The Assets: ABC Pulls Mini-Series After Two Episodes

The Assets canceledTo no surprise, ABC has pulled its very low-rated mini-series The Assets from the Thursday lineup.

For the next three weeks, the 10pm timeslot will be filled by Shark Tank reruns. It’s unclear what will fill the timeslot after that. Scandal is expected to return on February 27th.

It’s unclear what will become of the remaining six episodes of The Assets.

What do you think? Did you enjoy the series? Would you like to see the leftover episodes released online, on DVD as part of a full series set, or aired on Saturday nights?

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  1. says

    I turned on ABC tonight to watch this show and couldn’t believe a Shark Tank rerun was on. This was the only show I have watched on ABC this year and now it’s cancelled. What are you people thinking? Maybe some more “reality shows”? Count me out. I would really like to see the remaining six shows. Saturday night would be a good time.

  2. Carol Gehret says

    I cannot stress enough how disappointed we are that “The Assets” has been canceled! Finally, we would be able to look forward to viewing an interesting and intelligent program for several weeks. I would like to ask this: isn’t it possible to air programs for different types of viewers, instead of only for the majority? the majority who have been trained to accept and “like” reality shows like that obnoxious Shark Tank. Ok, so we’re back to watching only the news on Thurs. Except for the well-written “The Middle” and “Castle” we never watch any of the other programs on ABC.

  3. H China says

    That’s pretty sad. Finally something interesting to watch, and they cancel in two shows in. Just goes to show stupid TV has become. Shark Tank! I’m done with ABC!!!

  4. says

    I just turned on ABC to see this show and found that stupid Shark Tank on. What is wrong with you people? You film a good show and then cancel it. It was the only show I watched on ABC so now I’m not watching anything. I really looked forward to it. Please bring it back. Saturday night would be good.

  5. Carl Leyh says

    My wife and I enjoyed both episodes and were looking forward for more. This is a real disappointment. I hope the remaining episodes are released, maybe during the summer rerun season. I guess we’ll go back to watching Elementary, but I’d prefer The Assets. Sometimes history is better than fiction.

  6. Jackie says

    WHY did you cancel this? I thought it was right up there with Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, and very well done for network TV, most of which is sheer drivel. How can one see the rest or were only two episodes filmed?

  7. Irene Schen says

    I can’t believe that this terrific show was cancelled. It’s so frustrating to start any new shows any more, only to have them pulled. I will be thinking twice before I start any new shows. I’ve already deleted a couple of pilots from my teevo and I will be especially reluctant to watch any ABC programs. Some new shows need to be given time to catch on through word of mouth. Missed ones can be watched on “on demand” or on line. I hope a lot of money was thrown away on this fiasco but I also hope that whomever made the decision to pull it gets pulled from his/her job.

  8. Joanne says

    I anticipated the Assets the whole week; I am very disappointed that this series was cancelled! Why on earth would they switch the Assets with Shark Tank?! Well, on a personal note, now I can go to bed ~ I have been up since 5am.

  9. martha nelson says

    at 84 years of age, I live with my daughter. We both were engrossed with the story of “The Assets” and thought it was an excellent cast. I also still miss “Smash” with its glorious singing and dancing……….

  10. Deb says

    Just went to sit down and watch The Assets and now find it has been pulled ! Crazy! My husband and I were enjoying this series. Bad decision!

  11. Anonymous says

    completely agree – rarely watch TV – ran over the DVR the Assets and couldn’t find it!! It was great – it was intrigued, and not am left hanging and very disappointed!!!

  12. Peggy says

    It’s Thursday night, and I just sat down to double-check the time frame for “The Assets.” Checked online when I couldn’t find any listing. Are you kidding me?! More people will watch Shark Tank reruns than this, a drama based on U.S. history?! My husband and I watch very little TV, only because most shows seem so ridiculous. However, “Assets” interested us, and we were planning on the next 6 weeks. Years later, I’m still angry that “I’ll Fly Away” (Civil Rights era) was cancelled, and I really resent ABC’s decision to pull this one. I concur with so many of the above comments. If Shark Tank & Duck Dynasty are the new norm for TV programming, then they’ve lost many of us for good. Very disappointing.

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