Life: Damian Lewis Series Cancelled, No Season Three

LifeWhile today’s NBC infront presentation brought good news for fans of struggling shows like Heroes and Parks and Recreation. Those who enjoy Life weren’t so lucky.

Life revolves around detective Charlie Crews (Damian Lewis), a man who served a dozen years for murders that he didn’t commit. He lost all that was dear to him but survives thanks to his studies of Zen philosophy. He eventually rejoins the LAPD but is a very different man. Others in the cast include Sarah Shahi, Adam Arkin, Brent Sexton, Donal Logue, Brooke Langton, Robin Weigert, Jennifer Siebel, Victor Rivers, and Jessy Schram.

The NBC drama debuted in September 2007 to 10.15 million viewers and a 4.1/11 rating/share of the 18-49 demographic. Later episodes sank to a low of 5.72 million and a 2/6. If not for the writers strike, NBC would have cancelled Life after one year. The execs instead decided to give it another try and renewed the series for a second season.

Unfortunately, the next round of episodes didn’t perform any better than the first. NBC needs fewer shows next season because of their Jay Leno experiment but, even if they didn’t, Life wouldn’t be coming back with such poor ratings.

NBC’s co-chair, Ben Silverman, made it official today and confirmed that Life won’t be coming back next season. Thankfully, the last episode of the series gave viewers some closure and answers to ongoing questions. These days, that’s a luxury that few other shows are given.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Felicia says

    Poor ad. Equals low rating. Netflix is the real place where everyone SAW the episodes. I can’t believe that they would cancel it. ABC needs to pick it up or something. Absolutely the best show I’ve seen in my entire life. None of the killings relate, the comic relief is awesome and character relationships. I don’t know what NBC thinking but this definately makes me less inclined to watch your channel seeing as to the bad decisions you Make!!

  2. maryann says

    Found this show on NetFlix. Never heard of it until now. I absolutely love this show. I watched the whole season 1 in one weekend. It is addicting. I am on season two now. I wish there was more seasons to come. I would invest in a pay channel just to watch more of this show. NBC blew it cancelling this show.

  3. Anonymous says

    Like lots of these people I never heard of it till netflix and I fell head over heals for damion (crews) and Sahara (reecce) I almost cried on the last episode I couldn’t believe it was over but its probably to late now to try to bring the show back I really really liked that show though so I mean ifyou want to you can please please bring that show back I would love you forever

  4. says

    I am like alot of people who have commented on this site: I NEVER KNEW SHOW EXISTED TILL NETFLIX!!
    Maybe NBC needs to get in REAL touch with the audience and advertise a little more which in turn may just get their programming watched, then when it comes to deciding which shows to cancel the ratings will be accurate.
    BUT I have accepted a long time ago that asking any corporation to listen to the people they are supposed to serve is nothing but a PIPE DREAM.
    NBC execs are totally out of touch with the public.

    Last BUT not LEAST this show was great, too bad the wrong people were deciding it’s fate.

  5. lostboy516 says

    I’m midway through the second season, and it is great. There HAS to be a way to keep shows with a long shelf life going, economically. Never even HEARD of Life until Netflix recommended it.

  6. Stephen Wade says

    Watched every episode on Netflix. This was a classy intelligent balance between
    humor and seriousness. I would of loved a third season. The NBC folks are very out of touch, this could of been a 100 episode series for sure. Too bad. So sad. I will miss these actors and characters.

  7. Anonymous says

    Loved this show. NBC cancelling it makes me just sick of network TV. Real people need real shows. Thumbs down to NBC.

  8. dls says

    yea, i didnt even know what this series was until a wk ago. NBC did a horrible job of publicizing it, to damn bad someone should be shot out of a cannon for this.

  9. Anonymous says

    Best show ever. So annoyed that its canceled..I was definitely addicted. Shows like Jersey Shore and Grey’s Anatomy can run for forever..guess there just wasn’t enough sex in this one.

  10. matthew says

    just finished second season and was more the ticked to see that it was canceled in 2008.. this is one of the best shows ive seen.. NBC is a joke.. i bet if they had crude humor and lots more TNA they would have brought it back.. sucks big time but atleast i still have southland and justified for atleast one more season

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