Hawaii Five-0: New CBS Hit or Disappointment? Cancel or Keep It?

Hawaii Five-0After months of anticipation, CBS’ remake of the Hawaii Five-0 series has finally premiered. All of the networks have tried to resurrect old shows in the past and they’ve usually been cancelled within one season. How will this one fare and what do you think?

Hawaii Five-0 revolves around Detective Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin), a decorated Naval officer-turned-cop. He returns to Hawaii to investigate his father’s death and ends up heading a federalized task force to fight crime. Co-starring on the show are Scott Caan, Daniel Dae Kim, Grace Park, and Jean Smart.

The debut attracted a very healthy 3.9 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 14.2 million total viewers. That was enough to put it in first place in both categories and it beat the number two show (ABC’s Castle) by more than 40% in the key demo.

What do you think of the new Hawaii Five-0?

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Though this is certainly positive, one year earlier, the eighth season premiere of CSI: Miami did better — and that’s an established show that had already seen some attrition. Last year’s CSI: Miami brought in a 4.3 rating in the all-important demo and also 14.2 million total viewers.

So, the execs over at CBS are no doubt happy with this performance, though perhaps not overjoyed. They’ve pumped a lot of money and promotion into this new series and were hoping for a bigger debut. Of course, the real test will be to see if people come back week after week.

So, what do you think? Does the new Hawaii Five-0 have what it takes to survive or will it burn out? Did the violence bother you? Cancel or keep it?

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  1. says

    I love the show. I was a fan of the original and there is not enough TV on at night that is worth keeping but this one is. I would like to see more tho on Wo Fat as he was a lot of trouble in the original. Love the fact that he is played by the chairman on Iron Chef America. Keep up this great show!!!

  2. Brenda says

    This is one of the better TV series I’ve seen in a long, long time and I’m not a TV nut. I love the show, the characters and the scenery. The only problem I have with the show is the loud back ground noise and music, which makes it hard to hear. Also, the girl on the show talks too fast and is hard to understand. Other than that I love everything about the new series and look forward to Monday nights. Please keep this show and try to improve noise level. Thanks so much.

  3. Biggest Original 5-0 FAN says

    I really think the show could make it but the writing has to change, and change drastically!! The ratings this week say it all just 7.6 not good.

    If CBS wants this show to survive, they need to rewrite and by rewrite I mean “Kill Offs.”
    I’ve got more in mind but not going to write it, CBS knows.

  4. Becks says

    I love this show. Yeah it is cheesey and light entertainment but we NEED that right now. I don’t care if it isn’t realistic. I have enough realism in the sucky real world every single day.

    And as for the action sequences being bad. They’re great! Best thing about the show. I’m a huge action fan (grew up on eighties action films) and the sequences in this are top notch. In fact I think AOL could be a great action star – get him in an action movie – that would be good. His fighting sort of reminds me of Jason Steatham – it is neat and well choreographed.

    I like the setting too and the banter and the supporting cast are good. It needs moving though – to a 9pm time slot. A lot of teenagers I know love it and they aren’t allowed to stay up and watch lol.

  5. Kevin says

    Is it just me or is this show getting worse with every episode??? Seriously the crazy ass wanna be action stuff they try and pull off is an embarassement to all military and law enforcement officers around the world. Next to the amazing film location Hawaii is the only thing going for Hawaii 50. I really had high hopes for this show and try every week to give it a chance, and it fails for a different reason each week. I hate to say it but this show needs to go.

  6. Kao Nima says

    This show is horrible. Action sequence sucks. The punch lines are weak. No plot. Basically, good for 4-10 year old demo.

  7. Ike Warren says

    I would like to see CSI back on Mondays. Hawaii five O is not a great show. It does center on the main characters but there are no extras in the background as if no one else exists to carry the show. Just them and the bad guys. Also, so predictable. I just don’t think the actors click with each other. As for the victims, who cares, no build up for them.
    Cancel the show now and bring back CSI or something more interesting. I gave it a try and have now dumped it.

  8. draconius says

    This show is horrible! The only thing I like is the opening credits and maybe that bikini girl, but it’s nothing like the original series at all… who is this whining frat boy who calls himself McGarrett and what’s he done with the suave, hard-boiled original played by Jack Lord, who knew how to shake down hoods with a threatening glance, but without physically torturing them ??? Also, there really is never any real plot. The old show involved some suspense where they would gather clues about the culprit, and gradually close in on them… here, it’s just a lot of mindless action…

    Honestly, look at all the comments, I think only chicks like this show, because for some reason, they think Alex O’Loughlin is some kind of a hunk, like “Dr. McDreamy” from ER. Please — cut me a break and cancel this disaster — I’d rather remember the show as it was.

  9. maria says


  10. js says

    The Danno character is too campy!!!! ITS DISTRACTING! Silly bickering with Steve is too silly and getting old fast. Its still a good show, but lets get serious and not try to run on the good looks of these actors with little or no substance. This show has a chance to make, but only if the director and writers quit being so shallow.

  11. Karen Rumpler says

    Please keep this show on the air as long as possible. I am so glad that Alex is happily working! He has had such a rough year (I can definitely relate to that). They say 3rd is the charm and I honestly believe he has found it. I am just thrilled for him and wish him the best of everything!

  12. Mary says

    I Love Hawaii 5 o….love the chemistry and banter . Please keep it going.Change the time slot if necessary BUT KEEP THE SHOW………..

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