Pimp My Ride: MTV Series Runs Out of Gas

Pimp My RideMTV has announced that it is canceling its auto fix-up series Pimp My Ride after three years and seven seasons.

Hosted by rapper Xzibit, Ride picks car owners under the age of 30 for much needed car makeovers. By the end of an episode, a participants’ vehicle is “pimped out” to reflect the owner’s personal interests and tastes. Versions of the series air around the world including the UK, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, and Brazil.

The final eight episodes of the US version aired in a marathon on June 9th but the series’ regular run begins on Sunday, July 22nd at 10:30pm on MTV. Pimp My Ride will be preceded by new car makeover series Trick It Out, hosted by former American Idol contestant Becky O’Donohue. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. says

    I’m an idiot and think posting here will get my ride pimped.

    I have a millennium falcon from the starwars films. I want to cruise for ******* hard and would love it if pimp my ride would take on my vehicle.

    The warp drive is stuffed but I would really love a juice bar where it is.

    If the lazer guns could be replaced by 20″ chrome wheels that would be awesome.

    Thanks xibit with your help the resistance will win.

  2. says

    I am writing to get my 18 year old sons 1965 lamans car done , we bought it from a friend who was in need of money 6 years ago (with no motor) for our son’s project, in hopes that we would be able to help with it , but with the economy that dream has come to a hault , But my son has been working since he was able to and saving up his money to get this car done so he can drive it to his prom, he and his friends have been working so hard to get it done in time( 2nd week of May) and at the same time he is leaving for the Air Force in August , It’s been costing him alot of money and time and wer’e not sure if he’s gonna get it done in time. Could you please consider helping my son

  3. says

    I’m A VIETRANeraVIETRAN, My wife@ I live on what I get from Uncle Sam ($1,I1300.00) monthly.good thing that I get my meds, and care from the V.A. I have a 2000 chevy silverado. It has 108,400 miles on it and It;s starting to give me a whole kot of problems. If you and Gas could see your way, of helping an ol’ MARINE OUT, we WOULD BE VERY TANKFUL. I travel yo temple about two or three times a month, an these ol’ V 6. has seem a lot of wear and tear. thanks for hearing me out .hope to hear from you SOON. SEMPRE FI SGT. FLORENCIO MONREAL

  4. says

    hey this is julio im from peru but now i live in nc well i have a honda civic 94 my grand mom give me the car 4 my b-day but now like a lot of people try to steel my car… my car look sooo bad the windon is broke the door is no working and i mean i work and i can get a new car but my grand mom die so this is the only thing that i had from her idk if u can hell me out pliz

  5. says

    Hi. my name is Cheryl. My Husband has a 67′ Firebird that has been sitting in our drive way for about 10 yrs. This was his first Car. My son is turning 16 this November. I would really appreciate it if you would consinder his car to be Pimped out. This car has been My husband’s baby. It has been stollen about 3-4 times, everytime he fixed it up. My son would be sooooo suprised if this was his first car!

  6. Lame says

    WTF why are you people stupid enough to post your pleas and begs here. 1, the show is canceled, 2, all you beggars are over 30, haven’t you ever seen the show? They won’t pimp it if your not young, and 3, seriously, are you people this stupid? Wise up.

  7. says

    hey my name is Shurquille. I lve in Trinidad. My father Roger, drives a PCJ9335 Toucson and i really want it to be pimped because everyone in my school is laughing at me everytime they see me. So please mtv please pimp my dad’s ride

  8. Donna Ryder says

    Hi my name is Donna and I,m writing you to ask if you would pimp my husbands ride.
    We are in our 50’s. We are about to lose the only vehicle we own. There is much work that it needs and we don’t have the money to fix it to pass inspection. My husband is a carpenter and is presently out of work. The vehicle is a GMC work van. PLEASE HELP US!
    Sincerely Donna

  9. Anonymous says

    A new series on of all networks – Discovery, has picked up Pimp My Ride and has expanded it to 1 hour! It is now called Street Customs. There is no host, it’s in hi def too! Looks like West Coast Customs is in a new shop in a nicer location. Seems to be a bit more straight forward with less goofing off, and more time devoted to the various stages of the vehicle upgrades.

  10. Mick Everett says

    West Coast customs are magic. Just amazing what they can do. I would love to have my old Jeep pimped….Will miss the show and their Ideas witch turn junk into art. Awsom

  11. says

    I am the ranch manager at Horsepitality Western Ranch, in Tucson, AZ. We are a non-profit horse rescue. We take in abused, and neglected horses and rehabilitate them through proper diet, training, desencitization and a lot of patience and love, then we find new loving homes for them. We have a 7 horse stock trailer that we use to pick up and deliver our horses and we also use it to supliment the funds for feed, vet check etc. by offering it to others in the community. Itr is a great trailer (sturdy)
    but it is spotted with rust and has original white paint from the 80s. We would love to have it tricked out like grafetti ( horses, kids, cowboys, military war heros, as owner is retired army, and just a lot of american pride. How does anyone become a contestant? It would be for a great cause and would help bring attention to our rescue.

  12. Preston says

    I liked Pimp My Ride and I am sorry to see it end its run on MTV. It was good to see beat up, banged up cars get new, fresh updates. The newer cars were cleaner and sharper! I really think that the show’s true demise was when they switched from West Coast Customs to GAS to fix the cars. West Coast Customs did the best jobs on the first season’s cars! I think that the people at West Coast might have been little overwhelmed at the floods of responses and offers from viewers around the country who wanted their cars pimped up or updated. Some of them didn’t want to be in front of the camera, giving some strange looks. So they walked away and let GAS do it. Will some of these young people still drive these cars 5 to 10 years from now? When they might get married, have 2 or 3 kids and switch to minivans or crossover SUVs to show their mature sides? It’s going to be quite a transition for all of them. Or maybe they’ll keep them!
    The car people did a good job updating the cars to reflect the owner’s favorite hobbies and personal tastes. And Xzibit was a good host,mixing humor and his knowledge of cars and how they should look.

  13. Anne - Mart Markram says

    Can you please come and pimp my ride in South-Africa.
    it’s a CTI 1996 golf car, and I really dont know what to do any more. I need YOUR help Pimpers.
    P L E A S E

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