Lie To Me: FOX Not Ordering Full Season; Is It Cancelled?

Lie to MeThe FOX network has decided not to order additional episodes of Lie to Me. Production will be halted next month, leaving the season total at 13 installments. Is the show essentially cancelled?

While a move like this is never a positive sign, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Lie to Me is finished. FOX has been using the series as a utility player and could potentially order more episodes at a later date for a summer run.

However, Lie to Me’s ratings haven’t exactly been stellar. The seven episodes that have aired thus far this season have averaged just a 1.8 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 5.42 million viewers. It’s consistently ranked either third or fourth in its Monday night timeslot, losing a significant amount of the lead-in audience from House. In the demo, it’s the ninth most-watched program on the network, ranking just below struggling Fringe.

It probably doesn’t help that executive producer Shawn Ryan left to run his own show, The Chicago Code, which is set to debut on FOX in January.

Original episodes of Lie to Me return next month and are set to finish airing by January 31st. The decision to either renew or cancel the series will likely come down to how confident the FOX execs are in what they have in the pipeline.

What do you think? Will Lie to Me be cancelled or will the network order more episodes? What would you do?

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  1. Kate says

    Lie to me is my favourite show, it rules,
    I am SO pissed they cancelled it T_T
    hope it’ll be back T__________________________T

  2. Patricia Garibay says

    My whole family, we are addicted to “Lie to Me” we rented the old episodes on Netflix and watched them over and over. Please bring it back! We love the show, the actors, the plots, everything is so out of the ordinary! We love how there are always surprises and twists about the characters personal lives. We love Dr. Lightman’s crazyness. Her daughter is sooo smart and at the same time innocent looking…! All the characters, are interesting and we want to know them better. We feel we had just started to know them, and you are killing them now? PLEASE DON’T!

  3. ariel says

    Are you serious? You’re just gonna cancel it just like that? First of all, its such a good show with great potential to be BIG.. Second, you can’t just leave us hanging? C’mon, bring back Lie To Me..

  4. nita says

    I agree…..this is one the best shows on TV….it’s well written, well acted….the daughter is a little annoying…but lightman is just exquisite …… the charater is perfect and continues to show more and more of his narcisity……OMG…don’t cancel I’ve waiting for the new season and keep all the old episodes on my DVR because I need a lightman in my life!!!

  5. Breanna Rogers says

    I was absolutely devastated to find out that the show has been canceled. It is my favorite show I just don’t see why it was canceled that’s such a load of crap, I think it would be foxs best interest to bring it back… I also really like the cast they are really good actors. I’ll miss ya “lie to me”…

  6. C. H. says

    You get a good show like Lie To Me and then cancel it! It is very interesting and we look forward to seeing it every week. We have watched the reruns over several times as we record them since we work while it is on. Please reaccess your decision. The cartoons you put on for adults to replace all these shows that are cancelled are not worth even watching. Keep something on for a change that is worth spending our time watching.

  7. Theresa says

    lie to me is a show my family and i love. only a dick would stop a show as fun to watch as it is.

  8. says

    Very hard to believe that “Lie to Me” was cancelled. It was one of the few shows that kept my interest. I loved watching “House” and then “Lie to Me” afterwards. I haven’t found any shows that I like as much as those two. I am really disappointed. “Lie to Me” was very special, very gripping. Sad.

  9. Julie B says

    “Lie to Me” is the best show to come out of FOX since “Prison Break”! Please don’t cancel it! It is a great show with a great cast!

  10. says

    Why would you cancel “Lie to Me”? That was an amazing program, I loved it! My father, my mum, my brother and I all miss it.

    Don’t delete it.

  11. Katie Ash says

    Why would you cancel ‘Lie to me’? I thought it was a very good program, and miss it greatly. Please consider bringing it back. It was just left hanging there … not good.

  12. Lisa Farr says

    Why in the world would you cancel Lie to me. It was one of the best shows on fox. Please bring it back. I have looked for it for weeks, now I know. You left it wide open. Everytime we like something on Fox they take it off. Just like Family Guy and everybody wanted it back on and they had to bring it back. Fox has done the same thing with Lie to me except they need to bring it back too.

  13. Dan says

    At the least you should give the season a conclusion and not leave it hanging…

    Bring it back at a different time if you must!

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