Fairly Legal

Fairly Legal TV series on USANetwork: USA Network
Episodes: 23 (hour)
Seasons: Two

TV show dates: January 20, 2011 — June 15, 2012
Series status: Cancelled

Performers include: Sarah Shahi, Michael Trucco, Virginia Williams, Baron Vaughn, and Ryan Johnson.

TV show description:      
Kate Reed (Sarah Shahi) is a firm believer that justice can always be found — even if it’s not always in the courtroom. Once a lawyer at her family’s esteemed San Francisco firm, Kate’s frustration with the legal system led her to a new career as a mediator.

Now a partner in the law firm founded by her late father, Kate is smart, passionate, and an expert in the art of alternative dispute resolution. Unfortunately, Kate clashes constantly with her partners at Reed & Reed, particularly her steely stepmother Lauren and ambitious up-and-coming attorney Ben.

Though decades younger than her late husband, Teddy Reed, attorney Lauren Reed (Virginia Williams) was no trophy wife. Now that Teddy’s passing has left her the managing partner of Reed & Reed, she’s the one holding the reigns at the respected firm — much to her defiant stepdaughter Kate’s chagrin-and she’ll do whatever it takes to keep Reed & Reed afloat. And though often the meticulous, tightly-wound, and sometimes chilly yin to Kate’s freewheeling yang, Lauren is slowly beginning to find her footing at the firm and prove that there’s a lot more to her than a sleek chignon and a steely gaze.

Money-hungry and a fixture on San Francisco bus ads, flashy up-and-coming lawyer Ben Grogan (Ryan Johnson) is the newest addition to Reed & Reed. After Ben made Lauren an offer she couldn’t refuse, Kate finds herself with a new partner — one who seemingly has no shame, no scruples, and no mute button. Ben’s cash and client list might be the only thing that can save Reed & Reed.

Luckily for Kate, she’s got a resourceful assistant at the office to back her up. Leonardo “Leo” Prince (Baron Vaughn) is unflappable and has the uncanny ability to anticipate Kate’s needs. Dedicated to his harried boss and supportive of her at-times unconventional methods, Leo believes in his work and is proud to help Kate make the world a better place.

Kate’s personal life is no less complicated than her professional one, thanks to an on-again, off-again relationship with ex-husband Justin.

An Assistant District Attorney for the City of San Francisco, Justin Patrick (Michael Trucco) sees the world-and the law-in black and white. His considerable faith in the legal system is a viewpoint completely different from Kate’s. This conflict results in regular bouts of philosophical warfare between the two. Justin’s principles are not as endearing to his less scrupulous boss, the San Francisco D.A., but no amount of pressure will stop Justin from standing up for what he believes in.

Series Finale:     
Episode 23 — Finale
When Kate handles a mediation between the RTN news network and two former employees who claim they were fired because of their sexual orientation, she discovers that the network may have in fact fired them to cover up a story one of the women was investigating. Which begs the question: who is RTN trying to protect?

Kate, Ben and the RTN researcher, Rachel, start digging into the story, a dirty real estate deal between the city and a developer called Selex, and make a very surprising discovery: Aaron Davidson, Justin’s shady boss and opponent in the District Attorney race, was somehow involved.

But in order to take Davidson down, they’re going to need real proof. As it happens, there is someone who can get them the records they need from Selex: Robin Archer. Although he agrees to help in an attempt to woo Lauren back, Kate can tell he’s hiding something. And when Lauren gets a visit from the FBI, it becomes clear that Kate’s not the only one wondering what’s really going on with the mysterious billionaire.

As for what’s going on with Kate’s love life, that’s just as murky. Justin is ready to take their rekindled relationship to the next level, but with Kate’s doubts mounting and Ben still waiting in the wings, her romantic future may be more uncertain than ever.
First aired: June 15, 2012


What do you think? Do you like the Fairly Legal TV series? Are you sorry to hear that it’s been cancelled and that there won’t be a third season?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Sharon says

    The dumbing down of America continues when smart, witty shows like this one are cancelled, yet reality TV shows thrive.

  2. says

    This was a very fun, clean show and, as usual, it has been dropped into nowhere. Getting so that there is nothing intelligent and entertaining to watch on TV any longer. Going to the bookstore…………..

  3. libby says

    Unhappy about this being cancelled when Bob’s Burgers was picked up for another season. Is this the mentality of the studio execs?

  4. Tim McGlothlin says

    I still am upset they cancelled Fairly Legal! Please bring it back and see what happens with the ratings!

  5. hexxramm says

    wow I thought this was a rumor the show by show writing was really good and the fact that the geeky assistant was finally a real character and male not some nerd I candy this really bites the show did need some work only on the fact that they made the main character seem like she was the bad guy and that sunk the first episodes but that could have been saved with some back ground episodes and creative writing I watched the show and thought that it was better than some of the past shows on usa plus the actors played their roles really well which is something that I like about usa shows they should have thrown it some help before letting it sink usa or should I say nbc universal has plenty of shows it produces and never once have I seen a crossover with any of the shows this one could have been helped with one

  6. nighttrain says

    They leave a moron show like Psyche on and cancel an intelligent show with good acting and realistic plots and leave some serious garbage on . The lunatics have taken over the asylum

  7. susan sheard says

    why are all the shows that are at a level for the educated and intelligent always cancelled. don’t we deserve some good tv ,as well as, the “grade 6″ audience. that is the target readership for most papers so i am assuming tv does likewise and a lot of shows would be at that level. any shows that require one’s attention to follow the story or figure who who did it fall by the wayside very quickly. even csi took out the graphic, intricate details of analyzing the evidence. the show had interesting story lines, good characters and great costuming for the ladies-which as a designer is a plus for me.
    it is really to bad as the season finale left me looking forward to the next seasons story lines.

  8. Gin says

    I can not believe a show is canceled that was so engaging….I was so looking forward to the 3rd season….

  9. Karen DeRoode says

    I am so disappointed to hear Fairly Legal has been canceled. I looked forward to the new season starting. It had well written, touching story lines. I loved the complex characters.

  10. Betsy says

    I’m so disappointed – Fairly Legal was my favorite show on television. I really appreciated the lack of gore. I loved the characters and their intelligence and humor. I wish networks realized how often other shows are watched DESPITE the violence, rather than because of it. I’ve been telling friends how much I love USA but it has just come down a big notch in my estimation.

  11. Bethany says

    My apologies, I mistakenly used the contraction ‘it’s’ instead of the possessive ‘its’ when referring to USA supporting its own shows.

  12. Bethany says

    I can see why a network would cancel a show after the first season, but it is just downright cruel to let it run for two seasons before giving it the axe. It gave us all time to really fall in love with the show, and led us to believe USA supported it’s product. My husband rarely watches shows in their first season simply because the good ones are so often cancelled. This time he thought he was safe in investing his time watching, only to be black flagged after season 2. USA claims that characters are welcome on their network, and yet they cancel shows with fabulous personalities in favor of more gratuitous shows filled with gore and violence. I realize that shows that appeal to the more cerebral crowd won’t find a home on broadcast networks, but cable networks should wise up to the fact that their audience is actually paying to watch their shows and if they continue to cancel truly great ones like Fairly Legal, perhaps the audience will decide the sensational drivel they offer instead is no longer worth paying for. Fairly Legal was witty, full of verbal repartee, characters that actually had more than two brain cells, interesting and complex plots and thought provoking story arcs. I should have known that the idiots at USA’s helm would of course abandon a great show in favor of the Westminster Kennel Dog Show and reruns of way too many shows with initials for titles. Support your own products instead and your audience will thank you.

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