Las Vegas

 Las Vegas Network: NBC
Episodes: 106 (hour)
Seasons: Five

TV show dates: September 22, 2003 — February 15, 2008
Series status: Cancelled/ended

Performers include: Josh Duhamel, James Lesure, Vanessa Marcil, Molly Sims, James Caan, Nikki Cox, Mitch Longley, Marsha Thomason, and Cheryl Ladd.

las vegas past TV show

TV show description:
A dramatic comedy that follows staffmembers of the fictional Montecito Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

President of Operations Ed Deline (James Caan) is a strict former CIA officer who runs the casino’s day-to-day operations. His Head of Security and right-hand man is former Marine Danny McCoy (Josh Duhamel).

Other staffers include surveillance/security person Mike Cannon (James Lesure); Danny’s ex-fiance, Special Events Director Mary Connell (Nikki Cox); casino host Sam Marquez (Vanessa Marcil), pit boss Nessa Holt (Marsha Thomason), Ed’s daughter and restaurant manager Delinda Deline (Molly Sims).

Later in the series, ex-Marine and cattle rancher A.J. Cooper (Tom Selleck) takes ownership of the Montecito.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. John says

    Well my fellow good tv watchers , we loose another go show to it cost to much out of the network pockets , reality shows don’t cost any thing to make , it all comes down to the big bucks , more money in thier pckets ,look were they live and drive . Movies today have to make 600 million opening weekend or it cost them mony . Movie houses charge use so much for soda and pop corn because the movie comp. charge them so much to run their movies . It’s all about the big bucks . Sports is the same . In the 1960’s players made 100 to 200 thousand a year , (my dad took me to the game for 2 bucks )now they get that a game , and who pays for it , Johnny b. stupid public . I just watch Me Tv and see shows when they were made for the custumer , John Public . I ‘m sorry the way the world is going , big bucks wins every time .

  2. jan davis says

    What a shambles!!! to have the last episode of Las Vegas finish with a “To be continued” and then not air any more. This just goes to show what these big TV companies think of their viewers when they can just pull out of things like this. Obviously the viewers opinions don’t come into the equation when these companies decide what to air.

    I think this is absolutely disgusting and I for one will not be watching anything this TV company puts out again as they seem to just cut off programmes at a whim regardless of the viewers wishes.

    Reality shows are becoming a thing of the past now and yet it is all these TV companies want to show “yawn” how boring. the history channel is more exciting than the reality crap they are showing just now.

  3. Sandra Thompson says

    I will really miss the show Las Vegas. All the characters where great. It is ashame that nothing could have been worked out to keep the show on the air. There will never be a daytime show greater than Las vegas. I really think at times it was better than allt he different daytime soaps that always payed during the course of the years. I will really miss this show. and I hope that some day they can figure everything out and get back together to get the show back on the air. I was a great show.

  4. Mary Cline says

    I would also like to find out what happened to all of the characters, (I am watching a rerun of the last episode now.) Did Danny & Delinda have a boy or girl, what happened to ownership of the Montecito…??? This was a great show with good story lines and characters. Come on, do us all a great favor and BRING IT BACK!!!!! (Thanks!)

  5. says

    A lot of people want it back thats why we want to fight to get it back
    But we really have to work at it… If they see all of the support for
    the show They will definitely bring it back or sell to another
    network… Its worth a try fans!! As much as we love the show we can
    actually have a comeback… I believe we can and I hope u all do to!!!
    The writer has assured that he would love to bring it back now its up
    to us the fans to help with the process Even if not a show at least a
    movie to clear everything up right? & Get all of your friends and friends
    friends to join the movement PLEASE!!!

  6. micah says

    I watch this show every morning before I go to work. I have never found a cast where I genuinely loved every character. I even felt connected to Molly Sims’ character because I became pregnant soon before she she did on the show. And believe it or not Tom Selleck’s character, Cooper, really helped too with his pregnancy advice. I hate how the GREAT shows always get cancelled. Seriously, what is going on in your craniums NBC??? Bring my love back! I want to see what happened to Delinda’s baby!

  7. Karen Graiser says

    I really enjoyed watching Las Vegas! The cast was awesome and “Sam” is my idol. I want to be like her when I grow up. :) I really would like to see it come back. I’m getting really tired of these damn lame reality shows! Las Vegas had some interesting story lines and I’ve been DVR’ing the shows on TNT. The last episode was a complete disappointment. It would be wonderful if there was at least a reunion show that tells us what happened. ….maybe a two part mini-series showing us what happens to each of the cast members, including Ed, Mary, and . They can even have it take place in 2010, with where they are today and back track. I’m sure that the writers have had enough time to think up a great ending to a great story. NBC should do some research on the popularity of Texas Hold ‘EM. Vegas casino owners should also collaborate to get a finale. I’m sure that you could get them to fund the production of the show…..A movie like Sex and the City would be great! They could do a I, II, and III. I enjoy watching Las Vegas far more than Sex in the City, although I am waiting for it to open tonight. …at least think about it! In a world full of reality shows, TV viewers are starving for some stories with some story lines. I’m a Twilight fan, but how many vampire shows can we handle on TV???? This was great material, comical, and interesting.

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