The Assets: ABC Pulls Mini-Series After Two Episodes

The Assets canceledTo no surprise, ABC has pulled its very low-rated mini-series The Assets from the Thursday lineup.

For the next three weeks, the 10pm timeslot will be filled by Shark Tank reruns. It’s unclear what will fill the timeslot after that. Scandal is expected to return on February 27th.

It’s unclear what will become of the remaining six episodes of The Assets.

What do you think? Did you enjoy the series? Would you like to see the leftover episodes released online, on DVD as part of a full series set, or aired on Saturday nights?

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  1. Annette says

    I think it was a good script, true to the historical record, with good actors providing both entertainment and education. No wonder ABC pulled it….
    To replace it with re-runs of a reality show is nonsense. Where’s the value in that?
    I enjoyed the show. I hope it goes to DVD or in some other way becomes available to those viewers that have discerning taste.

  2. barb miller says

    I was hooked.could it be it was politically incorrect to air a show regarding Russians killing USA agents prior to the Olympics in Russia. Shark Tank! Really?!

  3. Paul says

    that was good show . bad idea to pull it out ABC!!!
    maybe not so many people have seen it
    cause YOU didn’t advertise it before you showed it.
    going to check HULU if they got all episodes.

  4. Anonymous says

    Only 6 more episodes and you can’t let us see???? As Terry sez …. “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!” It was a damned good show leave it alone!!!!

  5. lucie hungarter says

    Eposide 1 was kind of slow, but I stuck with it since my late husband had worked with the FBI and Adrich Ames. I just told all my children about it, and I thoroughly enjoyed Episode 2 and was looking forward to following the show to the end. I did realize that it’s the kind of show you actually have to pay attention to since things come up on the screen that let you know that you’ve gone back in time and also for the English translation. It is based on a true story and I don’t feel it was properly marketed, as none of my children were aware that it was even on. So please put it back on; Saturday night is good. But I would really like to see the story unfold. So try some more marketing and I believe you will see more of an interest. Thank you.

  6. EMILY says

    I enjoyed the series. Please air the last 6 episodes on Saturday night.
    This was much better than “the Americans” & that is coming back for season 2 :-(

  7. aretha says

    I am disappointed that they cancel the assets, it was very interesting and it wasn’t a made up story. Can they air the other episodes on a Saturday night. Thanks

  8. Jaye says

    It was good and shame on ABC for pulling it. I’m sick of the reality shows-scripted anyway-and this was a good show as well as important for the younger generation to know. Please bring it back, or release the rest of the episodes on the website so we can enjoy them.
    Bad call for not promoting it better and for pulling it.

  9. Oscar says

    I agree with posted comments. The show was good, it was history and it was only going to be on the air for 8 weeks, come on leave it play out. Reruns of Shark Tank, that should be cancelled no history or plot there but over-stuffed shirts insulting people. Tired of current TV execs that are to scared to give a series a chance to find an audience so they put on dribble like “reality” shows.

  10. Anonymous says

    What is up with ABC? We were hooked after episode #1. Please let us see the final 6.
    Maybe the powers to be should have done a better job of promoting a wonderful show,

  11. ED says

    I am very disappointed that they cancelled this show. I really enjoyed it and it was based on a true story. It would only run for 8 weeks. What is the big deal. I do not like shark tanks. Not everyone likes those things. I really liked this drama!

    Who ever makes these decisions are sometimes dead wrong!

  12. terry preston says

    What is wrong with you people? Shark Tank, really?? We can’t stand another reality show, boring, uninteresting and meaningless (except for the people who want to be accepted by the sharks.

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