Heroes: Ali Larter Doesn’t Think Movie Will Happen, Tim Kring Still Positive

Ali LarterWhile Greg Grunberg remains optimistic about the possibility of a movie to wrap up the Heroes saga, co-star Ali Larter doesn’t share that sentiment.

She recently told IGN that she feels that too much time has passed since the NBC cancellation. “I don’t think it’s going to happen… I think everyone at this point has gone their separate ways.”

Larter added: “I remember when I first heard [the rumors] and I thought it would be so great if something happened this fall, but the longer that we’re away from it, all of the actors are exploring different parts of their careers. To be able to get everyone back together would be miraculous, to say the least.”

On the positive side, Heroes creator Tim Kring suggested that the movie idea is not dead. He recently said, “It looks like we’re really going to start talking about it now. The summer months in television are always about preparing for the Fall launch of all the new shows, so I totally understand why there hasn’t been a lot of discussion [until now]. Once the Fall season is launched, I fully believe that this discussion will get reignited in a very big way.”

What do you think? Who do you think is right?

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  1. China (I'm serious, no joke, is my actual name) says


  2. Browncoat says

    Well, If it happens I hope to see it.
    For example, I made the decision to ditch pay-for TV and go with and antenna and two ATSC tuners. As a result, aside from the CBC’s airing of the first three new seasons I’m now missing Dr. Who, due to the odd run times that make it hard to the CBC to air it with commercials, season two and on of Torchwood and aside from some rentals from Blockbuster, the new BSG, though after the glimpse I determined I’m not missing anything of that show. However after seeing twice the unsatisfying end of Farscape on the local MyTV channel[Buffalo] I purchased “The Peacekeeper Wars” DVD and would buy a direct to DVD wrap up of Heroes if Kring and Universal can swing it!

  3. says

    I’ve been equally amazed and dismayed at how the story unravels in the TV series. The Season One was great, but when the ending came it failed my expectations.

    “I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse.” -Don Vito Corleone, Godfather (1972)
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  4. Samara says

    I can’t predict what will happen, but as a fan of the show – I really hope they do it! I don’t see why the cast couldn’t get together for one movie episode, it’s not like they’re talking about another season! I still miss Heroes and would love the chance to see a real ending!

  5. HRH Adam says

    I’d love to see it, but I feel like a) Zachary Quinto and Milo Ventimiglia have moved on, and without them there is no show, 2) while this would be an amazing opportunity to redeem the series in the eyes of fans, who were mostly disappointed by a disgusting season 4 and the stupid, disrespectful treatment of the Peter character early in season 3, I’m pretty sure Tim Kring will f it up, and d) further to the previous item, it’d probably be called Heroes: Carnival Rising or something absolutely awful

  6. Jeremy Rynek says

    No I don’t. It looks like most of the cast has moved on. And guess what NBC has too.If it was gonna happen it would have by now, or atleast be making preperations for it. Face it they are just not interested now. Unless NBC gets alliterally millions of people protesting for it to happen. Just like canceling Trauma and so many others once they make a decison that’s it.

  7. OleVizer says

    I have to agree with Ali. Time has passed, fans & former fans have moved on. If Kring is seriously committed to a finale, he may want to consider a direct to DVD format because based on Heroes’ recent ratings, persuading NBC to air new episodes of Heroes will be a challenge to say the least.

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