Damages: FX Prez Explains Show’s Move to DirecTV

DamagesAt the TCA press tour, FX president John Landgraf touched on the recent announcement that Damages has been renewed by DirecTV for seasons four and five.

Based on Damage’s ratings, FX determined that they couldn’t fund production of new episodes themselves. The cable channel was open to sharing costs so the Sony studio actively looked for a partner. A deal was ultimately struck with DirecTV but the satellite TV provider wanted the show exclusively. As a result, the series is finished on FX.

Landgraf said, “DirecTV felt very strongly… they were willing to underwrite the show to a very substantial amount financially. They enabled it to move forward, that was a deal that Sony worked on very aggressively. But they wanted it exclusively so this was really the best and only way for Damages to move forward. So, we stepped aside as a network entity but we’re still involved as a production entity.”

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Karen says

    I watched every season of “Damages” on FX and found it to be a top notch drama that I couldn’t wait to see each week. Since I don’t have Direct TV, I will not have the privilege of viewing it this season. I understand that they signed John Goodman this season which is amazing. Hopefully, the remaining seasons of “Damages” will go to DVD and I’ll be able to continue watching this outstanding show.

  2. rob says

    Of the 900,000 people who were watching Damages during season 3, how many were already subscribers to Direct TV : 300, 200, 100 thousand? I’ve got a feeling DT’s going to lose their butt on this one.

  3. J. Ash says

    My husband and I will ABSOLUTELY watch Damages!! One of the best shows on TV. Much better than all the other “sitcoms” or weekly shows. Please inform us as to the date, time and station we will be able to receive this exciting program. Thank you, J. Ash

  4. Jess says

    That really Sucks. I have nothing nice to say about this and mimic S Fox’ statements. Damages is the Best show on TV and I just hope Direct TV put out the seasons on DVD so we die hards can still see it.

  5. Elaine says

    This will be a test for my patience. I absolutely love Damages and now I must wait for the DVD. Having 2 more seasons is something to really look forward to. It would be nice if Timothy Olyphant returned as Wes again. I have been enjoying him on Justified.
    I have gotten my husband hooked on both series. I wish FX promoted Damages. So many people never heard of the show.

  6. S Fox says

    What a shame… There are maybe a handful – if that- of TV shows that I actually look forward to and am willing to stop doing whatever it is I’m doing to watch. While I am pleased that Damages was found worthy enough to bankroll, I am upset that Direct TV will be the only place it will air. I do not subscribe to that service, and unfortunately do not plan on doing so any time soon, so I suppose this fan is out of luck. I do wonder, though, since it won’t be airing on regular networks, if the dynamics of each situation/circumstance explanation,closure, will evolve and prove to be grittier, dirtier? Not as neat, cleaned and wrapped up as the explanations have been. That is my only anti-climax with Damages- all season we’re given bits and pieces of this puzzle (which is great-love that) and while putting it all together, there’s a build up of the emminent fall out, consequences, resolutions, rage,retribution, etc. yet, when it all is layed out, it seems the plot loses its grit;anything left over for the next season loses its fire and is explained away (sort of) very neat and tidied.
    It doesn’t keep me from watching though!! This is still a great show and I will miss watching. Hey… I wonder if it will be available online? That would be great!

  7. Tanya says

    It’s just on the best satellite
    Network. ;). Been
    With them for over 4 years now and I couldnt
    Be happier especially when they keep investing
    Money into shows that are worth it!!

  8. Maria Elena says

    Wow! another great show that bits the dust…., what is it with these people? Shows like Damages are wonderful, great actors, great shows, and of course as soon as this is said, there comes the cancellation. I guess they feel we Americans only like idiotic shows like

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