Deadwood: The HBO Series Will Return, Sort Of

HBO's Deadwood series will returnCan fans save a show? Well, if they act quickly, try hard enough, and use financial pressure, the answer seems to be “Yes!” When it was announced that HBO would we cutting the wild-west Deadwood series short after three seasons, fans of the HBO series got, well, downright ornery! They signed petitions, took out an ad in Variety (a Hollywood trade paper), sent letters and made calls indicating that they would cancel their HBO subscriptions at the end of Deadwood’s third season (which recently started airing).

As a result, HBO and Deadwood creator David Milch have now come to an agreement. Deadwood will return following the third season… sort-of. Rather than a full-blown 12-episode season to complete the series (which would have been quite costly and now, very difficult to coordinate), HBO and Milch will instead produce a pair of two-hour movies.

But wait, hadn’t HBO previously offered to pay for a six-episode fourth season? How is this better? Milch has said that he wasn’t in favor of doing a six-episode season because each episode of Deadwood has typically represented one day in the lives of the characters and South Dakota area. Shifting to two-hour movies will allow him to break that format and to be able to complete the storytelling he had for the final season. Milch has said that he’s thrilled that they worked out a way to continue Deadwood past the third season.

But what about the series actors that were released from their contracts over a month ago. Can HBO get them back? Though Deadwood cast members have not been signed for the movie projects as yet, it seems clear that HBO intends to do all it can to work out this aspect as well. One source has reported that HBO intends to “make it worth their while.” No doubt. Wouldn’t want to upset these fans . . . TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Simon lomax says

    This would have gone down as the best show on television in history but because hbo fucked it up it’s merely on a par with the best, (sopranos,the wire, the shield)

  2. JDH says

    Why did HBO not finish the 3rd season story? What kind of F)((^#$ stupid are you? Dave is hereby authorized to meet the cancelling CS in the thorofare forthwith. Swearengen need not be notified and George Hurst need only father Randolf so somebody can build a F(**%$# California castle. HBO behavior is unacceptable!


  3. JC says

    It’s horribly saddening when production costs get in the way of such an excellent show. To date, I have not seen better drama nor a more intriguing show than Deadoowd. I can’t seem to wrap my head around the fact that a show as brilliant as this was ever cancelled, even when the FANS plead for it not to happen. The show was big and booming, and HBO canned it because their pockets weren’t deep enough. I hope to God this show comes back, in one way or the other, because we deserve a proper ending. Five years later and people are still complaining. That should make you realize something!

  4. LT says

    What a WONDERFUL IDEA!!! Take one of the LOST AMAZING SHOWS EVER WRITTEN FOR TV AND CANCEL IT!!! Who are the genius that are running this dog & PONY SHOW? I wish I was as smart enough to work for HBO and please folks by producing a product and the SHUT IT DOWN AND TAKE IT OFF THE MARKET WHEN IT THRIVES!!!
    Excellent job gentlemen. I feel toyed w again and will not be paying extra on my cable bill to enjoy a show & then be LET DOWN when you swine cancel it.
    GET OFF YOUR ASS & YOUR YACHTS and actually work by giving your viewers, YOUR MARKET, what it wants. Or shoot me an email about a job, if your not willing to do it. YOUR NOT FIT TO BE FOOD FOR WU’s SWINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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