CSI: Miami: CBS TV Show Gets Earlier Timeslot; Will This Help Save It?

CSI: MiamiThere’s some positive news for fans of CSI: Miami. The aging drama was moved to Sunday nights at 10pm this season, a challenging timeslot. It’s been performing decently but, because of football overruns, it sometimes doesn’t air until much later in the evening. Back in October, one episode didn’t start until 10:59pm and last Sunday’s installment started 26 minutes late. That kind of disruption doesn’t help ongoing viewership.

It would seem that the network still believes in the series though and is giving it a new timeslot, Sundays at 8pm. The Futon Critic reports that new episodes of CSI: Miami will air on January 2nd, 9th, 16th, and may continue past that. Reruns of Miami will fill the old 10pm timeslot. The Amazing Race is set to return on February 20th and will take back the 8pm timeslot at that time.

This added exposure will surely help Miami’s ratings which, even with the football overruns, aren’t horrible. It’s currently averaging a 2.6 in the 18-49 demographic with 10.45 million total viewers. It’s the 13th highest rated scripted program on the network, ranking between CSI and The Defenders.

What do you think? Is this a good move for CSI: Miami? Do you think it’ll be renewed for a 10th season or be cancelled?

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  1. Tate123 says

    I hate the show Amazing Race! Why can’t that be on at 10P instead of CSI Miami. Unless you love football good luck on Sunday nights for TV.

  2. Lee says

    I could go on for hours on what a terrible show this is. Let’s start with calling Caruso’s character, “H.” Like anyone is called “H” these days. Then, he just plays with his sunglasses constantly. Oye! And the episode I saw, well let me tell you, the ridiculousness of it was beyond belief. Some rich guy tramples through the beach with his expensive shoes on to lay some cable from a lightening rod to a volleyball court in the hopes that somehow that lightening will strike while a certain guy who’s banging his wife was playing volleyball. Come on now. The odds of lightening striking in the middle of the day at the exact minute this guy is playing volleyball is about as remote as “H” getting a solo show. And on top of that, the rich guy is going to wear his expensive shoes on the beach while he’s digging through the sand?

  3. says

    Well,I hope this will help CSI:Miami! I love CSI:Miami it’s the only csi show I watch! CSI:NY I watch sometimes but not as much as CSI:MIAMI!! if CSI:Miami gets cancelled I will be so upset!!! CBS needs to put CSI:Miami back on Monday night! But yes I believe CSI:MIAMI will make it to season 10 and hopefully season 11!!!! I think David Caruso and the rest of the cast will make that happen!

  4. Bob says

    CSI: Miami jumped the shark a long time ago, then turned around and jumped it a few more times just for the hell of it.

  5. lisa says

    They switched to give Hawaii Five-O a chance. As a new show, Five-O would not have lasted against Sunday night football. As such, the decision was made to move Miami to Sundays because it has been on for 9 years and has garnered a loyal fanbase. This tactic, for now, worked because Five-O will most likely get a second season; not confidant it will get a third season. However, Miami’s move did’t fare as well as expected but I dont believe that was soley due to the move. It is partly due to the writers/producers ******** with the EC storyline. Granted, not all are in favor of the pairing; nonetheless the EC fanbase is huge and some fans have stopped watching. It’s debatable if such a drop in ratings would have impacted the show if it were still on Monday night but the loss of fans has definately impacted ratings that were already declining because of the move. Even still, I think the move to 8:00 will help and I see Miami having a 10th season; not sure about an 11th but lets tread one season at a time.

  6. Fox Jericho says

    Oh God, just cancel this piece of crap already! The only good CSI is New York. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation got boring after 2 seasons and CSI Miami was retarded from the beggining, CSI NY is the only consistantly good CSI. End the rest of them.

  7. Hugh G says

    This show needs to be put back on weekday.Sunday night TV is just wrong.I like CSI but I cant watch it on Sunday.Ive tried to DVR it but its never on time so I end up deleting some other show or just part of this show.Come on CBS, Mike and the other fat #ss is a terrible show.Who wants to see nasty fat people kissing. Give CSI there time slot back.

  8. Debby Modis says

    I love CSI Miami and have watched it since it first aired no matter what time or what day it aired however because now it is on Sundays, I am having to record CSI Miami, the news and whatever comes on after the news because of that stupid show The Amazing Race! I hate that show because it always, always runs over its time slot. I have even lost watching the last 15 or 30 minutes of CSI Miami because I forgot to record the news and sometimes even whatever was on after the news because the Amazing Race ran over its scheduled time slot. Why can’t shows run in their time slots only and not go over their time/??? Schedule CSI Miami in its own time slot and let it run its course so we can watch it!

  9. Archangel says

    Cancel all three CSIs. They’ve moved so far beyond believable that they’re pure fantasy. Crime scene investigators interviewing suspects? Not gonna happen.
    And the plots are something 13-year-olds would come up with, i.e., “Let’s see how ridiculous and complicated we can make this.”

  10. A_Angel says

    I like the csi: miami and the csi: ny but i got burn out on the csi on thursday night so i no longer watch the csi on thursday night but the network did get me on moving to the other two shows and i say that the network should move them back to a weekday time slot

    on to a somewhat differ note of i would sure like to know how the networks figer them ratings but i say when is the darn networks going to get smart and come up with a website for all networks to get the numbers from the viewers because no one has ever ask me what i like to watch but a few time i was ask by fox on this night what show did i watch and did i recorde but that was it and i still you like to fullie know how they do it

  11. Army Wife says

    I love all the CSI shows. I would love to watch CSI Miami more often if the show would actually start on time! When I set it to record, I always have to record what is scheduled to come on after it just so I can see it. That’s what is so frustrating to me. If the network would actually program their things on time, I think the ratings would go up. Most people, in my opinion, would have given up recording or watching a long time ago with as much hassle it is to make sure you catch it on time. CBS, get your scheduling corrected and your ratings may go up!

  12. REC says

    I feel bad for CSI: Miami, it seems like it got the short end of the stick this season with placement. The 10pm timeslot is really bad on Sundays for network TV, it belongs to cable and premium cable. I say put the original CSI out of its misery and give the time slot to CSI: Miami.

  13. Joanne M says

    Good move — I now currently tape CSI Miami, the CBS Newscast, and the show after that, Criminal Minds (in my area) because I missed 5 minutes of the ending once or twice of CSI Miami. I almost wish they’d put all three CSI shows on on one night, one after the other after the other. I can then overdose on CSI or DVR it and not have to worry about missing it at all.

  14. Jeremy Rynek says

    Yes that’ll help. I’m most wondering why they switched nights. It was a really good timeslot for the show. And no disrepsect to football fans but yes the games are causing the show some problems starting late. I say move Survivor to that timeslot on sundays and put csi maimi on wednesdays. Or don’t and not help the show. But even still I think it’ll still live to see a 10th season. Call me crazy.

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