? Are you sorry to see it go? Why do you think it didn’t attract a bigger audience?

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  1. betty says

    i just saw my first episode although it was a show from 2010 it was awesome now all they show is these stupid shows like realty and how many competitions can a person watch this was a real show with real issues so tried of these dumb shows that have no sense like cooking shows talk host shows where is the talent in this stuff wish these types of show like outlaw would resurface the whole cast was awesome

  2. Monique Chranofsky says

    So sad that I just found out Outlaw has been cancelled, I have been waiting all summer for the new shows to begin in the fall and I just went online to see when the premier was and boom it was cancelled. WHY? It was a FANTASTIC SHOW and as per the survey alot of people are disappointed that it has been cancelled.

  3. Irerne O'Dell says

    First Cane now Outlaw has been cancled. The two Jimmy Smitts series that I really enjoyed cancled. When I see some of the garbage that is returning, Jersey Shores for one it really angers me.

  4. john says

    Another great show gone. cancellations like this one make me wonder about the television industry.
    The execs at NBC like the show enough to green light the show – they should then back it and not run away after such a short run on the air.

    • Beth says

      I agree John!! Such a well~made show. Great actors& a really good story~line.
      It reminds me of that show (also cancelled)about overturning decisions in courts cases when the person was innocent. Name?? Maybe something like the Innocence Project??

  5. michael cifelli says

    i just found out now that outlaw is now gone. i cant believe this. im all about done with tv and i think im sticking with movies. these networks have been doing this for years. for those of you who are old enough, they did this to the show taxi. the show had some of the best actors ever together in one show. tony danza being one of them. danny devito being the other. oh lets not forget the show that caved in to politics, it was with benjamin bratt. outlaw was a fantastic show, great story and they could do a lot with his character. god knows how much crap there is in the world in politics. so many story lines. if you want violence there are a lot of places you can go. does everyone rember cheers? the first year the ratings they were last. YES LAST PLACE. now its in history as one of the best shows to ever be on the air. and seinfeld can thank cheers for that. cause seinfelds ratings were not the best until after they took the time slot of cheers. outlaw was a great show. and jimmy smitts is not a good actor, HE IS ONE OF OUR BEST ACTORS OF OUR GENERATION. i felt he should never have done tv after nypd blue. stick to movies. networks have no loyalty and dont care about the fans. i will watch nothing on that network again. i am done. i will watch fox with ***** kitchen. and fox to my knowledge has only made one big mistake in many years. they didnt give married with children a good send off. and it was married with children that gave them their start. im pissed. OUTLAW, will be missed. i bought the season. screwed again!!!!!!!

  6. Morris says

    Another great show cancelled by this lame network! Jimmy Smits cannot catch a break! And it is a shame because he is a quality actor.

  7. Susan says

    This was a great show but probably a bad title. I thought it would be a Western with a title like “Outlaw”. I hope someone else will pick it up.

  8. Yoel says

    Well , I ran across the show when I was looking for the additional parts of Raising The Bar . And when I seen the preview , I had to download it to my Itunes .
    I think Outlaw for those of us who want to know a little about the American law and how the justice system works is a very good Tv show . And as someone said before , these days . Its mostly about violence . Nothing more . and it is really ashamed because Outlaw is a good Tv show .

  9. greg says

    I’m f….ing mad!! It was a really good tv-show…. people dont like to watch tv-shows when there’s no violance. It’s ridiculous… f..k NBC. Why did you do that??? I thought this year they’ll start the second season. insead it’s canceled!! :(((((((

  10. Sue says

    What a good show! I can’t believe this show was canceled when so much carbage
    remains on the air. I hope this show gets reinstated.

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