Parenthood: Lauren Graham Takes Over for Maura Tierney; Good Choice?

Lauren GrahamNBC’s new Parenthood series is a new take on Ron Howard’s 1989 light-hearted drama. It revolves around four adult siblings and their parents and the pilot stars Peter Krause, Maura Tierney, Erika Christensen, Dax Shepard, Bonnie Bedelia, and Craig T. Nelson.

The show was supposed to debut in September but a couple months ago, it was reported that production on Parenthood was being delayed. Tierney was diagnosed with breast cancer and a decision was made to wait while she recuperated from surgery. A month ago, Tierney dropped out of the project completely because she needs ongoing treatments.

That news sent casting directors scrambling to find a suitable replacement for the pivotal role. Mad About You’s Helen Hunt was initially approached for the part but ultimately a deal couldn’t be made with Academy Award-winning actress.

Now, another TV show veteran has been tapped to join the cast — Lauren Graham. Of course, the actress has plenty of experience playing a single parent on the small screen. Graham spent seven years playing young mother Lorelai Gilmore on The WB and CW networks’ Gilmore Girls.

Production on the new Parenthood series is expected to begin next month. Episodes are expected to debut in 2010, following NBC’s coverage of the Winter Olympics.

What do you think? Does Lauren Graham sound like a good choice for this drama?

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  1. Nicola says

    Lauren Graham is an amazing actress and human being, i think she is a great choice for the role i just hope the series airs in the uk!!

  2. Susan says

    well I was not even aware this show was going to premire until the commercials started airing recently……I was sad to read here that Maura has been diagnosed with breast cancer….that is horrible….I am a nurse and her character was always an inspiration to me…absolutley loved her! …..that being said I am a die hard….watched every episode from 1 to the end in order in record time….fan of Lauren Graham! Lorelei Gilmore was an awesome character…..I loved her role… quirkey and witty, smart and fun. I bought the first season set for my daughter since being a single mom and daughter like the characters and we both fell in love with the show! So excited to se her on the screen again…..I miss the gilmore girls and hopefully this show will fill that void! lol

  3. sarah says

    i am only going to watch this show because lauren graham is going to be in it she is soooooo muchh better then any person on tv i think she is going to be the only reason this show we get veiws not saying it is going to be a bad show just with lauren you cant have a bad showwww

  4. Karen says

    My husband worked on this movie. There were numerous problems with Tierney which I suppose could be related to her health. I think Graham would be an excellent choice. Never saw her in anything I didn’t like.

  5. Patty says

    I loved this delightful actress in the Gilmore Girls, it was something to look forward to every week to watch and see what she would be doing. I am so pleased that I will get to see her work again.

  6. Karin Dent says

    I think Lauren Graham is a great choice. I was never interested in tuning in toThe Parenthood- but now I will definitely look forward to watching it in January. I loved The Gilmore Girls – all the characters – and still watch it in reruns! Laruen Graham hasn’t been given the roles her talent deserves. I hope this is a home run show for all concerned – but espacially for Lauren.

  7. Sherry says

    I am eagerly looking forward to this TV show because I really want to see Lauren!! I loved the Gilmore Girls and am currently watching the series from show one..I wanted to see it from the beginning. I really liked all the actors/actresses in the show and the wide variety of characters. They really added to the show. But, anything that Lauren is in, will no doubt be good. She is an excellent actress!

  8. says

    Lauren Graham is an EXCELLENT choice. She can handle any part and should be given an opportunity to fully demonstrate her acting abilities. I love to listen to her on talk shows where she has an opportunity to speak on a variety of subjects. Naturally funny lady.

  9. RooBear says

    Though I was dragged by my own parents to see the movie – and ended up loving it – back then, I was reluctant to think of it as a tv series. When I saw Maura Tierney was casted intially, I was eager to see the ER doc goto a comedy. The change of genres would have been a great for Tierney. I loved Lauren Graham in Gilmore Girls and think she will not disappoint. Much love and luck to Tierney. NBC, let’s see if you can get her back after an anticipated recovery!

  10. Anonymous says

    Lauren Graham is the spark and her talent will light up this show. I could not think of anyone better for this role.I cannot wait until it airs!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Way2Go says

    I am ecstatic at this news. If NBC plays their cards right this could be the beginning of their way back to the top but if they give tepid backing especially since it is going to premiere mid-season then they will get what they deserve. I just hope the writers do a good job of mixing comedy with serious matters much like the writers managed to do on Gilmore Girls. BTW, I think graham is a better pick than Helen Hunt.

  12. GGlorlelai says

    Has anybody seen Gilmore Girls hello…..Lauren Graham can run circles around any character she gets..drama, comedy, love story and musicals. It doesn’t get any better than Lauren. Well an Emmy would really be nice!!!

  13. says

    Truth be told I had little to no interest in watching this show especially seeing how not too much is on NBC anymore that’s really deemed it’s good old slogan “Must See TV!”

    But now that you mention that Lauren Graham might be on a show…well then it was only a matter of time before you dangled the bait in front of me wasn’t it? I’ll watch it for her being it, now let’s hope it’s good. Peter Krause, wasn’t he the one who played Nick on Dirty Sexy Money? I liked that show…

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