The Assets: Canceled Episodes Coming — Someday

The Assets: canceled episodesAt the recent Television Critics Association press tour, ABC Entertainment Group President Paul Lee reflected on cancelled mini-series The Assets.

He said that he was proud of The Assets creatively and as a business model, even though the ratings were a disappointment. “That one was actually a great experiment [with our news division] and we’re going to continue with that experiment even though the show didn’t work.”

Lee noted that, “In the end, what we need do as we test out different pieces [of programming] is to find ones that work both financially and creatively so that we can have programming the whole year-round.”

The network president also said that the remaining episodes of The Assets would be made available at some point in the future — either on the broadcast schedule or via one of ABC’s digital platforms like

What do you think? Are you open to watching limited series — even though the network may still pull them early? Would you like to see the rest of The Assets?

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  1. patg says

    I agree with the comment here on programming The Bachelor/ – one of the most contrived shows I have ever watched for 1 minute- but apparently that is what the public panders to- and on the pint of paid TV service on Direct t and other providers one night 85 % of the programming was commercials or infommercials (I did the calculation) also like to add that 100K incomer should spend some of that wealth on a course that teaches synonyms

  2. Gary says

    Viewers are used to car chases, action scenes. A real life scenario can’t compete with video games. I am anxiously awaiting release,of the series.

  3. Sue Y says

    I want to see all of the episodes. I’ll need to rewatch the first 2 since it has been so long since they were aired. I hope it gets publicized so that I don’t miss them. I’d rather watch them on TV so that I can DVR them. I found myself rewinding parts that I didn’t understand. I don’t find watching shows on my computer to be as enjoyable as on the big screen TV. Here’s hoping ABC makes the episodes available soon.

  4. pd says

    The Assets seemed like a poor-man’s The Americans but nonetheless I’d like to see the rest. It makes no sense not to air/release them if they’ve already been filmed. Just whack it on BitTorrent or something :)

  5. kamm says

    ABC is giant pile of ****, it always was, always will be – it was always little more than a glorified radio station showing pictures, remember. We’re a ~40 couple with a kid and another one on the way and practically NOTHING was worth to even switch to ABC for long years now – then came The Assets and I seriously thought ABC, amazingly from anything that’s close to that utter ****-making factory called Disney (famous for turning anything they touch into utter ****), might have just decided to embark on a huge change..
    …well, I was wrong.
    As good visual junk-food outlets do ABC have quickly canceled The Assets, their first half-decent show ever or at least in many-many years, after their laughably incompetent, botched-up promo it did not set the world on fire with its first two episodes – epic utterly clueless move by a junk-producing outlet, clearly shows just how f’n incompetent idiots run this channel.
    At home we concluded that it’s time to say goodbye to ABC, this time for good, to this giant pile of worthless **** so I’ve quickly got rid of it from our channel list (never been on the favs, of course.)
    As a further result now that even True Detective is over next month we’ll probably just cancel cable altogether, something we’re thinking about for a couple of years now…
    …aside of HBO and few other premium channels US TV lineup is practically WORTHLESS, it does not worth the extra $100 per month on top of our internet bill (and yes, our annual revenue is well into the six-figures range so it’s not a financial issue.) It wasn’t ABC itself but this was just the last straw, this utterly pointless, amateur yet arrogant move; it’s time to get rid of all this junk content (and Amazon Prime, Netflix etc get nearly everything that might matter anyway.)

  6. Joe Brewer says

    Something smells here. I think there’s more to this than meets the eye. Cancelled so close to the olympics in Russia.

  7. grama says

    I am disappointed that this series was cancelled….I prefer to watch TV drama based on real life events instead of reality series where everything is an intentional shocker for ratings…I guess real stuff just doesn’t sell for networks like ABC. Tisk, tisk

  8. Spam Test says

    I would LOVE to see the rest of them! I LOVED the series. It was really awesome and I have searched online a couple of times (including to see what happened to it and how/if I could watch the rest of the episodes. I look forward to ABC letting me do so!!

  9. bonnie says

    They always cancel the good ones but leave the crap like the reality series. It just figures! Leave us hanging, again! Yes I would like to see the last 6 episodes! It was good!

  10. Bill J. says

    I would like to see the remaining six episodes maybe one of the streaming services like Netflix or Hulu will offer them.

  11. Sharon Crumby says

    I was so disappointed to find that the series was cancelled. I continued to look ahead on ABC programming to find the new episodes and was saddened to read on the internet that it would not be back. I enjoyed the ABC GMA interview with the lady on whom the story was based. There is so much “lame” programming on TV. I am sure that it is not easy to patronize the audience that would embrace this show given the ratings of “The Bachelor”, etc., but we enjoy programming with substance occasionally!! Please let me know where to find the remaining episodes!!

  12. Manny says

    I was very disappointed and disgusted that ABC just stopped broadcasting the completed series. Amazing, utterly amazing that they did what they did. I can imagine a scene in a football game played at night under the lights. The stands are half filled and the quarter back throws a long pass to the receiver, the fans stand with anticipation and the ABC bean counter turns the lights out. What the Hell ABC???

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