Undercovers: Cancelled by NBC After 13 Episodes

Undercovers canceledMove over Outlaw, NBC has cancelled another new series. The spy dramedy Undercovers is ending its run after 13 episodes.

Undercovers revolves around a married pair of former spies who are pulled back into service after their close friend goes missing. The TV show features the talents of Boris Kodjoe, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Mekia Cox, Carter MacIntyre, Gerald McRaney, and Ben Schwartz.

The series stumbled right out of the gate and attracted a disappointing 2.1 rating in the coveted 18-49 demographic and 8.7 million viewers. In week two, the demo fell by 24% to a 1.6 rating and the numbers essentially kept on falling. Last night’s episode hit a new demo low with a 1.3 rating and 5.913 million total viewers.

Though NBC ordered four additional scripts in mid-October, the studio suspected that that show’s been doomed for quite awhile. Today, the network made it official — Undercovers has been cancelled.

TV show supportIt remains to be seen if fans of the series will get to see all 13 installments. Seven episodes have aired so far and three more are scheduled for November 10th, November 17th, and December 1st. NBC has a Shrek holiday special scheduled for Thanksgiving eve (November 24th) and The Sing-Off will take over the timeslot on December 8th.

Three episodes of Undercovers will be left on the shelf at that point and the network will decide at a later date if or when they’ll air.

What do you think? Are you sorry to hear that Undercovers is coming to an end? Why do you think it didn’t catch on? How would you have fixed it?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Sharon says

    I personally love the show. Iam very sorry that it was cancelled. I have to agree with previous comments about the networks seeming to be more inclined to keep the mindless drivel for a growing moronic society. This show had romance,mystery and suspence. It was colorful (no pun intended) and could only have improved over time.

  2. Matt says

    This is BS all people want to watch are reality shows and dancing with anybody. All the good shows are being cancelled because people are brain dead idiots. They cant enjoy a simple story show, they have to have there brains saturated by idiot shows…
    Go figure

  3. Angela says

    I liked this show. I particularly liked the lead couple. I’m not surprised it’s being cancelled. I am surprised that NBC didn’t try to find another time slot for it. I think this, more than anything else hurt the show. I hope they try again!

  4. Morris says

    This was a great show! It just wasn’t promoted and would probably still be on if it were shown on another network! BRING THE SHOW BACK!

  5. Robin Apple says

    I was not surprised at the cancellation of this show, though I think it was very enjoyable and I never missed an episode. NBC’s lame attempts to substitute a mindless piece of drivel like “Minute to Win It” was an example of how moronic TV executives are. I find reality TV shows and game shows, particularly in prime time, to be reprehensible and completely disgusting. I have never watched one and never will. The networks use that crap to avoid paying for quality shows, and hope the largely unsophisticated audiences to fall for it and mindlessly watch. I suppose a married couple who are actually in love with eachother was too far from their reality to accept. I, for one, enjoyed the novelty of a couple committed to eachother in a fictional action series like this. I spend alot of time watching TV, as I work out regularly while watching. “Minute To Win It” will certainly not attract my attention. This is the same kind of idiotic decision that apparently spelled the end of the series “Moonlight”, which was popular with the people, but not the network executives. I will show them how I feel about their decisions by refusing to watch the ridiculous substitutions they make to the schedule. You have lost me as a viewer–I will simply buy the series I like on DVD and watch them instead!! How do you like that, you jerks!!

  6. BC says

    Actually the show was DREADFUL, but Gu Gu was a cutie…if they had put her in some more sexy outfits, maybe the ratings would have gone up…the husband was a jerk…. but Gu Gu was a-okay in my book

    And great feet !!! 😉

  7. Calynn hunter says

    Whyyyyyyyy…..i lovvvvvved that show. It was cool, sexy, exciting, why oh why….i wanted back sooo bad plzzzzzz re air them….. I’m begging you…. it was my favorite show…….plzzz re air a new series….. I will be the one happy girl….. it makes me so so sad and disappointed…..come back undercovers…… I usually don’t like many spy shows and movies but love the undercovers. it combines and danger and suspense with romance. it breaks my heart to see go……wawawawa T_T come back plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………

  8. E.G. Kerns says

    I loved it, and I don’t watch a lot of television. Maybe it wasn’t as fast paced as some, but the actors were interesting and humorous. Sometimes downright funny!!! I thought it was suspenseful and entertaining. Bring it back…..

  9. tawana says

    I am sorry to see the show cancelled. It was my treat to myself on Wednesday night when I put the children to bed. I liked the chemistry and the story line between the couple. It was refreshing to see and African American couple on tv in a loving and positive role.

  10. BARBARA SMITH says

    I was not surprised that UNDERCOVERS was cancelled. I could only watch it a few times and then lost interest. The main actors did not have chemistry together and their jokes among each other did not make sense when they were about to face a life or death situation. Also during the program they kept moving back to the restaurant and kitchen scene to focus on the couple’s sister/sister-in-law – why? She was not part of the plot that was going on. There was no suspense. They were just a good looking couple who dressed well.

    • BARBARA SMITH says

      You are absolutely right. I tried several times to watch this program and did not feel the thrill. To me it was trying to be a replica of the old Miami Vice which featured handsome men who dressed well, however Miami Vice also had the suspense, drama, emotion and heartfelt story lines along with the good looking actors.


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