FlashForward: Some Fans Black-Out for Cancelled Series

FlashForwardYesterday, fans of ABC’s cancelled FlashForward TV show took part in demonstrations across the world.

Mimicking the TV show’s 137 second black-out, dedicated viewers staged black-outs of their own in front of ABC offices and affiliate stations in the US. Fans in other countries staged their own events. Their hope is that ABC will order a second season of the low-rated series.

Unfortunately, based on the videos posted, it doesn’t look like many people turned out for the FlashForward demonstrations. Actor David H Lawrence XVII, from cancelled Heroes, stopped by to lend support and commiserate with fans in Burbank.

What do you think? If so many people want the show to continue, why didn’t more turn out for the events to show their support? Are most people more comfortable supporting a program in a private way?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. mark bowman says

    Flashforward one of or the best show to come out of the u.s . I cant believe abc wont make anymore yet the made season after season of total crap wont mention the shows but they have made some awful stuff and followed them up . So abc come on flashfoward great story and many ways to follow it up and make millions happy not just in the u.s but the world

  2. Dee says

    This was my favorite show of all time!!!!!!!!!!…..I can’t believe the network cancelled it. I wish they would reconsider. I would watch it above all other shows except The Walking Dead.

  3. Amanda says


  4. nick says

    B R I N G I T B A C K. networks need to start taking into account online views… I thought we were in more modern times where the internet brings the world closer. So why not count it in its rating system. Who ever is in charge of this “rating” system should be beat….. online….

  5. Miss Caramell says

    I was also looking forward each week for another episode, and it suddenly stopped. I was like WTF?!! And I searched like crazy for the other episode, until I saw there are no more episodes coming. I got soooooooooooooo MAD, and SAD, and disappointed..

    I really want it back!! Flashforward is the best show ever… I’m still wondering what’s coming up next…

  6. says

    Very depressing to see this show go, I mean I was really into it. Character development was excellent and I think it should have been a way bigger hit than it was… theres so much crap out there now and it takes a lot to get me hooked on a TV show. This show totally awesome, and If they could bring it back id see extremely really happy in the future :)

  7. Nori cartwright says

    american tv sucks, now. they cancel good shows like flash forward and heroes (but heroes had too much sex) and put on sickening crap like “no ordinary family” and “the bachelor” and “V”. the only people watching V are the old folks that watched the original. this is why i watch anime. they let it end naturally. they let the story finish out, they dont cancel an anime.

  8. iamurmstr says

    I for one am confused by the ending of the first season
    I know there will be no more seasons because the show kinda sucked after the pilot
    I only watched the complete first season because i liked the graphics of the flashforwards
    On the IAMURMSTR scale of 1 to 10 (1 being the lowest 10 being the highest)
    I give this show a 2.5

  9. Jamie Ewing says

    I also just found out that there will be no more season’s of Flash Forward. That was one of the few shows that I looked forward to every week! That is just ridiculous! You actually had to figure out what was going on. That show is up there with The Event. Which is also another great show. Please bring the series back!!

  10. Rethink your decision!!! says

    I just found out that you’re not continuing Flashforward. If what I’ve previously read is true, then your estimations of viewers to not include those who Tivo or watch it on-line, is sooo off base then! My family loved this show! To keep mindless reality shows on and cancel shows that make you actually have to use your head and think…..I think the ABC executives have been watching a few too many of their own reality tv shows and it’s reflecting their thinking…..trash in….trash decisions out! Please bring Flashforward back!!

  11. Kathy Lindon says

    So tired of networks canceling great shows only to replace them with mind numbing reality shows. They do not realize that the bulk of their advertisements are aimed at the wrong groups of consumers. The ones they should be trying to please are the groups of people that actually have some brain cells, and those same people usually have decent jobs, time to watch TV and are acutally able to purchase the advertised products instead of couch potatoes that are either from the poor sector or welfare sector which seems to be where their aim is.

    • anonymous says

      I agree I think we should just stop watching tv and do netflix watch it that way so then they wont have any ratings

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