Knights of Prosperity, The Nine: ABC Drops Them Once Again

The Nine meets Knights of ProsperityTo very little surprise and the dismay of patient fans, ABC has decided to drop The Nine and Knights of Prosperity from their schedule yet again.

The Nine had been missing from ABC primetime since the network pulled it back in November 2006. Though devoted fans were happy to hear it would return on August 1st, the network did little to promote the show or to remind anyone where the ongoing story had left off eight months earlier. It was no big shock that last week’s episode attracted a paltry 1.93 million viewers.

The Knights of Prosperity sitcom had been off the air since February. After six months away, two previously unaired episodes ran last week on August 8th. The episodes drew an average of 2.2 million — numbers that sound especially poor when compared with According to Jim reruns that attracted an average of 3.2 million that same night.

ABC has now pulled both The Nine and Knights once more. There are four episodes of The Nine and two Knights left. Though the network hasn’t said as much, it’s expected that the final episodes will be made available for viewing online. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. ezek says

    its sad how abc discard shows that requieres viewers to think, they sell us some programs, and then the told what to do

  2. Sandra says

    What is going on? The Nine is a great show, and I was so happy to see it return, but then it was yanked yet AGAIN! Everytime ABC starts a great show, they cancel it! I just want to know what happened in that bank!!!!!

  3. Becky says

    I was so excited to see that “The Nine” was back (I found it by accident) only to have it disappear again is so frustrating. I cannot believe we are not going to get to see how it ends?! Maybe if it was actually promoted, the show would generate a bit more interest and people would watch. ABC pretty much set it up for failure by yanking it in the first place and then sticking on a couple episodes out of nowhere. Nice work ABC.

  4. Sarah says

    I was really annoyed that ABS pulled The Nine last week with no warning. I am dying to see how the show ends! It is so dramatic and emotional, and to not know how it ends is frustrating!

  5. Joshua says

    It stinks that they get a good show on like the NINE and then take it off. I think they are running out of ideas and dont know how to link them all….it’s too bad they should bring it back. With that said, being brought back doesnt mean to spread it out like PRISONBREAK. The NINE would be great as a 1-2year series. WITH NO BREAKS!!!!

  6. Theresa says

    I am tired also of networks putting on these shows that have story lines that are continuous and then they pull them without telling the end of the story. There are only four episodesleft of the Nine, The people who like the Nine are watching, it is the summer, the network isn’t going to get great ratings in the summer. Just show them now before the new season starts. Please

  7. Nancy says

    I am sick and tired of the networks getting us hooked on their tv shows and then pulling them before they are concluded, i.e. The Nine, Pirate Masters. No wonder a lot of us are going to Cable.

  8. Nancy McNutt says

    I am sick and tired of the networks getting us hooked on their tv shows and then pulling them before they are concluded, i.e. The Nine, Pirate Masters. No wonder a lot of us are going to Cable.

  9. Jenn says

    Showing it online doesn’t help us people from Canada, who can view the shows on TV but are not allowed to view episodes online.

  10. Paula says

    This is crazy..I finally hear that The Nine is back to finish out the episodes..I watch it the last 2 weeks and tonight I turn it on only to find out that “Primetime Nascar” has taken it’s spot. I really hope that they put it online. I would REALLY like to see how this show ends. ABC is very good at leaving us hanging time and time again.

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