Anderson Live: Cancelled, No Season Three

Anderson Cooper’s daytime talk show, Anderson, won’t be back for a third season. According to the NY Times, the Warner Bros syndicated program is being cancelled due to low ratings. Anderson Live will go off the air in late summer.

A studio executive that asked not to be named noted that the entire daytime talk show market is struggling to build an audience these days. The first season of Anderson Live attracted luke-warm numbers so numerous changes were made for season two — same-day tapings, a new studio, etc. — but it wasn’t enough.

Some of the stations that carry Cooper’s show have apparently been putting out feelers about replacing the show for the 2013-14 season.

The Warner Brothers syndication unit issued this statement about the cancellation:

“We are extremely proud of Anderson and the show that he and the entire production team have produced. While we made significant changes to the format, set and produced it live in its second season, the series will not be coming back for a third season in a marketplace that has become increasingly difficult to break through. We will continue to deliver top-quality shows throughout next summer.”

Cooper added:

“I am very proud of the work that our terrific staff has put into launching and sustaining our show for two seasons. I am also grateful to Telepictures for giving me the opportunity, and indebted to viewers, who have responded so positively. I look forward to doing more great shows this season, and though I’m sorry we won’t be continuing, I have truly enjoyed it.”

What do you think? Do you like the Anderson Live TV series? Will you miss it? Why do you think that it didn’t succeed?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Mary C says

    I could don’t believe that you have cancelled this show, idiots!!! You take a show with a host people enjoy listening to, who treats his guests and audience with respect and you cancel it, why. Do you really think that people are going to watch Dr. Oz while they are eating dinner, NOT WAY IN HELL.
    His guests obviously enjoyed being there and he enjoyed them which made the show very appealing to those of us who don’t want to listen to some of the crap that is presented on a few of the other daily shows.

  2. Marie Moore says

    Just found out Anderson Live has been cancelled. I loved that show, as did my husband. Morning entertainment at it’s finest. I doubt very much that any show you put on there will get the reviews that Anderson did. I don’t understand “low” ratings- maybe just because it was a morning show. I think if other networks would carry him– they would make out just fine. How about “OWN”- she is just building her network and taking on all the others that don’t seem to realize how great some shows are. She brought back “All My Childen”- which was missed so much and now to miss Anderson Live—– not a good thing. Who wants to listen to Dr. Phil twice a day and then any new programs? No thanks!!

  3. Hannah says

    I am so disappointed in the cancelling of Anderson Live. This has been the one morning program that I enjoy watching. Seriously, not sure what the powers that be are thinking. Would much rather see Maury ( who seems to be headed down the same path as Jerry Springer) or The View cancelled. Please listen to what your viewers want. Anderson is the best.

  4. dlchitwood says


  5. Cathy Jones says

    I am very upset that Anderson Live was cancelled. It was one of the best talk shows on the air. Much more funny and informative than others that were boring and stupid. Anderson Live had a variety in it’s format and kept the show interesting every day. The network made a blunder in cancelling this show. I’m disappointed in them. Guess I will go to dvd’s after the summer reruns end.

  6. Linda says

    My husband and I are very sad that Anderson Live has been cancelled. we always woke up and started off the day with a laugh. He was also very.informative and we learned new products because of Anderson. Anderson, we love you andcwill miss you very much. Thanks for the great mornings you

  7. Betty says

    I did not know that “Anderson Live” had been cancelled until it was not on the other day. What a disappointment as I looked forward to watching it each weekday. I surfed the other channels for a program to watch–but nothing of interest. Therefore, I turned off my TV for that hour.

  8. Mary says

    Very disapointment they cancelled Anderson. An intelligent, informative show. I will continue to watch him on CNN and will miss seeing a lighter yet still intelligent side of him. This show far surpassed it’s competition in my area, who does these polls?

  9. Anonymous says

    I am so disappointed that Anderson Live is going off the air. I looked forward to his show every day. He was very entertaining as well as informative. He was a very genuine host. I will miss his wit.

  10. gigi says

    What a disappointment in seeing this show being cancelled. I look forward to watching Anderson every day. His show was one of the better shows on during the day. I will miss seeing him every day! His show should not have been cancelled!!

  11. Betty says

    Very sorry to hear that Anderson has been cancelled, as I have enjoyed hearing about so many different things that I actually use in my daily life, unlike the show that he is opposite on the Philadelphia channels. I refuse to watch Michael & Kelly anymore, I’ve had enough of her stupid idiotic comments…Michael most likely, is keeping that show afloat. Certainly hope his show gets picked up by another channel…

  12. dido says

    This has got to be a joke !!! This is one of the best talk shows on…I have seen what new talk shows are coming on and you have to be kidding me !!! I know I for one will not be watching them. Come on give your head a shake and leave Anderson on, I don’t know one person that doe snot like his show, so exactly who are you polling ?

  13. says

    I like Anderson, I guess is show does not have enough star dirt and gossip. Plus in my area he is up against Peoples court. If you have TV on there are talk shows from 8am to almost 8pm and they start again after 11pm. People are suffering from talk show burnout when many days they have the same topics.

  14. Bern says

    Very sad to see Anderson Live cancelled, Anderson is very interesting to watch, Very funny was and has great co-stars. Watched the show both seasons and will miss it.

  15. P. Massimo says

    I am so disappointed that Anderson Live has been cancelled! Anderson is an intelligent, fair, warm and caring interviewer. He is also a modest man who has a delightful sense of humor. His segments have depth to them because of their length, unlike the 2 minute segments on most of the other shows. Perhaps the problem is just that. People today want to be barraged by sound bites instead of being engrossed in a thoughtful conversation. I think cancelling this show is a huge mistake. Give it more time for those of us who enjoy a less frenetic talk show pace.

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