The Dead Zone: USA Series Cancelled, No Season Seven

The Dead Zone canceledOn the previous episode of The Dead Zone, Johnny (Anthony Michael Hall) and his son JJ (Connor Price) were having new visions of Armageddon. Apparently the end was closer than they knew.

After six seasons, USA Networks has chosen to cancel the science-fiction series. Coincidentally, Dead Zone’s last episode aired on the same night as The 4400’s which has also been cancelled. It was suspected that time was running out on both series as they’ve both been on the air for several seasons and have grown more expensive. USA reportedly searched for ways to cut costs so the shows could be renewed but they ultimately decided to pull the plug.

Of the two cancellations, USA exec Jeff Wachtel said, “We wish we could keep all our great shows alive forever. But we feel we need to give some of our new shows a platform to grow, and it’s with great sadness that we say goodbye to two shows that had a great run and helped create the resurgence of original programming on our network and on all of cable.”

There’s been no word of any plans to bring the series’ unresolved storylines to a close. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Tom says

    I have been watching the dead zone over and over again for years here in Ireland, and can tell you that big TV productions companies are more interested in realality BS shows than anything else as low production costs max profits how do you think they all get so rich. The TV production companies are like most big corps they want us the viewer to watch BS tv that they want and to hell with what we the viewer wants.

    Even if USA got 10 million emails to bring back shows like the Dead Zone they wont because thats not what they want us to watch and dont make the millions on crap TV reality shows such as X-Factor, Or America Next top model, who cares who gets a carrer as a top model let them work for it and let the viewer watch the TV they want and love. They started the dead zone now they should honour their commitment to the viewers and finish it one way or the other.

    And by the why I never watch any form of reality TV shows as that aint life as it is man just some D Heads idea of making money

  2. says


  3. Daniel Ball says

    I agree with everyone here.. BRING DEAD ZONE BACK!! Idc if its as a whole new show and yeah it will have to be in the future since it stopped in 2007..
    I loved this show like I loved Heroes! Too bad all TV stations are the same cutting shows at their prime.

    My dad (Age 48) and I (Age 14) love the show. As you can see it has an effect on people of all ages.

    • Daniel Ball says

      Oh and they have to use the same Actors.

      I hated how they replaced JJ with someone else.. that just through me off lol.

  4. RUME2 says

    My husband said how can you fall in love with a show that has been cancel to tape it so you dont miss it….I thought about that but that is what happen and I started watching psych…I had seen it before until I saw it on a marathon….and I said wow I like this…so I told him it happen once it can happen again… I am watching the NETHERLAND…wow I am bumming….I want this show back so bad….PLEASE BRING IT BACK

  5. Sven Schm├Ądeke says

    Hello everyone. I agree to all here. I Live in Germany, have looked at every premiere follows. I was also curious to see how it goes or I still am, because at the end of last season to JJ Johny papa says, and JJ had a vision. As the hell are you? Actually, I love America the land but after I read the one of the broadcast channel for accumulating costs, I think differently. Hello me, AMERICA, all telling us all eh who have money, then why such a ****? Dead Zone too expensive? I do not believe it. All those living in America who know where is the station should go and demonstrate, not otherwise are you, I would do it too, only I Live in Germany. DEAD ZONE BRINGS U.S. BACK BUT QUICK

  6. Angel says

    I agree with everyone here !! Darn it .. I watched all six season over about 3months .. was soooo waiting for sarah and johnny to finally live the vision he had in a previous season of him and sarah and jj and his daughter .. she came into his kitchen saying daddy .. (were they ever going to reveal that hope is really johnnys daughter?) … .. well WHAT the heck !! How they going to suck you in for six seasons and then not even run a grand finally last episode ……let us be prepared instead they strung us along and then dumped us !! BRING BACK DEAD ZONE !! Thats my two cents for what its worth :) Yes and I feel like not watching anything on USA again ?? WHY so we can get really interested in something and then the next episode is cancelled cause they aren’t seeing a big enough profit ?? They call this good business? How when now I have NO faith in anything they air .. I’m not going to put myself in a position to get interested in a show they play they are to wishy washy?? OH and I know I said I was done .. BUT I watched 4400 too .. Ohhhhhh I feel so cheated !! Darn you TV executives …

  7. christine says

    I think dead zone should be brought back. the way season 6 ended was just rediculous. the way i see it is if usa did this once they can do it again so i will not get into any of there new shows. just do not want to be disappointed again.

  8. Anonymous says

    I think dead zone should come back i dont care about the new shows needing a platform how about the shows you already got your viewers to watch. just doesnt make any sense to me at all. I tell yo uone thing after ending a season like that i cant trust that usa will keep a season going long enough to see the end, so i will not be getting into any new shows from usa. just do not want to be disappointed again.

  9. Allyn says

    I agree with the previous comments. I have watched six seasons over a period of a month and thought there would be some closure but there was none. It would be great if another company picked it up and finished it but like the previous comments said, “it is all about the money.” But should we really be surprised at the execs pulling the plug on a show still in its prime? They do it all the time.

    I enjoyed it while it lasted although I was getting pretty sick of Sara and her back and forth with Johnny. One show its “I would have waited for you” and “I never stopped loving you” and then in the next to the last show it is “i don’t see a future here.” Give me a break! If they had killed of Sara and left Walt I would have been okay with that.

    It was nice while it lasted. Thank you to Stephen King for a great story and if you want some closure, watch the movie with Christopher Walken in it.

  10. James Gill says

    I agree Put Dead Zone Back on! I just got done watching all six seasons and you leave the end hanging like that!? I’m about to never watch USA again if they are going to pull this kind of crap! PUT DEAD ZONE BACK ON THE AIR!

  11. Justin Miller says

    the ppl cancled it due to it being to expensive, thats b.s alot of ppl liked that show they mad hella money off that show. PUT DEAD ZONE BACK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. jess says

    this is complete bullshit i liked the show too and just finished watching it i would like to know about the ending they should just put it back on the air it is a good show by boyfriend watched it nonstop so obviously it was a good show just put it back on the air

  13. Jeff says

    This is total B.S. I just watched 6 seasons straight for the last 3 weeks and this is how it ends? I can’t believe USA would just pull the plug on a great series, in the middle of a series at that… You people make the show better and better each week to keep people coming back and then just decide to cancel the show right when it was taking a turn in a complete different direction. I watched and watched and couldn’t wait to see Johnny and Sarah get back together and raise J.J. and hope, and to watch what was gonna happen next with Stillson and to so how J.J. was gonna do with his new found gift passed to him from Johnny, real nice touch at the end having J.J. call Johnny dad for the first time…..USA execs are complete morons bent on money, money, money….People should protest USA by not watching nothing new, until they bring back Dead Zone and finish the damn series….They would have to bring it back then, since its all about MONEY. When their new shows are getting no ratings then maybe they’ll think about this absolute B.S. way of doing business…..BOOOO USA!!!!!!

    • RUME2 says

      I agree I was watching the reruns and yes I see your point I love the show why can’t they bring it back. Some of the stuff they have on can be put on the cancel burner…bring back the good programs. I hated when they killed Walt not right at all.

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