Smash: Katharine McPhee on the NBC Cancellation

Cancelled SmashPrior to NBC’s official cancellation of Smash, we all knew the TV show was doomed — even star Katharine McPhee. She spoke to THR a couple weeks ago and said, “Sure, I wish that it could have five more seasons, but we had two great seasons and all I can say is I loved every moment of it… I loved getting to the set, I loved the people, I loved my crew. We did amazing things on the show in two years.”

She went on to say, “With this business, you can never predict what people are going to like or love or hate… All I know is that when the show started and people were so excited about the pilot, I was excited to finally be a part of something that could showcase me. Everyone has perceptions about what you’re capable of and what you can do and this show was a huge gift.”

Following the cancellation, McPhee tweeted, “Love you all! Your passion is so heartwarming! Life is about chapters and the relationships you make along the way. Next chapter! Exciting.”

A new episode of Smash airs tonight on NBC. Then, the two-hour series finale is slated to air next Sunday night, starting at 9pm.

What do you think? Do you plan on watching the final episodes of Smash? Did you like McPhee’s work on the show?

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  1. Amy N says

    My husband & I loved Smash since the pilot. The music was wonderful & the snippets of the “musical” was thoroughly enjoyable. Even though the plot was more like a soap opera, we were still pulled in to the storyline of each character. We will definitely watch every last episode through to the finale & will miss watching it when it ends.

  2. Debra Rehn says

    I have not missed a single episode, and am thoroughly disgusted with NBC for canceling such a great show. Television is rife with cartoonish characters and unbelievably bad writing, so why Is Smash being picked on any more than any other show? The music and performances are all outstanding, and it will be missed. Dump the show? Dump NBC!

  3. Miriam Garfield says

    So sorry to see this show go. Perhaps one had to be in the entertainment field to appreciate it. Too “inside” for the average viewer? After all these are the people who watch “doctor’s wives, a new reality show and the ratings are through the roof! Need I say more?
    Hopefully one of the cable networks will rescue “Smash”. Cable is the only venue that puts on quality shows.

  4. Julie Williams says

    I’ve enjoyed the show from the beginning. And, I was glad that the show was moved to Saturday night. I thought the casting/writing was good for Katherine as she doesn’t come off as a “star” but rather a good singer/performer. I liked the performances of all involved. Thanks for bringing it to tv.

  5. Dan says

    I will watch the final episodes. I enjoyed the concept of the show but that the writing was poor. The characters were cartoonish. It does not mean that I did not love the show. It means that it could have been so much better. The acting was fine but you have to give the audience characters to root for, not whining boys who you just want to walk away from.

  6. Margaret says

    I loved SMASH. I can’t believe it was cancelled.
    I looked forward to a great hour of music and good plot every week.
    It makes me think, what is wrong with the TV watching public.

  7. Anonymous says

    I have followed Katharine’s career since she was on American Idol. Se is a great talent and I look forward to seeing her performing the future. The show started well and showed promise. It just got lost in some show plots that distracted from the main idea. Although the network did its best to creat excitement, thesecondseasonstarted very unevenly and just cont used n that vein for most of the season. The music was very entertaining and fresh, but I can’t believe they’d want fit to go on in its present form. Megan Hilty is an amazing singer, she’ll be fine. Kathariane is an amazing singer and I think she should concentrate on putting out really good music like she sang on the show – not the junk she has released recently.

  8. Lyn Grabowski says

    I absolutely loved Smash and will be sad to see it go. I have enjoyed watching Kathryn as I had watched her on American Idol. She looks simply amazing today and still love her voice!! I do hope they do another musical series….those are the best!!!!

  9. Claudia Micaletti says

    I love the show I will watch the series ending show and will miss this show how can NBC cancel this great show if you put a reality show on I will not watch NBC..

  10. Jack Gabay says

    I will be in tears watching the last episode. As it will be the end of another great tv show. Shame on the sponsors and NBC bigwigs for cancelling Smash. I waited each week to see it.
    Then tune in a Tuesday night and it wasn’t on, but switched to Saturday. Remember Mary Tyler Moore? That show didn’t take off until the 3rd season. It went on to be one of CBS’s best shows ever. Also was garnished with 20 some Emmys.

  11. says

    As a musical theater producer or as a TV viewer, either way, I thought the SMASH pilot last year was the best pilot I’d ever seen. But after that first 2 hours, the show quickly imploded.
    Everybody I know has theories about what went wrong, including you guys. Besides the plot
    and character inanities, my other main gripe is that (after that first brilliant 2 hours) you couldn’t hear the lyrics. I’m serious. The difference between great musical theater and any other kind of musical expression is that the words are at least as important as the music. If I’d been able to hear the words, I could have told you whether the songs for this musical were any good. As it is, I haven’t the foggiest idea. You just don’t mix musicals like they’re Byonce tracks!

  12. Bob Diepold says

    I enjoyed SMASH very much even with it’s faults. At times, it was not very realistic about the process of taking a show to Broadway but it still entertained me. McPhee did a excellent job singing during the show especially the more “Pop/Rock” oriented songs. Unfortunately for her, the quality of the “Hit List” songs wer not as good as the original songs for “Bombshell”. IMO – McPhee needs to improve on her acting skills, she comes off a “flat” or one dimensionl at time during he series.

  13. says

    I absolutely plan to watch Smash to the end. I am so angry with NBC for cancelling the show. The writers, cast and most certainly the music were top notch. However, I knew it was doomed when NBC moved it to Saturday nights. It is no wonder that NBC has gone downhill in the ratings as all they seem to care about are insipid, poorly written comedies and God spare me, reality shows! Boo to NBC!

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