Stargate Atlantis: Series Cancelled, No Season Six

IMAGEWhen Stargate SG-1 ended its run in March 2007, fans of the franchise could take solace that they’d still have weekly Stargate adventures courtesy of spin-off Stargate Atlantis. Now, Atlantis is being cancelled as well.

Stargate Atlantis debuted on July 16, 2004 on Sci Fi. The series follows the adventures of a human expedition to the lost city of Atlantis in the Pegasus Galaxy. While Atlantis generally hasn’t been as popular as the SG-1 series, it still has a lot of fans. After five seasons on the air, Sci Fi Channel has announced that the series is ending.

The cancellation didn’t come as a complete surprise to the producers. On his blog, showrunner Joseph Mallozzi cites rising production costs and the decline of the US dollar as contributors. He and showrunner Paul Mullie broke the news to the cast and crew themselves. Thankfully it seems like the adventure isn’t over quite yet.

The second half of season five will air as expected on Sci Fi beginning in January. The 100th episode, titled “Enemy At the Gate,” will be the show’s last. The Atlantis story will then continue in a two-hour movie. The as-yet-untitled movie will run on Sci Fi and soonafter be released on DVD.

Mallozzi and Mullie will write the movie script. It’s not yet known who will direct the project. Mallozzi writes, “Obviously, I can’t say much about it at this point but suffice it to say that it should include the entire cast in addition to a certain gaunt and pallid flowing-locked guest star.” A release date should be forthcoming soon.

Brad Wright and Robert C. Cooper, the SG-1 and Atlantis co-creators, are upbeat about the news. In a statement, they said, “We’re excited to tell Atlantis stories on a bigger canvas. The successes of the two original Stargate DTV movies The Ark of Truth and Continuum have shown us the opportunities that the movie format offers. We have plans for both SG-1 and Atlantis to remain vital as we expand the franchise.”

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“We share in the producers’ enthusiasm to move forward in this direction and we look forward to a strong and continued relationship on Stargate Atlantis in this new format,” said Thomas Vitale, Sci Fi’s Senior Vice President of Programming & Original Movies.

The network has indicated that “the show will live on as a network franchise.” What the statement actually means is unclear. Sci Fi may be planning additional Atlantis movies, or it could be a general indication that the Stargate franchise will continue, likely as a third series.

In late 2007, Cooper and Wright pitched Stargate Universe to the channel. Earlier this year, Wright told Gateworld, “The idea of Stargate Universe is that it is set on a ship that was part of an Ancient experiment that was set in motion probably millions of years ago — one that they never saw to fruition, but that we can.” He went on to say that the ship’s mission would be to help seed the galaxies with Stargates. Universe hasn’t been given a greenlight yet but, now that Atlantis has been cancelled, Sci Fi may have the funds to do it.

Though the Atlantis cancellation is surely a disappointment to fans, Mallozzi is confident the story isn’t over. He writes, “And, if [the Atlantis movie] proves anywhere as successful as the first two SG-1 direct-to-video features, you can be assured that this will be the first in a long, long line of Stargate Atlantis movies.” Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. james says

    it’s really sad that we not gonna get season 6 of incredible show of the sci-fi series i have ever scene before on television ,which has thrill emotion drama and action that makes you seat forever and watch throughout the seasons. i hope the makers are reading this and take this thing seriously and make more seasons of stargate atlantis

  2. says

    I watched all of SG-1, and then went on to Stargate Atlantis. I have started watching Stargate Universe, which is OK, I’d give it a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

    However, in my humble opinion, Stargate Atlantis is the best SCI-Fy type series EVER produced. I know that is saying a lot, but something about the chemistry between the main characters that made it more enduring then any of the others.

    If they did a Season 6 … 7,8,9 or 10 I would not only watch, but I would be willing to pay per view each Season.

    By far, my favorite and that type of chemistry is going to be very hard to duplicate.

    Sometimes greed makes people do some very stupid things, they later regret.

    Could the Franchise be bought out by a conglomerate of Fans, and re-started? I don not know, I personally have never heard of such a thing, but with enough Money, You can do just about anything.

    I would certainly be willing to invest a little.

  3. Stargate Superfan says

    I loved Stargate Atlantis. I watched the show just out of the blue, and immediatly got addicted. I was devestaded when I finnished the last episode. I would give anything for them to bring the show back, and not to start ridiculouse shows like Stargate Universe.

  4. Terry says

    My Family absolutely loved the Stargate series Atlantis, here in Australia there isn’t really that much in great entertaining TV series anymore. With all the Reality TV crap people are pedalling today, good family TV series with imagination, intriguing storylines and humour have simply gone out the window. What a shame, you really don’t know what a huge market you would have had over here if you had of continued with the story of Atlantis. We tried to get into Universe but soon found it mundane and boring, no humour, no interesting missions and no good storylines. Just dosen’t have the charisma and spark the Atlantis characters and stories had.

    It’s never too late to revive such a great show, as I said people over here are sick and tired of reality TV, same old crap with no imagination or story to tell.

  5. Adam Bash says

    I leave this comment as a Self-Proclaimed EXPERT on ALL THINGS STARGATE. I have personally watched ALL 10 Seasons of the Original in the Stargate Family of Series(SG-1). After 10 WONDERFUL Seasons, I as a fan had to endure this Series being converted in to movies. Then I sit through 5 Great Seasons of Stargate Atlantis, only to see this show no take the same path of the First. Then Stargate Universe is introduced to Stargate Fans..and it has thus far made it through 2 Seasons(going on). I am well aware of History..and it says this show will go the same route as the others. ENOUGH ALREADY!!! Stargate Atlantis is a MUCH LARGER market of Stargate Fan Crossovers(from SG-1), than Universe will EVER accomplish in trying to follow Atlantis. The Dynamics of the cast on was the same for SG-1, is such that IT is the REASON behind the GREAT SUCCESS! Now with this new cast..its NEVER going to reach the ratings of Either SG-1 or ATLANTIS. Bring back Atlantis and let the new Season be a binding Mini Series that ties Universe and Atlantis together maybe an Icarus Planet in Pegasus? Anyways..focus Funding on the PROVEN SUCCESS of your EXISTING SHOW(s). To let Atlantis fade to DVD is INSULTIVE to ALL SG fans..and will cause a further slide of fans to another market(or show)It was hard for myself to switch to Atlantis after being an SG-1 Faithful for OVER 10 YEARS! If you continue to do this..not only will Stargate Universe be next in the line to go DVD, but you will lose ALL hope of crossover from fans to ANY OTHER NEW SHOW based on the STARGATE theme. Just look at the loss from SG-1 to Atlantis? And then compare Atlantis to Universe..another DROP. Soon enough..ALL fans will turn from the show in the hopes of finding a Continuing Sci-Fi Series that will not spread out and die like roots of an unwated weed. I have been a Fan of Stargate since the Motion Picture Debuted in 1994. I had to then wait until 1997 before the idea for a series came to fruition..that was three years of wait in total I have been a fan of this “show” for 17 YEARS! As a fan I know I AM NOT the ONLY FAN that feels like this. How many fans must you lose before you realize the “direction” isn’t the correct one? If you was going to CREATE a NEW show..why wouldn’t it have been just ” STARGATE COMMAND” with each week or two rotating between the different “TEAMS”(SG-1 -ATLANTIS- -Universe-) with the “teams” interacting throughout the Seasons(series)? Then you would have KEPT SG-1 Fan Base..and ADDED Atlantis & Universe Fan Bases to the total..thus DRASTICALLY improving Longevity and Interest of the “Stargate” Series! During the OFF SEASONS..THEN GO WITH MOVIES…to PEAK interest BETWEEN SEASONS? Whoever decided to go the direction they have is CLEARLY not a FAN themselves..MAYBE you should have got a FAN to be a part of your team..then your focus would have led you to EVEN GREATER SUCCESS! Fix it..or you will lose ANY FUTURE FANS being from YOUR CURRENT FAN BASE.

  6. Lillian says

    My husband and I just started watching the Stargate Atlantis series, wow what great action and humor. I love the characters. In my search today for the next series I found the show has been cancelled, what a loss. We tried watching Stargate Universe but I could not stand all the fighting and the obvious lack of military knowlegde. Stargate Atlantis had humor, action and the best hardly if any romance. It seems all the best shows get cancelled before their time: Firefly, Buffy, Angel and X Files. I’m sure I’ve left other great ones off. At least there is Super Natural to look forward to for the time being.

  7. Elton says

    Wish they would have given us another season of Rodney’s insanity.
    I loved this series the best, I’ve looked at the Stargate Universe series and found it to be rather boring and lacks the humor that SG-Atlantis brought.

  8. cybersleuth58 says

    Each Stargate franchise has something to offer its fans. I have watched them all and my favorite is Stargate Universe. I loved Stargate Atlantis but I preferred Universe because the others were a bit too vanilla for my taste. However, the point of good programming is to reach fans of diverse tastes! What I find too stupid to fathom is that they cancel good Science Fiction like the Stargate series then add wrestling to their lineup. (They have “financial woes” but can put out the bucks to acquire Friday Night Smackdown?) WRESTLING? What does that have to do with Science Fiction? I am boycotting ScyFy until it stops trying to attract troglodytes. (No wonder why they changed the name!) They are obviously not interested in drawing in science types anymore; a poll must have convinced them that beer guzzlers in trailers have more cash to spend. Maybe one of the premium cable networks will make a serious effort to put together a niche channel catering specifically to SciFi/fantasy fans. But unless tons of other people also boycott ScyFy, I don’t see that happening.

  9. Jace says

    SG1 Was good, Atlantis was better.
    Shame on whoever cancelled it, they need shooting.
    SGU is one long bore snore from start to finish, the actors are good the plots just plain suck.
    Why so serious? where has the Jack n John humour gone?

    Bring back Atlantis, Hewlett makes my day as the megalomaniac McKay.

  10. Delana Cevaer says

    I am an avid fan of Stargate SG 1 , Stargate Atlantis, Stargate Universe, and Santuary. I have always loved Sci-fi. I figured SG 1 would end someday, but when Atlantis ended, I was upset. There was no prior notice of it ending. Then when Universe came along, that made up for it a little. I still wish Atlantis would come back on though. I watch all of the series over and over. I would like to know what could be done to get Atlantis back on.

  11. Dela says

    I finally got my husband hooked on the show SG1 and now that we are almost done with SG Atlantis it is particularily sad. It is a awesome series. Only 5 Seasons? Are they insane? Weak dollar, I don’t think so, Hopefully MGM will get out of their ecomonic woes to bring back an above excellent show.

  12. Josh says

    I find it sad that the season is coming to an end, i am and always will be a follower of the show. I love it. I hated it when SG-1 ended and now Atlantis may end, i hope the producers come to there senses and go on to make many many more seasons.

    • Anonymous says


  13. Ashen says

    This series is one of the best I’ve ever had the pleasure watching! The 4 seasons I’ve watched until now has been incredible! Not ONCE have I been bored, and that says a lot! I find it really sadly that they have decided to cancel the show. I’m now going to start watching season 5, but I’m scared that I will never see the daylight of season 6. I’m seriously wondering about just watching episode 1 of season 5, and leave it. That way I find out that they all made it at least :)
    Perhaps there will be a season 6 and even more to come. We’ll just have to see when the dust settles and all of what’s happened sinks into everyone’s brains…

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