Romantically Challenged: TV Show Officially Cancelled, No Season Two

Romantically Challenged cancelledWord leaked out late last week that ABC’s new comedy, Romantically Challenged, had been cancelled. Alyssa Milano said that the news was premature and rallied fans to save it. The fight is now over.

Romantically Challenged follows a group of friends who have a hard time in the romance department. The sitcom’s cast includes Alyssa Milano, Josh Lawson, Kelly Stables, Kyle Bornheimer, Camden Palmisano, and Sierra McCormick.

The sitcom got off to an okay start with a 2.9 rating in the all-important 18-49 demographic and 10.67 million viewers. Unfortunately, the ratings fell for future episodes and the TV show continued to lose a large percentage of the Dancing with the Stars lead-in audience.

When news of the likely cancellation leaked out, Milano and others connected with the show encouraged fans to call the ABC audience feedback line. They also asked supporters to send photos of themselves with signs of support.

Milano was touched by the efforts and wrote, “Your efforts on behalf of the my show has reiterated why I love my job. I hope you know that it is your faith and support that keep me going even in the hardest times. The words ‘thank you,’ never seem enough to convey my gratitude. Just know, from the bottom of my being, that you guys give me strength and I appreciate you.”

Despite the campaign, ABC has now officially pulled the plug. The show’s staff wrote to fans, “We wanted you to hear it from us 1st. We are heartbroken to report that #RomanticallyChallenged has been cancelled… officially.” And then, “We can’t thank you enough for all of our efforts in keeping us alive. We love you, #RomanticallyChallenged Army.”

What do you think? Should Romantically Challenged have been renewed for season two?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Tyler Morgan says

    wow, i cant believe they would cancel that show so fast, i really liked it. they should have gave it more time to develop

  2. says

    Romantically Challenged never should have been canceled. Hell, it never should have aired to begin with. What rubbish.

    • Abby says

      wow this show was the greatest, have u even giving Romantically Challenged a try? I’m sure if it was still on people would love it even more!

  3. Monica says

    I adore Alyssa Milano but I couldn’t even sit through the first episode. I even tried watching the 2nd and it was not that great. But I do agree they should give a show a chance, at least a season to find it’s audience. I didn’t like Friends initially but it ended up being my favorite show. Too bad it was cancelled early and not given a chance but I honestly wasn’t a fan. But like other things, sometimes it gets better. Too bad.

  4. says

    Me and my wife watched this show together, since she’s such a big Alyssa Milano fan, but I have to say, it was pretty weak – the jokes so feable and predictable. Didn’t have much life in it. Not surprised at ABC’s decision

  5. Angie M. @AngieMaria_M says

    This TV show is just starting how ABC could make this decission. I said NO too.. it shouldn’t be cancelled their should be more seasons. I liked to much and not oly me more people enjoy every monday whit the show and for that shouldn’t be taken off the air. The numbers of the raitings are not more imnportan than that… AND This results could change positivily for the show if they get a oportunity.

    WE WANT Romantically Challenged.

  6. says

    I don’t think ABC and everyone gave this series a chance. For me it was funny and anyone over 15 can watch this show. Any more I believe that cable doesn’t give shows like this a chance, but they give reality shows all the hype. I’m tired of seeing reality shows on T.V.; they tirelessly, pointless, and ridiculous to watch. Give this show any chance. Just because it was “officially” cancel doesn’t mean it has to be gone for good. Look at “Party of Five” and “The Family Guy” they were cancel and came back.

  7. Abby says

    i dont think it was good idea to take it off because so many fans out there who watch the show and now cancelled. This show is a very funny, entertaning and a show like this should still be on the air not taken off after 3 eposides, i think you guys should allow them to give it another try.

    • Abby says

      When seasons start they start off good and then they gett off at the best. Well this show is diffrent insead of start off good it started off GREAT and now over, what about the other shows out there that have low rateings whats going to happen to them, and why aren`t they cancelled? so for your anwser to your qustion NO it shouldn’t be cancelled their should be a season 2, 3 and even 4 because this is a REALLY good show and a good show shouldn’t be taken off the air just like THAT! i think people should think about the loyal fans out their and give it a another chance…

  8. lisa says

    This is exactly why they should never have cancelled my favorite show Samantha Who which also struggled after DWTS. If they would just stick to a show with a regular timeslot and spend a little time promoting it, they could find a loyal audience. There is now way Samantha’s ratings were as low as this show and it had a loyal audience. How can it be more cost effective to create entire new shows rather than promote the ones they have?

  9. Michael says

    This was actually a good show, i think the problem with now days TV shows are they are easily and too soon being cut off and boy do they add a lot of series in a year. Viewers get confused which one to watch, for comedies I watch this one and Accidentally on purpose, which i hope isn’t canceled too! Modern Family was crap imo but alas! it got good review/ratings.

  10. tonya presley says

    The show just started. How you cancel a show after a few episodes? This is ridiculus how sitcoms are cancel so quickly. There are toooo many reality shows on now. We need more sitcoms where we can escape drama from reality. We need more family shows on tv. More shows you can set and watch and get a good laugh for the night. Come on we need to get back to the days of sitcoms. Atleast give shows a full season and see what happens.

  11. Michael Herst says

    This was a good funny and inspiring show that related to people. It is a shame that you cancelled it so quickly, compared to other shows on TV right now, this would have been an excellent choice that we as a family could enjoy.

  12. Ken Clark says

    I can’t believe you would cancel this show after only so few episodes. Remember the poor start of friends and look where that show ended up going. Come on guys get real. Keep it alive.

    • Elizabeth says

      I was so happy to see Alyssa Milano again and looking so gorgeous! I had learned before I even started watching that it had gotten cancelled – I had the episodes set to TiVo. When I watched them I fell in love with the characters. A show needs more than just like four episodes to make an affect.

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