Almost Human: Season One Ratings

almost human tv show ratingsSci-fi series don’t have a great track record on FOX. Most are cancelled after one season but low-rated Fringe did last five seasons. How long will Almost Human survive? Stay tuned to find out.

Taking place in the future, Almost Human follows the partnership of a distrustful cop (Karl Urban) and an android capable of emotion (Michael Ealy). The cast also includes Minka Kelly, Mackenzie Crook, Michael Irby, and Lili Taylor.

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Update: FOX has cancelled Almost Human after one season.

Final season averages: 1.9 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 6.24 million total viewers.

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What do you think? Do you like the Almost Human TV series? Do you think it should be cancelled or renewed for a second season?

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  1. BJane says

    I think the show is totally stupid!! Needs to be cancelled. It’s a remake of the same-o, same-o shows about robots and cyborgs.

    • B Wiley says

      Only show I watch live on TV rather than DVR it. Better than the Bachelor 87, Dancing With The Stars 48 and the White Trash Knuckle Bumpers show. Trying to figure out how many other cyborg cop shows there are or have been on TV, guess I must have missed something?

      Show is great, but Fox’s track record with keeping quality shows on very long kinda speaks for itself. I have a feeling it won’t last long so Fox can roll out Honey Boo Boo: Electric Boogaloo or something else in it’s time slot.

  2. Mindy says

    I love the show!! Don’t cancel it. I hate it when I start watching a show, it gets even better, then the next thing I know it is cancelled. The show is just getting its following as word gets around that it is great. Think Chuck. The network threatened to cancel several times. Don’t make me have to go to Subway to keep it going. The network should give it time to increase its following. The show can stand on its own and I believe there are many who feel as I do. DON’T CANCEL!!!!

  3. justme says

    Definitely renewed. The show is fun and the characters are interesting. I think the only problem it has is the time slot. It is fighting with other shows that already have a following. I record it and the other show i like on the DVR. I have the same problem with several shows I watch that another show I really like shows at the same time.

  4. John says

    Definitely renew the show. Very interesting, good acting, good writing, great special effects. Great show. Putting shows on the toughest time slot, and then canceling them because of low viewership, is not sane. Competing against CBS monday and Monday night football is a nasty assignment. The only sci-fi series to do reasonably well in the Monday night slot, viewership wise, was Terra Nova, and Fox still canceled it. Come on Fox. Renew the show. Move it, if you want, but renew it. By the way, you can just say you renewed the show because it is another cop show. You can do it!

  5. dgroll1 says

    I really like this show. But FOX needs to move Almost Human, Sleepy Hollow, and the Following to Saturday nights. Mondays are a tough night! Move Raising Hope to Mondays, since its gonna get cacelled anyway, followed by another mid season replacement!!! Id keep glee on Thurs and i think Rake is taking the 8cst slot on thurs….

  6. T says

    Beautifully done. The shows creators have crafted a well thought out and superbly executed series. The action is great and the character development is flawless. Certainly not the typical thoughtless science fiction show vomitted out by networks.

  7. monieet says

    This show does get better every week. I moved it to the top of my DVR list. Good writing, and story line. Do not cancel it. More viewer will come when they find out how good it is. DO NOT CANCEL IT…..

  8. Kate Fredericks says

    I waited several weeks before putting my two cents into Almost Human, because intelligent people know you simply cannot judge a show by the first few. Like others who have opined here, I, too, was not terribly impressed by the first couple of episodes. But my husband loved it, I think both Michael Ealy and Karl Urban are easy on the eyes and I know that judging a show too soon often brings about the demise of a show that grows before it can find its rhythm. Just as an example, the first two people who commented after the first show, have already had their “issues” and questions answered. As for me, I am liking this show more and more as it opens up and is starting to grow. I hope FOX gets behind this show because it has an amazing cast. It is wonderful to see Lily Taylor again with a nice, full, intelligent part as Captain. Minka Kelly is rapidly growing into her role, as well as many others. This show is way beyond Warehouse 13 and blows Agent of Shield out of the water already and, I think, has a really great future, if people will slow down a bit, give it a chance and grow with it. There is so much garbage on TV today. This show is smart, has a great cast, and gets better with each episode. I hope FOX shares my vision and sticks with it!

    • Bull Halsey says

      Well said Kate! There’s no way I can articulate it better than you, so I’m just going to ride your coattails of excellent points. I also, think this show is superior to Agents of SHIELD (and I watched the first six episodes and really, really wanted to like it…) and pray that FOX will give it a chance and not start the musical chairs/switching time and nights it’s shown. Almost Human is hands down my favorite show of the season.

  9. Julie says

    I love the show! I think there is good chemistry between the two main characters, and Mackenzie Crook is a gem to watch. He was fantastic in Pirates of the Caribean and brings humor and the geek element to life so well in Almost Human. The chemistry between him and Dorian, and Kennex, is just brilliant! The plots are fast paced and thrilling, and with a lot of the “human factor” coming through, often from Dorian, which is what makes it so appealing. It is the intelligent person’s sci-fi, and it is about time the people who make these shows realize that just because a show does not appeal to absolutely “everyone,” that is not a good reason not to continue it. We deserve a decent show as well. My husband and I will watch the show regularly and hope that it remains for a very long time to come!

    • Kyle says

      If you like Mackenzie Crook, you should watch the British version of The Office. He plays Gareth, the Dwight Shrute character (if you’re familiar with the American version). He’s totally a creeper and quite brilliant in the role.

  10. Bryan says

    Love this show. Only show I watch the same night it airs instead of the following night time-shifted on my DVR. Have watched every episode a couple times already.

    It is the characters and their interaction with each other that makes it great. And the futuristic world they have created is cool as well.

  11. Grandizer says

    I still think it is a ripoff of Mann and Machine, but I will watch it to keep SciFi shows coming to TV.
    I was disappointed that on the second episode they went to the robot sex doll aspect. Like I KNEW they would do an episode or 3, but on episode #2??? Not so impressive.
    I would also be interested in more background on the DRN and MX series. There are SOOOO many MX’s, how do you not have them on the roof? Are they ONLY for police officers? Why have they not shown ANY other style of android / robot for the home? So in the future, you have a robot if you are a cop? or you buy one for sex. Sorry, but I can find far more uses for them than that small area.
    Also where does DRN go when his partner goes home? Where do the MX’s go? Please answer these questions!!

  12. A Leishman says

    I like the idea of the show but I don’t like the choppy scene after scene movements. There is no smooth flow to it. I’ll keep watching for now.

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