New Amsterdam: FOX Cancels Immortal Show

New AmsterdamFOX has decided to cut short the run of New Amsterdam, the dramatic TV show about an immortal cop from the Big Apple.

The series has had a rough ride at the network. Amsterdam was initially scheduled for Fall 2007 but was pushed back to mid-season. On top of that, FOX cut its episode order from 13 to eight episodes.

On the positive side, the series was scheduled for an unpopular Friday night timeslot but was ultimately given a shot on Monday nights.

Amsterdam’s season average of 8.34 million weekly viewers isn’t great but it certainly outperformed and outlasted Canterbury’s Law.

Though FOX considered continuing the story of John Amsterdam (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) for another year, the network ultimately decided his story had come to an end. Still, Amsterdam executive producer David Manson hopes that the series will live on and find a new home on another network. Will that happen? Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Ty says

    I was just checking to see if New Amsterdam was being held off till the new year to make a return and I find its cancelled. I agree with other posts just 8 episodes can not give a good representation of a shows future. I also agree that Cane was great but knew that was done when the lead moved into the cast of Dexter..

  2. karlin says

    new amsterdam was a very goood show its not like any show that is on and when you strart to get into it they cancel it..i have some friends that dont watch the first season of shows becasue most don’t come back for another so when your looking to see how many viewers tuned in half don’t bother till the second season starts .im about to do the same..someone needs to pick up the show i would like to know what happens. and either don’t start any new ones or at least play out more then 8 episodes

  3. Donna says

    My husband and I have been wondering when New Amsterdam would return. I just look it up and saw that it has been cancelled. Why can a network not give a program a chance anymore? This was a good, thoughtful, well scripted program and I sincerely hope some network will pick it up and continue the series. I, like Courtney, am sick of my favorite shows being cancelled without being given half a chance. However, FOX is not the only offender. Another show we really enjoyed was Eyes on ABC. They canned it after 6-8 episodes as well. Trash they keep, shows for people with a brain get cancelled.

  4. Casey R. Says: says

    I am so furrious!!!!!! Two of my favorite shows have been pulled because of Corporate big wigs! “New Amsterdam” is my favorite show along with “Cane” these two polar opposite shows are the shows we love to watch again and again. The story lines are direct, along with the wonderful cast-crew these people make the show and I hope if either shows ever come back on screen they will bring the same people back to do it. On another hand I am really hopping that since there were 13 shows originally made and only eight were aired, that those other 5 shows get put in a box set with the other 8 episodes and set out to Sell Sell Sell!!!!! Please Please Please FOX CORPORATE put this show in its entirety on the shelves to be baught and sold by the people who loved and and would really love to see how the show ended!!!!
    Please Please Please

  5. Courtney says

    I hate that every show that I’ve ever liked on FOX gets cancelled. New Amsterdam was an excellent show that should’ve been given another chance.

  6. Laurie says

    I am also shocked to see Fox cancel New Amsterdam. At least they are consistent – they kill every good show. I think the programming exec in charge of choosing shows has something against good looking actors that resemble Nathan Filian like Nikolaj Coster Waldau did. Yes…Fox nitwits killing the Firefly series displayed a venom for solid series writing as well.

    Yet – the network managed to keep the lousy Sara Conner Chronicles and Don’t Forget the Lyrics.

    Apparently Fox execs live their work….They are truly NOT SMARTER THAN FIFTH GRADERS.

  7. Lins says

    I was DEEPLY disappoinyed when I saw that New Amsterdam was cancled…and really for what seems like no reason…. I don’t watch much TV…but this show had me on the edge of my seat….

    I feel robbed, stripped and broken…BOOO!! Fox is SO famous for taking the good shows off the air. And leaving the crap on…what goves huh?

    Well anyway…I hope another network picks the show up…

  8. says

    I may be a couple months late to complain about the ending of this show but what a crime. New Amsterdam was a very creative interesting show. I really liked the mix of history and modern times. I thought this was one of the best shows out there. Should have put it on at a better time and different day. They should have promoted it more. I hope they will put it back on or move it to another network.

  9. david hagemann says

    my wife and i were just looking at the new fall line-up and couldn’t find new amsterdam!! somebody screwed up!! that is one of the better shows on the tube please fix it.

  10. Jeani says

    New Amsterdam was a great series, and I really looked forward to each new episode. I wanted everyone to watch. I loved the historical aspects mingled in with the current storyline. Both my husband and I are extremely disappointed the show was canceled. We are hoping someone in charge of programmig on another channel appreciates this outstanding drama serie and picks it up. Shame on you, Fox TV! You really missed the mark this time.

  11. Jennifer says

    another Fox show I loved bites the dust………this is the 2nd Fox series that had me reeled in waiting for more to unfold…….at least with this show it wasn’t supposed to have an actual “ending” like when Reunion was cancelled leaving everyone hanging as to who did it………3 years later and I am still awaiting an actual ending……they could have at least gave us a finale show so we knew how it actually ended. I am tired of Watching the Fox network because you never know when your favorite show will be canned and then leaving us hanging……but then again that is what this network does…….Why even bother with a new show at all if you are only going to give it 8 episodes?? Sounds like such a waste of time and money on everyone’s part. I can’t imagine how the actor’s in these series feel……..blow smoke up their tushes and then pull the rug out from underneath them, but then again you still have a job at the end of the day don’t you big executive’s, you don’t care if those underneath you have a job or not any longer as long as it suits you? Well I say can the executives and get someone who actually gives a shite about their audience…….maybe if you promoted it better and put it in a decent time slot it would have faired much better……it takes money to make money and you never even tried to make this one work…… many other shows are you going to start and then never see them through??

  12. Cinderella in Piscataway says

    Yet another plea for a network with a programming exec who has a 2-digit IQ to pick up New Amsterdam, give it a decent time slot and promote it ! How are ratings determined anyhow – by polling gerbils?

  13. Sandy says

    I loved the show. I loved how it gave the history of NYC mixed into everyday life of John Amsterdam.

    Give the show a break, mid season placement, short run, not really well advertised. I too love HOUSE but I love NEW AMSTERDAM. It was interest mingling of crime and history. I found it interesting how they mixed the history of NYC and of John together. It wasn’t just a cop show, it was so much more.

    Please reconsider or let someone else pick it up.

  14. Denise says

    I cant belive that this great show was cancelled. I really “over” reality TV shows. Thanks FOX for making TV not even worth watching anymore.

  15. Katie says

    This news really is quite crushing. I knew it didn’t have a huge fan base yet – being brought up mid-season and all didn’t help much. But to find out it was canceled just ruined my day. I didn’t discover the show until later on, and because of work I had to watch it online, but the second I could I would watch each episode and New Amsterdam quite quickly, and unexpectedly, climbed to the very top of my favorite shows list. Yes, it was my favorite show of fall ’07, and easily one of my favorite shows of all time. Competing with legends and big names like the old Twilight Zone series and House MD. At least Life didn’t get canceled, because that show is also very great.

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