Outsourced: NBC TV Series Cancelled; No Season Two

Outsourced canceled season twoThe little sitcom that caused a lot of controversy last summer has quietly ended its run. NBC has cancelled Outsourced after one season on the air.

Outsourced follows a US sales manager, Todd Dempsey (Ben Rappaport), who’s assigned to supervise his company’s call center in India. The sitcom also stars Anisha Nagarajan, Diedrich Bader, Parvesh Cheena, Pippa Black, Rebecca Hazelwood, Rizwan Manji, and Sacha Dhawan.

The NBC sitcom started out decently and it looked like NBC might have a keeper on its hands. Last September, Outsourced debuted to a 3.6 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 7.49 million viewers. In week two, the demo number fell 22% to a 2.8 rating and 5.85 million viewers but that was still pretty healthy by NBC standards.

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Unfortunately, over the course of the season, the ratings just kept dwindling downward. The ratings have gone as low as a 1.4 in the demo with just 2.97 million viewers. Those are horrible numbers for a major network, even NBC.

Outsourced’s season currently averages a 2.1 demo rating and 4.55 million viewers. For NBC, that’s not too bad but the average is only that high because of the early season ratings.

It’s certainly not a shocker than NBC has cancelled Outsourced after just one season. The 22nd and final episode, titled “Rajiv Ties the Bharat, part two,” aired last night.

What do you think? Are you disappointed that there won’t be a second season of Outsourced? Why do you think the TV show didn’t catch on?

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  1. priyanka says

    its a shame despite a super talented series getting followers and especially indians enjoy it soo damn much its the best seiries considering that every detail of the indian living style is soo freaking well shown the whole thing is an amzing art at display and if NBC cannot i genuinely believe that another company wud pik the rights for it and they dont have to improve the series at all its excellent just let it air comparatively a lot of extremely stupid series need to get cancelled outsourced is best ive eva seen mwamwamwamwa!!!!!!!!hope it gets bak

  2. sonia says

    This is just not ryt why would dey do such a thing outsoruced was a gr8 program and should still be on air. I have and am still waiting 4 d season 2 of out soruced so pls let it come back

  3. fatima says

    Outsourced was a brilliant Show! it´s one of the few tv series where you can actually enjoy and also learn….i was so looking forward to the next season!!!! PLEASE NBC… GIVE OUTSOURCED ANOTHER CHANCE YOU WON´T REGRET IT! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASEEEE

    • Gracey says

      Very true. I don’t get why they cancelled it. Just like you said, it is a brilliant show. And I know there are a lot of people who love it. I’ve watched it many times over and over again and I never get bored. I love watching it. Aside from the fact it makes us really laugh and smile, we can learn a lot from the show just like culture differences.

  4. Grim says

    Outsourced is a really funny and one of the entertaining series I’ve ever seen. They’ve shouldn’t have cancelled the production of season 2. Please don’t stop producing!

  5. Jim Little says

    As a White American who works in IT, I found Outsourced to be BRILLIANT! The Indian culture is beautiful and it was very humorous to see a show portray West and East workers actually working together. The show effectively teaches about Indian culture and customs with wonderful wit and humor. Canceling the show just bolsters my feeling that we White Americans are globally clueless and just possibly too xenophobic for our own good.

  6. V says

    Simple, NBC changed the viewing times, skipped weeks, and people did not know when the next episode would be airing. How are you supposed to watch something if you don’t know when its on? They took a two week break leading into December, then another 6 week break after that. The show never recovered after a 6 week break. After that they would skip a week here, a week there. Not very fair to the viewers.

  7. Ivan Verdeja says

    “Outsourced” is so funny, I don’t know why low rates. The thing I see is that there wasn´t enough publicity. Because the content is pretty good. Too bad…

  8. Pancho Vega says

    It was an absolute disaster, what is funny in outsourcing jobs to India, except to caricaturize Indians and US expats.

  9. Anonymous says

    This is just stupid ! Outsourced is a fine show , I have no idea why they have that much of a low rating ! :( And here i was looking forward to a season 2 !

  10. Abs says

    That Outsourced was a very fine show… don’t know how it could be taken off air. A comedy, culturally insightful and well enacted series… Hoping that another channel /group makes and airs season 2 if NBC is not capable of it!

  11. markit8dude says

    Outsourced being canceled – it’s expected.

    It seems only idiotic ‘reality’ t.v., unfunny, spoon fed, over-the-top nonsense, laugh track-laden junk stays on the tele nowadays.

    2 1/2 Men, Big Bang Theory, How I Met.. etc., – the aforementioned are so ridiculously uncreative and mind numbingly stupid it boggles the mind they stay around season after season.

    Outsourced, Better Off Ted and other cleverly written programs get tossed for troglodyte-like gags and knuckle dragging-like ‘humor’. Sigh..

  12. Rinky says

    Hi, I don’t understand why the trp is that low !I saw a few episodes of outsoursed and I quite enjoyed it .the manager or the main character of this show is very funny and charming though.I hope they will bring back. Season 2 rinky.kolkata .

  13. Sashie73 says

    Why am I not surprised….NBC always had a problem identifying rocks and diamonds…this is a darn good show…perhaps only people with Asian roots or asian experience can relate to….send the NBC management to asia man….get a news perspective of the new world comedy…..sad sad sad….i am thinking…yenbeechi needs a new boss to conquer the world market…

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