Chicago Fire: Cancelled Quickly or a Big Hit?

Chicago Fire TV showDick Wolf is executive producing a new TV series this season, Chicago Fire. Will this last as long as his popular Law & Order franchise or will it be quickly cancelled instead? Perhaps somewhere in the middle? What do you think?

Chicago Fire follows the lives of the heroic firefighters, rescue squad, and paramedics of Chicago Firehouse 51. The pressure of their jobs often take a personal toll and relationships become even more heated when one of their own is lost. The cast includes Jesse Spencer, Taylor Kinney, Lauren German, Monica Raymund, Charlie Barnett, Teri Reeves, David Eigenberg and Eamonn Walker.

The show airs on Wednesday nights at 10pm, running opposite Nashville on ABC and venerable CSI on CBS.

Does Chicago Fire sound like a show that you might want to watch week after week? Before you share your opinion below, here are some previews, behind-the-scenes featurettes, and the pilot episode to give you a better feel for the series.

What do you think? Will Chicago Fire be a ratings hit, a moderate success, or cancelled quickly? Will you watch it live, record it, watch online or skip it altogether?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Tracy Norris says

    Renew another series don’t leave the fans like this. My husband and I watch this every Tuesday night and miss it when it’s not on. Love some Dawson and Casey, Severide,Shay, Mills. So please renew the next season of Chicago Fire.

  2. Ann says

    My son is a volunteer fire fighter and out entire family loves loves this show. It is pretty much a ” clean” viewing show. The action and drama is an adrenalin rush and reflects what these firefighters actually go thru to save our lives. I could do without the “gay” part, but that is my own personal preference. I don’t see why shows have to bring that into the picture. Kind of makes me feel like it is pushed down our throats. But, again, that is my personal choice to either watch or not and because of the content of the show, I choose to watch. The other thing I like about the show is that there isn’t any violence entailed (except for the gang shootings or accidents)… just plain real life stuff.

  3. Jonathan says

    Up to this point in the season, it has been truly one of the best series on television thus far. For those who try and compare it to ‘firefighters they know’, its television, not actual realities. I hope it does not get cancelled. It has every angle you want in a drama television series. We can’t keep having these shows about singers, southern country folk, and fairy tales. This show keeps cheesy comments off scripts and is real with how living a fast, stressful and emotional life/career could be.

  4. Karen says

    I wish it was better written. I’m a Chicagoan and have known a lot of firefighters. This cast seems so stiff and unnatural. The character who plays the chief is so wooden and his make up seems unnatural to the point of distraction like old fashioned black face. He should be allowed to look sweaty on occasion and act like a regular guy. Also all the pretty young paramedics- why can’t some be plump, middle age, average types? They can still be good firefighters ( or paramedics) even if they aren’t twenty something beauty queens. and they’d be more believable. The action parts of the show are mesmerising. I find myself glued to the screen and thinking about the guys I know.

  5. Mick says

    Its not a reality series, so why would anyone expect it to be true to life. I watched the pilot and found it to be entertaining. Reminded me of Third Watch in a sense. I will definately be watching it. And yes, I know its “fake” its a tv show, people.

  6. john says

    SUX! first 14 mins! SUX! cancel this fake crap! im a real jake and no firefighter or medic acts or does thier job like the lousy actors did! stick to law and order

  7. cassey says

    Anything with Taylor Kinney in it is my type of show! My friends from my office at DISH and I have been in love with him ever since he starred in Vampire Diaries, so we are definitely planning on tuning in. I think the only problem the show might face is that it is on during the same timeslot as Nashville and CSI.

  8. Jackie says

    I don’t think one should judge this show by just seeing the pilot. I also think most TV critics are JUST a bunch of arrogant cyber bullies these days.

    • bkuc9810 says

      I agree Jackie. In another show, FlashPoint, the pilot was boring in my opinion. I tried it for a few episodes, and it got SO much better. I now own 4 seasons and it is an amazing show. I never get people who give just the pilot a chance. TV shows need a chance to develop characters. It would be like reading the first page of a book, and then give up because it is boring. Even when meeting new people, sometimes you don’t care for them at first and as you get to know them, it changes.

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