October Road: Extra Series Finale Still in the Works

October RoadFor many viewers, one of the most heartbreaking cancellations of last season was that of the October Road TV show. Though the series had decent ratings in its first season, the viewership numbers declined in season two and ABC decided to pull the plug. As a result, loyal viewers were left hanging. Will we ever learn the identity of little Sam’s papa?

October Road debuted on March 15, 2007 as a midseason replacement on ABC. The series centers around Nick Garrett (Bryan Greenberg), a writer who left his Massachusetts life behind to author a best-selling book about his hometown. After developing writer’s block, he makes the hard choice to return home to face his family and friends. The Knights Ridge residents are played by actors like Laura Prepon, Brad William Henke, Geoff Stults, Tom Berenger, Jay Paulson, Evan Jones, Warren Christie, Slade Pearce, Odette Yustman, Rebecca Field, Jonathan Murphy, Lindy Booth, Elizabeth Bogush, and Penny Johnson.

Shortly after Road was cancelled, the show’s creators — Josh Appelbaum, Andre Nemec and Scott Rosenberg — sat down and wrote an end the series. They envisioned it as a 15-page mini-episode called “Don’t Look Back: An Epilogue for an Epic Love.” It picks up where the last episode of the series left off and then skips forward seven years to answer most of the show’s unresolved questions — the identity of Sam’s father, the Commander’s health, and the fate of each of the relationships.

Life on Mars and Road castmember Murphy recently told TV Guide, “They’re hoping to get everybody together and shoot and put that on the Season 2 DVD, so all the Roadies will get some wrap-up, closure with the show. I think it will start some time around where the actual series left off and pick up a few years down the road. You will see what’s been going on and what happens. [The fans] were left hanging, and it’s our last hurrah and a ‘thank you’ to all those who wrote e-mails and sent pictures and all the things they did to try to save the show.”

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Fans have been eagerly awaiting the finale for months but the former castmembers have been busy on different projects. The producers have been busy with ABC’s struggling Life on Mars. As proof that they haven’t forgotten about Road, they’ve been including sly homages to the fallen series on Mars.

The delay is also due to having to find a way to pay for the finale since a network is no longer footing the bill. Applebaum recently told The Futon Critic, “We have every intention of producing it and it’s just been a question of finding the financing for it. We could do the down and dirty version — all the cast has agreed to be in it, [Gary] Fleder’s agreed to direct it, we wrote it, crew members have offered their services to come back and work for free — but just to pull off the look of the original show, it’s still going to cost money. And we’re looking to find that money and if we can’t, we’ll just do a more down and dirty version.”

Without giving too much away, Applebaum offered a few more clues about the finale, saying, “It was great, it is great — it starts out at Hannah’s wedding to Big Cat and basically she says, she’s with Janet, and she says, “I can’t get married until the truth comes out. I can’t marry him without the real truth coming out. I can’t get married until Sam knows who his father is.” And she runs, wipes frame [and] we fade to black and it says, “Seven years later.” And then we pick up seven years later and I’ll just leave it at that. It’s about a ten-minute sequence where all the answers to where everybody ends up are… and ultimately we find out who Sam’s father is. I think it’s wonderful. Hopefully we get to shoot it.” Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. says

    Special thanks to flagirl13 for setting up the following event.


    We are having our First Annual October Road Reunion January 17th, 18th and 19th (Monday-Martin Luther King Day), for those of us that have that day off, it will give us an extra day to write letters.

    Please spread the word to everyone so they may join us.

    Please feel free to comment, to share, to eat and be merry. Sully’s will be open for refreshments and wings (among other things). Maybe, we will run into Eddie and Janet, Nick or Hannah, Pizza Girl, Ikey or Owen or all of the above.

    We want to show ABC how committed we are to this TV show and that we are not going anywhere. So let’s shut this message board down from being overloaded because of all the activity this weekend. We can do it.

    Snippity-lou to all of you until then and remember to spread the WORD.

  2. Rose says

    I agree with all of the blogs…it is really ashame to take such a good show off….it was new and creative….and I like My own worst enemy too….bad decision

  3. Ken / St. Paul says

    October Road

    Another miserable decision on the part of programers and schedulers of ABC… Cancel October Road, yet keep the trash shows that “Numbs the Masses”…. ABC, you and the other Networks have created a situation where from a viewers perspective, it does not make sense to tune into your shows… they just develope and they are cancelled the following season…. is all of Hollywood high? Seriously, … CBS has lost my commitment because they canel any show of quality….. is ABC next on the cutting block? Don’t dissapoint us by cancelling Life on Mars or your following may one day completely boycot you and the rest!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. gabby says

    Loved October Road. A great cast, a very good story line. What happened? The netwlorks keep some of the worst shows on and get rid the really good shows, like October Road. I’m really sad about the lose of a terrific show.

  5. april says

    ok… first, they cancelled “what about brian” now “october road”?

    c’mon! can’t you guys see the potential of a good show? a good show is something real and something that people can relate to, like really relate…

    yeah, kyle xy and chuck is good and all, but these shows (october road and what about brian), it’s about real people. not someone who has the government secretts in his brain and not someone who can jump through roofs or memorize the encyclopedia…

    this is real life, people who screw up and not all gets the chance of redemption…

    im really gonna miss the show and the characters that ive come to love…

    to the creators of October Road, THANK YOU so much for coming up to a show like this, i am really really looking forward to seeing how this all ends…

  6. LARRY R says

    My lady and I really enjoyed October Road from the start. We were big Laura Prepon fans from That 70’s Show. The characters were so unique and engaging, and the storyline was relateable. We hoped the show would continue thru the rough times ,(Cheers started off dead last) until viewers could catch up with all the time changes, and become fans .
    Does ABC have five million or so fans they care to alienate ? This feels like having a wounderful picnic planned for weeks and someone cancels it two days in advance because it might rain. What if it doesn’t ? Sometimes you gotta have faith.

  7. Gabaway says

    I am so upset right now. I just found out that the show was officially cancelled…I assumed it was coming back midseason :( Anyway, I cannot believe it’s gone as it was one of the best shows to come along in a while. Ya know not all of us love reality shows and doctor dramas.
    I agree with the others about this is why I don’t get into new shows…I am constantly being left hanging. It was the same with “The Class” it was hillarious and freakin won the People’s Choice for best new comedy and yet it was cancelled after only one season. Bad decision cancelling October Road…I will miss you!

  8. says

    Well.nbc…you’ve done it for me! First it was the Black Donnelly’s and now its October Road and now My Own Worst Enemy!! Im thru watching NBC. You ratings are dropping because you have NO quality TV….cya!!

  9. Leslie says

    First of all I loved the show it was great….the story line was perfect. I think the down fall to it was the strike and the fact that it kept switching nights and times.
    I really am looking foward to season 2 coming out and the ending.

  10. Octoberforever says


  11. Pat says

    We also loved this show.All the good shows get taken off!!!!!!!!!! Anymore tv isn’t worth watching all reality shows and game show. We loved everyone on that show Hope it comes back!!

  12. bella says

    I can’t wait! I have been looking forward to these 15 minutes for so long. October Road was my favorite show. Nothing comes close to it. The characters were warm and wonderful. I wish we could get another season some way. I think ABC, at a minimum, should help sponsor the finale. If people believed the network really cared about the viewers by not leaving shows unresolved people would be more willing to tune in to their new shows. Now I am hesitant. To ABC’s credit they have left the October Road message board up on their site for the fans.

    I love the actors on this show. I will follow them to their new projects. I can’t wait to see what Rebecca Field will be doing next. I see she will on the first episode of the Dollhouse. I will tune in for that. I think they should make her a regular.

    Thank you October Road creators. You are the best! I look forward to the final. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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