Supernatural: The Stars and Creator Want It to End? No Season Six?

SupernaturalAfter four seasons, Supernatural has never been hotter and it’s already been renewed for season five. So why do the show’s stars and creator want to call it quits?

Created by Eric Kripke, Supernatural revolves around the Winchester brothers and their ongoing battle against demons, and any other hellion you can think of. Older brother Dean (Jensen Ackles) followed in the footsteps of his demon-hunting father (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) while Sam (Jared Padalecki) tried to make a break from the family business and lead a normal life. When Sam’s girlfriend is killed in a similar manner as his mother and the brothers’ dad disappears, the good-looking heroes set out on a crusade of their own.

Recurring characters are played by Jim Beaver, Genevieve Cortese, Misha Collins, Katie Cassidy, Lauren Cohan, Samantha Ferris, Julie McNiven, Nicki Aycox, Alona Tal, Samantha Smith, Sterling K. Brown, Chad Lindberg, Robert Wisdom, Charles Malik Whitfield, Adrianne Palicki, Fredric Lehne, and Colin Ford.

With the series’ mythos and world fully established, why would the show’s creator, Eric Kripke, and the stars want to end the series? Well, Kripke says that he’s always envisioned the Winchester boys’ story as a five year arc and intends to keep it that way. He recently told Entertainment Weekly, “Despite what the network and the studio may or may not want, I don’t have more than five seasons of story.”

Though it’s unlikely that the CW execs will be ready to let one of their most successful shows go, they may not have a choice. Kripke says, “I certainly would be willing to make sure there are enough villains and heroes around to continue a new story line, and I would be around to answer a few questions — that’s it. I’m outta here. There’s no way I’m doing season six.”

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If that were to happen, Supernatural might have to shift focus to Bobby, a demon, the angels, or some new characters. The contracts for Kripke, Ackles, and Padalecki all expire after next season and the actors aren’t planning to stay either.

While the actors love the show and their work, they’re tired of the grind. Ackles says, “We don’t live at home. We don’t sleep in our own beds. Our families aren’t here. Our friends aren’t here. Our girlfriends aren’t here. To do it for another five years, or whatever, I don’t know if I could handle it.”

Padalecki agrees, “I enjoy working, but what’s the point? Do I just want to keep on doing photo shoots and work so I can get more famous so I can do even more photo shoots and work and fly to more places to do more press? …I get sick of talking about myself.” The actor says he doesn’t want the show to become cheesy, with the characters becoming too old to realistically do their jobs. He says, “I think I’d rather leave [the viewers] wanting more than get to the point where they boo you off the stage.”

CW President Dawn Ostroff says that, if the show continues to be popular, she’d certainly want the show to go on. She feels however that it’s too early to address making that a reality. In truth, the small network might even not have the resources to make that happen. As Ackles says, “They’d have to back up a Brinks truck.”

While last week’s episode culminated in a huge fight between the two brothers, you can expect next season’s finale to be even bigger. Kripke is planning to end it all with the battle to end all battles, one between heaven and hell. Ironically, that little fight sounds about as hard as it’s going to be to get a sixth season of Supernatural.

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  1. Loyal Fan says

    I was sad with the ending of Sam going into the pit. It shouldn’t of ended that way. When the season does decide to end I want it to be a nail biting ending, with the guys coming out on top. After all they’ve been through and all the sacrifices they made they shouldn’t end up dead or in hell. Please don’t end it that way.

  2. says

    Today is May ,201o. I have been a long time fan of SUPERNATURAL but I hope that this is the last season.It has gone as far as it can go.Anymore,and it will be just too ridiculous.

  3. Dee .M says

    This for sure was the best Season. Woahhh go 2010. I felt like I was always on edge and I always look forward to seeing a new show. It has truly been an enjoyable ride and I hope that the season continues forever. There striking good looks definetly did draw me in from the beginning but I appreciate the inspiration behind each show. You have to love all of the characters because their all trying to find their way in the world and as viewers we can connect. I plan to keep this series in my future families legacy. The bond that the two brothers share is undeniable and it kept me watching. As I heard the words “season finale”, 5 minutes after the show ended, my eyes teared up because I have been religious in watching each and every episode. I hope it doesn’t end without knowing what happened to both brothers.

  4. kirsty says

    Love, Love, Love… Dean and Sammy! Please dont quit the show at season 5… Make one more season… Oh and can we please have some more shirtless scenes with the boys?

  5. Ricardo B. Prospero says

    I believe Supernatural is but one of the few TV series that really amused me. I love the chemistry of the two leading characters plus the fantastic story lines. Few TV series gives you the urge to ask for more and Supernatural surely have all the qualities of a great TV series not never at any time been boring. I have collected the complete seasons 1 to 5 and hopefully season 6 will follow soon. Congratulations and more power to all the people, particularly the creator behind this great show.

  6. stephanie says

    i love this show i have never missed a episode.. i hope it goes for another season.. please keep it going. :) we love u here in BC Canada :)

  7. Psynox says

    Supernatural has been and will always be one of the awsomest shows any one of us has ever seen. However like sum1 said it’s best to leave a party while its still roaring. If the show gets any bigger than the defeat of Lucifer it’ll be obvious that they’re stretching it……..besides the original storyline is unthinkable without Jared, Jensen, and Erik Kripke.

  8. Loyus says

    Well, why would Supernatural have a sixth season ? I mean, the way it is heading… What Is there to do after Satan comes out and the end of the world coming ? Even if the two brothers stop that, the story has always been evolving, getting to bigger stakes and dangers so what can be bigger than end of days ?

  9. Shaeghlyn says

    Supernatural is my favorite TV series of all times. I really do love it. The writers are amazing. The story is great, everything that the brothers have to endure is somewhat similar to what we deal with during our lives, every aspect of the show is great (especially the actors-although I did like Katie Cassidy better for Ruby). I hvae never really liked a show this much and thinking about it ending is terrible, (but I really hae to say this) if they do want to move on, then let them. I don’t really think the show would fizzle out like others were saying, but I do think that the show wouldn’t be as good if the people involved didn’t want to do it & I agree with (comment 20)Nicole about not doing a spin off… bad idea. The Winchester brothers ARE the show.

  10. Aylla says

    I agreed with Eric, Supernatural is almsot going out of the line of history, it’s almost turning a boring tv serie. I love this tv serie, but we need to accept Eric’s decission, it’s better then CW kick them out, you know what i mean?
    I really wanted to watch a sixth season but there’s no more history to tell in the serie, i think they can stop in the fiveth season unfortunately :(

  11. says

    I love the show and although I do not miss an episode if the actors are not wanting to go on after this season then they should end it. They are both in their prime and have so many other opportunities awaiting them. It’s not like they won’t be seen again.

    I will admit I was not crazy about last season and where it went. One of the main reasons I stuck with watching the show was for Jim Beaver and felt he was under utilized. Something I hope as an older audience member Kripke remedies this season.

  12. Demitri says

    If Eric decided it’d be a five year arc, it should stay a five year arc. It never fails that when a new director/producer steps up to continue a show it leaves a bad taste in the mouths of the true and original fans of the show. No different than movies that get sequels years after the original just to say that there was a sequel (Lost Boys anyone?). If they’re done and the story’s closed, I say God bless (pun intended) and let it be.
    -A fan since season 3

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