24: FOX Prez Says TV Series May End Soon; No Season Nine?

24Is the clock finally running out for Jack Bauer? According to Kevin Reilly, Fox Entertainment President, this season may be the last for Kiefer Sutherland’s oft-tortured hero.

At the recent TV Critic’s summer press tour, Reilly told iFmagazine that the upcoming season is the last one under the show’s current contract. And while Sutherland remains committed to the show, Reilly is unsure of its future.

“It’s our last contractual season of 24,” Reilly said. “There are a lot of moving parts, so we’re not sure what will happen after that.”

He continued, “We haven’t made any decision whether it’s back or not [after this upcoming season]. The producers are passionate, Kiefer is passionate and we don’t have any of them looking to jump ship. It’s a show we’re really proud of.”

Is it time for 24 to end as a weekly show?

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Reilly concluded that, “It’s going to come down to a business decision. It’s not an inexpensive show on the network books and we also want to finish strong. This is not a show we want to prop up. It will be a whole creative and business discussion and something we’ll have to deal with over the next few months.”

Admittedly the show’s numbers have slipped a bit in the last couple seasons — from a high of 13.78 million in season five to 12.62 million in season seven — but did place 20th in overall viewers this year. In the end, it may be just too expensive for the network, especially considering that the contracts are up for renewal. Though the commercials for 24 are, next to American Idol, the most expensive in primetime, the network’s ad sales are also down about 16% from last year.

Reilly maintained that the show might still continue after next year but his initial comments align with the plans of 24 Executive Producer Howard Gordon. He wants to take Jack Bauer and company to theaters and, earlier this year, Gordon said, “My hope is to go [shoot the feature film] after the eighth season. That’s sort of what we’re aiming for. I think that a big-screen 24 will be a fitting send off for Jack.”

What do you think? Is it time for Jack to say goodbye to the small screen? Would you realistically pay to see a 24 movie?

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  1. BJ Lambert says

    Erasto! Get some help, dude. Jack’s great, don’t get me wrong, but it is fiction. Sooner or later it WILL go off the air. I fervently hope that it is not this year but I am willing to keep on living if it does.
    What about that Renee, huh? Who’d have thought she could be so, well, Jacke-sque? Her motive and intent are self-serving, I fear, and not for the greater good.

  2. erasto says


  3. Anonymous says

    I have watched Jack from the very first season. I have enjoyed every episode since. I can appreciate Jack and Co. In the big screen. We need to open up our minds for change. As long as I can 24 who cares. I will pay to see it. Thank you guys for introducing us to a great show.

  4. Joe says

    I love 24. I just got done watching season 7 to refresh my memory for season 8. I was thinking to my self, 24 has to end one day, but it’s to early to end now, I might cry if it ends now.

  5. Bill says

    Love 24, love the suspense, love the serial aspect of it, and the anticipation each week of a new adventure! A movie? Hmmm. It would be a one shot deal for a whole season? Not very appealing….loses the weekly suspense attractiveness.

    Saw 24 for the first time last year with season 7. Was hooked. Went to Blockbuster and rented every single show starting with season 1. Can’t believe I never watched one before. Someone needs to do a little better marketing next time. I had no idea how good the show is, maybe it was the time slot….but I did not have any idea what it was about, and the ads did not catch my attention. However, after I watched one….I was hooked. Now you are talking of ending it???? What a shame.

    I really have come to like Keifer Sutherland and his personna as Jack Bauer. He really does an outstanding job, and should win an Emmy, if he hasn’t already. I think the casting was incredibly good. Chloe, Bill, Tony, Michelle. ….and the story lines were awesome! Thanks for the fabulous entertainment. I hope it continues, and I am marking my calendar for the beginning of Season 8.

    I told a friend of mine in November that I am looking forward to January, and it should be a super one this year, for two reasons:
    Bowl Games, and the beginning of 24 Season 8! Nuff said.

  6. Matt says

    I will NOT go see a 24 movie. I am a huge 24 fan, I own all the DVDs, including the awful Redemption. But I would rather see another season for two reasons:
    1. A 2 hour movie will not be true to the 24 hour real time aspect that has been the center of the show forever!
    2. It is clearly about money. The producers will want to get more profit by making a wide release movie.
    I’m sorry but I will never pay to see a 24 movie.

  7. Raphael says

    I always scheduled my week around 24. I have I don’t know how many channels, & the only show I really looked forward to watching was 24. I REALLY hope it goes on. I really like the Bourne Identity, Supremecy & Ultimatem movies…I think if they kill the series they could do movies similar as Matt Damon’s – Jason Bourne movies. I know I would go pay to see them.

    P.S. I heard “The Bourne Sanction” movie might be in the works.

  8. BJ Lambert says

    I’m one of those nerds who has never missed an episode of 24. I love it and it is my favorite show, hands down. But, I do think it is time for Jack to be a grandfather and to become National Security Advisor or Director of Homeland Security. Jack’d be a kick-a$$ Head of the Secret Service. Collaborate with David Baldacci and Tom Clancy on the finale and on the 24 movie. And, yeah! I’d pay to see it.

  9. Anthony says

    24 is the best drama show I ever saw. I can see it on big screen then when it does I will spend my money to go and see it. 24 season 8 will be explosive and I can’t wait for it to premeire in 2010.

  10. Gus Cherry says

    24 is about the best show on T.V right now so I don’t think that you guys should end it yet. There should be a really good movie at the end of all of the seasons but I think you guys should sign another 2 year contract.

  11. Daniel says

    I’ve been a fan of the show since season 5 (I haven’t yet been able to afford to buy all the previous seasons) and have enjoyed all seasons except for season 7. Killing off CTU, James Morrison (Bill) and bringing Tony back from the dead just made it complete bull crap. I’ve a huge fan of 24, and Keifer… hell, 24 inspires my films… but season 7 was crap. I’ve got hopes that season 8 is better, and that all the lovable characters from season 6 come back (I’d love to see Cloe and her husband come back) and maybe even then bring Kim into it more. I’d like to see a more softer side of Jack.
    As for a 24 movie… I’d pay to see it as long as its better than Redemption. I loved it, but it didn’t have that… movie feel. It felt like watching another TV Episode.

    Promise me better than the last, and I’ll be happy. Lets get Kiefer to direct a few episodes eh? AND MORE ACTION!

  12. J. Penton says

    24 is the best TV show ever! I started watching regularly in season 7. Of course, I didn’t know the show history and background, but I was so intrigued, I bought seasons 1-7 and the 24 Redemption 2-hour show. I have now watched the complete series and I can’t wait for season 8! PLEASE keep it going. I would definitely pay to see a 24 movie. I also plan to purchase season 8 as soon as it’s available. My co-workers heard me talking so much about the show (and Jack) that they started watching. During lunch, we have lively discussions about each episode! I believe the audience is growing now due to people like me who started watching late but recruited friends and family members to watch the greatest TV series ever! In today’s world of turmoil, it is refreshing to forget reality for one hour a week and count on Jack and CTU to keep us safe from all manners of danger.

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