Stargate Universe and Sanctuary: Syfy TV Shows Returning September 28th

SanctuaryOver the weekend, Syfy confirmed that both Stargate Universe and Sanctuary will be returning on September 28th. As previously rumored, they’ll be airing on Tuesdays this time around.

Stargate Universe is returning for its second season and Sanctuary will kick off its third. The cable channel announced orders of 20 episodes for each show back in December 2009.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to these returns? Do you prefer one show over the other?

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  1. igor says

    SGU is the a really good good show i love it. I would hate to se it get canceled i love all of the SG shows. I am glad the SGU is going the way it is. its interesting to me and i bet a lot of other people to. NEVER CANCEL STARGATE UNIVERSE.!.!.!.! EVER.!.!.!.!

  2. david says

    i cant wait for it to air im a big fan of stargate in general but it seems stargate is geting less and less action seens and more drama mellow seens what realy drew the line between stargate and battlestar galactica was action stargate sg1 started with the idea that every few minutes there was somthing out of ordnary that happened somthing with action so if you start going back to that i think you will earn higher rateings more fans and dare i say it more money because people love exsitement and bisnesses love to advertise there products on shows that people love its better busness for them keep the shows comeing we cant have stargate shuting down yet and for god sakes bring back sg1 and alantis back even if it is togather please!!! i will donate $100 when you do

  3. Darlene says

    First of all I have to say I love Syfy.SGU and Sanctuary: Are really great shows. I do miss the other shows like SGA. I miss Amanda Tappings “daughter”. The new girl well not so much. SGU took me by surprise , as I thought it would be a story built mostly from SGA. Because of the change in the show our older teenagers now watch SGU with us. They identify with Eli, most teens will. In my opinion most of them will be geeks. This is a very computerized and gamer world we live in. Eureka Moonlight,and Wareouse 13 are absolutely wonderful too. We started to watch Caprica-its nasty ,if well written we dont watch it any more. Dont cancell anything. I live for Syfy night! Oh and I love my actors and actresses,even if they do more than one show!

  4. says

    I love Sanctuary! So glad that it’s coming back on. As for SGU,I’ve been greatly disappointed in the storyline. I have watched through the years all the SG series and have enjoyed each and every one of them,except for this one! It just seems very boring and the actors just are not comfortable in their roles. This one could go by the wayside. Would enjoy seeing more movies of the other SG series. Get on the ball and make syfy more entertaining and bring back the GOOD sci-fi instead of what is on lately. Who needs wrestling? Go to a sports channel for that crap! Sorry,just had to vent.

  5. nex3 says

    SGU IS AMAZING! Sanctuary is the one that should be put out of its misery. The show is unique in it’s own way, it has more unexpected events than any other syfy show out their! Their last episode is with out a doubt the best parted episode ever. The Stargate franchise is one of the best their is, it’s constantly moving in many different and unexpected ways. Syfy needs to put them along side Star Trek and Mystery Science Theater 3000.

  6. tina says

    I loved “Sanctuary” from the first episode on. I think it’s perfect in that it is a “light” science fiction adventure show. I was getting tired of those heavy, sad story arcs in science fiction shows lately and “Sanctuary” was the perfect antidote! I’m looking forward to season 3!

  7. Grandizer says

    2 comments 1 for each show…
    And then an overall comment about SyFy…

    1) Sanctuary, was better with her daughter on it as the love interest??? for Will. The unevenness of the second season killed it for me. While I love Amanda Tapping, in almost everything I see her in, I think the writing is what is bringing this show down. Will is not so bad, but the ex husband? the overacted Vampire, Tesla? Wow, not so good. The tech wiz that ALWAYS has a gadget that is in storage or can be built in the 4 hours that it is needed in is tiring. Now don’t get me wrong, all scifi shows seem to have this problem.

    2) SGU, was boring as all hell for the first 4/5 of the season. I do not like LDP’s character at all. The last 4 episodes were better by far then the rest of the season combined. I also hate that characters show up and then are dumped with no idea where they are… Case in point, the large breasted marine? Where was she in the final episode? The fact that Eli seems to go where ever in the ship he wants for whatever reason???
    They left enough cliffhangers on the final episode that it will make a 2 hour season premier a MUST, however I don’t count on it…

    Now the overall comment…
    SyFy, there are OTHER actors out there! I am tired of seeing the same characters all the time just in different roles…
    What needs to happen is that you need to break up your actor roster and have them skip 2 seasons if they are going to show up on another show…
    Case in points???
    Good choices, the two Farscape characters that moved on to SG.
    Bad choices, the characters from SGU that became new characters in SGA and Sanctuary.

  8. Kathy says

    I want SGU to go on. I liked the previous Stargate show, but they were fun like Buffy was fun. But SGU is more interesting.

  9. Les Ferris says

    SGU has been great so far, and it only seems to be getting better as time goes on. Can’t wait for the second season. After 15 seasons of the same thing and the stale final season of SGA, I’m grateful that tptb went in a new direction and brought in some fantastic talent, I’ve really enjoyed it.

    Haven’t seen much of Sanctuary and I can’t say I’m a big fan, but Amanda Tapping is lovely so I’m happy it’s getting another, longer season :) It has a lot of fans, so even though I don’t personally enjoy it I’m happy that it’s continuing for those that do.

  10. La emmons says

    Want SG Universe to go on as long as they will let it. Love all the Stargate series and would be sad to see them go.
    Do not watch Sanctuary and never plan to.

  11. says

    I gave up on SG:U. It just isn’t “Stargate,” and the characters are awful.

    And speaking of “awful,” I can’t understand how Sanctuary gets renewed.

    • D Murphy says

      Sanctuary is interesting at the very least. SGU is just boring. I;m still watching …… HOPING,,,,, that they wake up, but it doesn’t look good.

  12. D Murphy says

    Sanctuary is good. Gotta love Amanda. SG Universe sucks. ……. sucks….sucks…. Hopefully it will be canceled soon. Make some DVD movies of “old school” StarGate.

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