Harry’s Law: Finale Airs Tonight; To Be Cancelled or Renewed?

Harry's Law cancelled or renewed?A couple months ago, NBC premiered a new legal TV series from David E. Kelley called Harry’s Law. The series started out decently in the ratings but has fallen quite a bit since then. Tonight is the season finale. Will it be back for season two or end up cancelled?

Harry’s Law revolves around Harriet “Harry” Korn (Kathy Bates), a cranky former patent lawyer. She’s abruptly fired from a big firm, forcing Harry to search for a fresh start. She finds it when she meets Malcolm Davies (Aml Ameen), a college student who desperately needs her help and ends up working for her. A young legal hotshot named Adam Branch (Nate Corddry) accidentally hits Harry and gives up his corporate job to join the team. With the help of Harry’s footwear-obsessed assistant, Jenna (Brittany Snow), they open for business as Harriet’s Law and Fine Shoes.

The NBC series debuted in January with a 2.2 rating in the prized 18-49 demographic and 11.07 million viewers. That was an improvement of nearly 50% in the demo when compared to the last original episode of Chase, the previous timeslot occupant and NBC has had a hard time filling that spot for quite some time. The second episode only came down 5% to a 2.1 rating and 10.43 million. Week three held steady. It was looking like NBC had a hit — or as close as the network seems to get these days.

Then, the fourth installment took a big tumble, dropping 19% to a 1.7 demo rating and 9.22 million. It stayed at that level for a couple weeks, popped up to a 1.8 rating, and has most recently been holding steady at a 1.6 rating. That’s pretty close to what Chase had been doing and that’s all but cancelled.

Tonight marks the twelfth and final episode of the season and Harry’s Law is averaging a 1.8 rating and 9.54 million viewers. It’s the 10th highest rated scripted series on the network, tied with Chuck. On the other big networks, the series would certainly doomed but NBC has lots of ratings problems.

In truth, based on the demo numbers alone, NBC shouldn’t bring back this series for a second season. However, though it ranks towards the bottom of the demo rankings, it’s the most-watched TV show on the network. Though that doesn’t count for much, considering the state of NBC, it may be enough to get Harry’s Law a renewal.

On the other hand, with David E. Kelley likely having another series on NBC next season — the new Wonder Woman — network execs might prefer that he focus on that one and let Harry’s Law go. If they don’t like the Wonder Woman pilot, that may be enough to save Kathy Bates and company.

NBC probably won’t reveal the fate of Harry’s Law until the advertiser upfronts on May 16th. We’ll keep you posted.

What do you think? Should Harry’s Law be renewed or cancelled? If it does comes back, how would you suggest they change it to attract more viewers?

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  1. miriam olivieri says

    my family regularly watched Harry’s Law each and every week. The program was extremely entertaining, full of suspense, humour, human story, action, anger, revenge, and a more interesting unique ambiance in the court room than the rest of shows. Everything is cop shows, thrilllers etc this Harry’s Law was different, with an unconventional twist…the shoes…we love it and miss it. Timing of the shows perfect as well. Maybe the day…Monday with the dancing with stars and or the bachelor shows may override Harry’s, but holy cow move to another day and definitely bring it back.
    the acting, the crew the story lines everything was more than great. what others find anything wrong with it, is uncomprehendable.
    The Olivieri family of 3

  2. Paula Trujillo says

    Harry’s Law would not appeal to those who watch reality TV. It’s thoughtful, well acted and a real script with plot, good characters and those things that are good drama. Please do not cancel this show. I am losing respect for network TV with it’s dull, boring and not in the least interesting reality shows that have overtaken time slots that should be reserved for good acting and interesting stories. Please bring Harry’s Law and more programming like it back to TV.

  3. says

    Look what I found! “YES”! “Harry’s Law” moves to the 8-9 p.m. (ET) time period on March 4. Don’t know why they’re waiting so long, and it puts “Dateline” (not my kind of show) back an hour. YEA… way to go! Now how long will the season be. I’d rather liked to have had it coming in with the September line up though, through the longer season… maybe next time.

  4. says

    Ditto for me too Pat. The newest Reality Show turns out to be some kind of battle ground with more blood and guts. Just what we need in the real reality residuals and all the trickle down we’re having to enjoy… Betty White is another one we’d like to have had on her regular show… not on a reality show where she hosted and only appeared at the beginning and end. I’ve been looking at the reality of the dates, listed back several years on programs I’ve really liked. What’s up with that too. Pitiful to say the least. I’m not one to buy view for TV and then apply for food stamps, when I know that shouldn’t be a choice. Live with in your means. Get with it and bring back regular broadcasting on the NBC network, not just your others.

  5. says

    I love Harry’s Law,,can’t imagine why it would be cancelled,,,probably to put on another Dumb reality show that we don’t need another of,,I have watched every episode,,and would continue to if it comes back on,,some say it will be cancelled to have a show more geared to the young,,WHY,just like a lot of other shows,,who do you think pay for TV,Theater,,and all the other entertainment for “young people”,,it’s the older generation,,that LIKE Harry’s Law,,,and the other shows on that make sense,,so keep your so called Reality Shows,,We don’t like them!!!!!!!!

  6. Kryan says

    This was the only NBC program I watched last year and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    To broaden the viewers…well If I actually new what viewers were watching it would help me to offer some idea of what could widen the viewer base. I enjoyed the first episodes with Harry in the “streets” offering defense to those often presumed guilt a lot.

  7. says

    Well it looks like we’re going to be stuck with “Talk Shows” all day long. Not sure whether that’s any better than “Soap Operas”. NBC has so many “Today” shows now that they fill up the whole morning. Ann Currie had to leave because you could tell “Matt Lauer” couldn’t make connection with Ann Currie, right from the get go, and so they gave, or supposedly gave her another assignment. Where is Ann Currie today? She’s been there longer than Lauer and she’s done all kinds of stunts for NBC. Stunts I’d never do for any one. Well I’m rotating my morning shows ’cause now I’m not happy with this event either. I think NBC needs to rethink some of their errors, and by the way. The other networks don’t have that ugly blue back ground either.
    So now we have NBC with too many morning shows, with out “Harry’s Law”, Probably the best we’ll ever get will be more Reality Shows/Talk Shows. Too bad they have another format where they show their better programs which do not come through on antenna broadcast.

  8. Cheley says

    Harry’s Law was serious and comedic. Kathy Bates did not need to put much effort into acting the part and personality as Harry. My husband and I watched the show together, and if not able we made sure we DVR’d it. I agree with Sue D. that we don’t need anymore reality shows. Please bring the show back!

  9. Sue D says

    Don’t cancel Harry’s Law. I love this show and the characters are so entertaining. This is one of the few remaining good dramas. Please don’t cancel it. We don’t need another “reality” show or another singing/dancing competition.
    I love Kathy Bates and all of the other actors. The storylines are very interesting.

  10. carolyn says

    Harry’s Law was one of my favorite shows. Please bring back this wonderful show. It was a exciting and happy show. Loved it.

  11. says

    Harry’s Law is the best new show on Tv in years. Kathy Bates is such an awesome actress, love her dearly. All of the characters on this show are great. It’s very new and refreshing and total entertainment. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don’t take it off.

  12. Bruce Bienvenu says

    I .thought the series was very good. One of the few shows my wife and i could watch together . We hope it resumes play.

  13. Susan M. Rizza says

    I believe that Harry’s Law should be renewed. I know I don’t want to watch a Wonder Woman series. Please bring Harry’s Law back. It was very entertaining and I enjoyed the characters. I watched it every week and was so disappointed when I did not see it on the TV schedule.

    Thank you

  14. Beverly J says

    If something is good and Normal people like want it, the Station will go for the weird and unbelieveable lst…..NBC keep Harry’s law…..
    and if they don’t someother Station should pick it up and make it a Real Hit and money maker for them.

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