The Wanda Sykes Show: Second Week Decline; Cancel or Keep It?

The Wanda Sykes ShowStand-up comic and actress Wanda Sykes recently unveiled her vision of a Saturday night talk show. Is it a keeper or should she stick to The New Adventures of Old Christine?

The Wanda Sykes Show is a late night talk show that airs once a week. It’s hosted by Sykes and her trademark biting wit to a monologue, skits, and interviews. Comedian Keith Robinson co-stars as her sidekick.

The show debuted on November 7th to a 2.2 household rating. According to Variety, that placed the Wanda Sykes premiere 16% higher than the average of MADtv a year earlier (1.9/4) and double the performance of Talk Show with Spike Feresten from last winter (1.1/2).

The first episode was also in part competing against the highest-rated episode of Saturday Night Live of the season.

Last Saturday’s episode wasn’t quite as good. The second episode of Wanda Sykes dropped to a 1.9 rating, essentially matching the MADtv average from one year ago.

A second week decline in the ratings is certainly not unusual and this one wasn’t as significant as it could have been. The show’s future will likely be determined over the long haul though FOX was hoping for significantly better performance from Sykes than what they were getting with MAD.

What do you think? Is The Wanda Sykes Show worth watching or do you wish MADtv or Spike Feresten hadn’t left the airwaves? Cancel or keep it?

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  1. Danny says

    I love Sykes but the show is bad. Her timing is off, the drag queen looks extremely uncomfortable and the sidekick is dull. I love Wanda but she thrives doing standup, not this canned stuff. It is hard to watch.

  2. Jared Smith says

    I would like to personally thank FOX because my electric bill will be cheaper when I turn my TV off because of this garbage show. Go Green!!

  3. Mitur Binesderti says

    I wanted to like this show so much but the writing just isn’t very good. Also Wanda isn’t a very good talk host. She’s a damn funny comic but like Chevy Chase she’s not a good interviewer. Being a good interviewer is a talent just like being a good comic is and some people just don’t have it.

  4. Ronald Rogers says

    Wanda Sykes is the funniest women on TV and we should keep the show, but drop Keith and Porsche. They aren’t funny and just bring the show down.

  5. Brigitte King says

    The show was great! Somebody has to point out the absurdity of Dick Cheney saying that Obama is soft on terrorism. On this show, Wanda declared herself the “tell people where to go and what to kiss czar” for the Obama administration, and we need her on TV, if only to fulfill that role! The woman is funny, cute, and her humor is intelligent, and if people don’t like her it’s probably because she is over their heads! The bit about where to recycle your sex toys, bringing them to different shops and such, was very funny — better than Ashton Kutcher’s ideas for punking people! Her remark about the solar vibrator probably not being too good on cloudy days is an example of stuff that may go over people’s heads. I have solar panels on my house for heating hot water, and I have to admit they’re not too good on cloudy days. I laughed my ass off at that joke!

  6. Obama Sucks says

    Cancel it! She’s a no-talent, unintelligent hack. If she didn’t pal around with Larry David and his commie friends, she’d be working in a car wash.

  7. Angel says

    This show is crap and anyone that likes it has no sense of humor. Fox has such great shows, i bet they’d get better ratings if they showed reruns of family guy or the cleveland show; rather than this crap. Wanda Sykes is not funny at all. She tries to be like SNL but there’s only one SNL. CANCEL HER

  8. Anonymous says

    I think she is hilarious. Her monologues are by far the best part of the show; she’s the only person on TV being that edgy and political. I have to compliment Fox on letting Wanda be Wanda.

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