Past Life

past lifeNetwork: FOX
Episodes: Seven but two didn’t air (hour)
Seasons: One

TV show dates: February 9 — June 4, 2010
Series status: Cancelled

Performers include: Kelli Giddish, Nicholas Bishop, Ravi Patel, and Richard Schiff.

past life past TV show

TV show description:
Confident, outspoken and highly educated, psychologist Dr. Kate McGinn (Kelli Giddish) works at The Talmadge Center for Behavioral Health in New York City. It’s a world-renowned institute dedicated to the study of the science of the soul. After experiencing a past-life regression in her 20s, Kate became a believer in reincarnation.

Using regression therapy and her natural gift for reading people, Kate helps solve the mysteries of her troubled clients who suffer from present-day problems caused by past-life traumas. She believes there are levels of consciousness and explanations for human behavior that science can’t begin to explain. Accustomed to skeptics, but not bothered by them, Kate is an unapologetic believer and a force of nature who marches to the beat of her own drummer.

Kate’s partner, Price Whatley (Nicholas Bishop), is a different story. A former NYPD homicide detective, he’s pragmatic and cynical, Price is a damaged soul who constantly battles grief and guilt over the accidental death of his wife. Price feels that Kate, though not certifiable, certainly operates on the fringes of science. It’s a volatile relationship, but with Price’s solid detective skills, and Kate’s penchant for out-of-the-box thinking, together they make a formidable and somewhat dysfunctional team.

Working with their colleagues, Price and Kate unravel mysteries involving the past-lives of their clients. Dr. Malachi Talmadge (Richard Schiff) is Kate’s mentor and the center’s namesake. He’s an avuncular but gruff elder statesman who is a legend in the field of cognitive research. Dr. Rishi Karna (Ravi Patel) is the rookie of the group. He’s a baby-faced therapist from Calcutta who loves bad American TV, Cuban jazz, and driving everyone crazy.

Series Finale:     
Episode seven — Running on Empty
A mid-level insurance company executive begins to exhibit strange behavior. The team realizes he is experiencing out-of-body experiences and is in danger of losing his soul.
Has not aired.


What happened next?   
The show has not been revived or remade.

past life past TV show

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  1. Brian Bandy says

    You all should give this show more time, its a great show with the ability to become a hit . If we could get a little more attention drawn to it. I was skeptical but after two or three shows was hooked. Then it was gone. How many others like me? GREAT SHOW!

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