The Dr. Keith Ablow Show: The Doctor is Out

Dr. Keith AblowThree syndicated shows have bit the dust since the start of the new year; The Megan Mullally Show, The Greg Behrendt Show and Geraldo at Large. The daytime market looks easy but it’s a tough sell. Just ask Dr. Keith Ablow, host of cancelled syndicated show number four.

The Dr. Keith Ablow Show debuted on September 11, 2006, was produced by LMNO Productions and Telepictures Productions and syndicated by Warner Bros. Domestic Television. The show was hosted by Ablow who was a couples therapist for 20 years and has appeared as a guest on several shows as an expert regarding several high-profile trials. He’s also written a half-dozen novels and seven non-fiction books, including the best-selling Inside the Mind of Scott Peterson.

The show’s stated goal was to “help individuals, couples and families cope with the personal challenges they face in today’s world, and develop strategies that can help them lead more fulfilling lives.” Many of the early shows seemed to focus less on viewer problems and more on high-profile stories like the Jon Bonnet Ramsey murder, Tori Spelling’s break-up, Anna Nicole Smith’s family, and former American Idol finalists (scheduled for this Friday)  — shows geared purely towards getting high ratings. It didn’t work.

The cancellation news comes as little surprise since the viewership has averaged just over a million households. And, though Warner Bros. execs continued to express their support, there was no talk of a second season. A few weeks ago, Warner Bros. Domestic TV’s Ken Werner said, “We’ll continue to produce the show for TV stations for the balance of the year and support it the way we do with all of our shows.”

The series will continue in production for several more weeks as was originally planned but it’s unclear if it will stay on the air for the rest of the season. One thing’s for sure though, the doctor is out. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. Nerezza says

    I was sitting here watching Dr. Blows Goats and thought I’d check the internet to see if other people think he’s a sexist too. My search consisted of ‘Dr. Ablow’ and ‘conservative’. The show today is about women street fighters. He obviously thinks that women should assume the feminine role, and his remarks were very…. 1950’s. He obviously has a problem with women being tough. Is it because the women guests on this episode could each kick his ass with ease? If a male fighter was on his show, would Dr. Arseblow keep asking him about his love life? And, after reading the above comments, I, too, am glad his show got the boot. You’d think a psychiatrist would see both sides of the spectrum and be more accepting of people. His show is a perfect example of why white conservative men should stay out of the entertainment business. Stick to politics (wait… don’t do that either).

  2. Roy Destremps says

    Dr. Keith,
    Im writting to you in regards to the show you did on Chris and his mom. she was raped by her dad and chris is a result..

    I just felt i had to write to you in regards to this.

    I felt so bad for this kid i almost wanted to cry for him and give him a big hug..
    Im sorry i cant agree with his mom on the fact she left him and took off.. I dont care if he was from my dad (well i do c care) but i would have never left him for the wolves as she did. The fact taht everytime she looked at him she thought of the rape.. And to say that on TV. Im sorry i would have lied and come up with another excuse why i left him there like i didnt have the means to suppost him.. He is her son nomatter what the reason. Listening to him talk just tore at my heart. If it was me i think i would have found a way to not make it aobut the rape but all about my son. mabe its easy for me to say because it didtn happen to me but. I dont write to shows, i never have but i just had to on this one.. its like i cant stop thinking of this kid and all the pain he has. and to think his mother could let him deal with it by hisself to me isnt fair. your kids pain shouold come before you pain no matter what the situation is. I thougt it ver selfish on her part. she is the adult and she should have tried to help him deal and in retun would have seen the real person inside of him and not her father.. i wish i could write to him myself just for moral suppost. of course i woulnd never put his mom down for doing it. but he seems to need friends or at least someone he can talk to jsut to say it will be ok.
    I hope i didnt sound like i was ranting about his mom. I just think she couuld have found a way to keep him and not let him stay with the person that abused her so he can abuse her son as welll.

  3. chari says

    Not that I’m a big fan of this show (I think there are better topics to discuss than groupies and 30-year-old-men who are still going to college because they don’t want to give up that lifestyle), but for all of the people who accuse Dr. Keith of being very rude towards his guests, I see no difference between him and Dr. Phil. All of these talk shows are ridiculously fake to an extent (Tyra being the best example).

  4. clel says

    if this male (ablow)is an indicator for the level of therapy in the USA , it is no wonder the suicide rate is so high. Ablow should better the universe by taking a vow of silence for his duration.

  5. Anonymous says

    I had been looking forward to his show coming out as I liked what he had to say on the Tyra show. But I guess her frequent interruptions made a difference. Once his show came out it dd not take me long to change my mind. I think the final straw for me was when he referred to a single guest as basically being so messed up that the individual was a full year (2 semesters) of psychological study. I could not believe that a psychiatrist would say potentially damaging remarks. It seems he would consider the psychological effects of language (being a psychiatrist). I knew he would not last! I just googled “Ablow Cancelled” and confirmed what I suspected.

  6. Erina Loo says

    I was shocked and horrified to see this man abuse an elderly African American man . The old man tried to say he did not like white men because of what they did to his mother and grandmother. Ablow did not even listen to him..He called him a liar and really ostracised him.
    Is this moron totally ignorant of recent American history??? I could easily understand this old mans feelings and I don;t even live in America. Oprah backed a dud horse there. Thank God he is going.

  7. pandora S says

    I am so happy people are WAKING UP This male is nothing more than a wanna be Jerry S. He makes me so sick I don’t even want his energy on my tv I feel sorry for his wife

  8. Val Johnson says

    Thank heavens Dr. Keith is getting cancelled. His show has gotten so boring that it’s not even good to watch anymore and he is a racist pig who is not even licensed anymore to practice medicine. I hope all the people who were promised helped sue him cause is Ja.

  9. jack lund says

    Thank god Dr blowhole is gone! His show on the straight woman married to the gay man infuriated me to no end. I was just going to write expressing my decision never to watch him again when I find that god provides. How dare he usurp his authority to say that it was unethical to have the supporting children express their views. They already knew the situation and supported it. Why did he have them scheduled anyway?? To give his moral authority on the subject he knows nothing about? Can his relationship last without sex? To me this is a higher form of love and means more than grunt. By passing professional judgement,he stabbed the family and children in the back,not to mention the children in tvland. Psychiatrists have been incorrect for decades on the gay issue. Straight jackets anyone? Why should we now feel the world is flat? Bigotry is taught. Thanks Dr blowhole for doing your part. I questioned the manipulation of having the kids in the spotlight and shake my head at the husband for not being out. However, it took me years to decide if I was gay or bisexual and this family had the stability of no other. We all honor truth.

  10. Lisa says

    I am happy to hear that I am not the only one who is happy that The Dr. Keith Ablow show is getting cancelled. I was on his show, I was promised help by him and his staff. He made it appear I was leaving his show and going directly to rehab. Did this happen? No! Did they contact me after the show? Yes they did, they needed more pictures of me and my family, nothing was mentioned about helping me. When I was finally able to get in touch with the “after-care specialist,” she stated they would only contribute $1000.00 towards my treatment. Being that I don’t have insurnace, that wouldn’t even get my foot in the door. I have no doubt that I wasn’t the only one made promises that didn’t come through. If the good doctor made good on all his promises, I have no doubt his show wouldn’t be cancelled. I think this man should be banned from TV forever for what he did to me. Being on his show only made my problems worse. I ended up in a psychiatric hospital for 6 days recently for a suicide attempt. This never would have happened had he have done what he said he was going too. I got to the point where I was hopeless, in a lot of pain and sick and tired of people making promises to help only to find out nothing ever goes through! Good riddens Keith Ablow, maybe a reality show is more up your alley!

  11. hedy gregory says

    after getting hope up that mr. ablow might be able to help i read these posts. my question is: how does one in a crisis with gaping need tell who is trustworthy –should i make a personal rule that no tv person is to be trusted?

  12. Brenda says

    I am thoroughly displeased with the manner in which Keith Ablow responded to his African American male guest who is a self-acknowledged racist and former Black Panther. It is my belief that on the program that aired in Richmond, Virginia on March 2, 2007, Ablow was overtly curt, unempathetic and nasty to the man. He labeled this senior citizen a “lair”, and urged the television audience to take a good look at this man to watch out for this guy because, in Ablow’s words “he is dangerous.”

    It would appear that the good doctor took offense to the father of those adult daughters acknowledging that he did not trust any white man. It would also appear that Ablow took issue with the fact that the former Black Panther had not seen his grandchildren due to the fact that one of his daughters is married to a caucasian. Ablow, again attacked his guest by asking the man, “What type grandfather are you?”

    This type of questioning places a guest in a position to be defensive. This mode of questioning used by Ablow was done intentionally to make the Black man appear stupid. Ablow was quite aware of the tactics he used against this guest! What type of therapist is Ablow?

    During that same program, which aired on the same day, there was a white woman who hated her daughter’s choice of a Black male as a boyfirend. This mother contradicted herself multiple times. She kept backing her thing up and switching the gears about how she felt about Black people. She first began by stating that “black people did not care about themselves. That Black people are in the position they are because they don’t care about themselves. She went further by saying that black people smelled and even further by spewing her hatred that black people are ignorant and that black men who date or marry white women should be or would have been hanged from a tree for their relationships with white women. This poor sick and tired woman could not step up to the plate to sit down with her daughter’s man by sharing manna. Was she chastised as was the Black man? No, not at all. This same guest on Ablow’s show stated publicly that she would not have anything to do with “it.” This “it” was in reference to any bi-racial grandchildren that might result from her daughter’s relationship with her boyfriend. This tired, former alcoholic referred to Blacks as “niggers” several times during the program.

    This guest was slightly reprimanded by Ablow. Other than that admonishment, he did not attack her as he did the African American man. Why was this? Was he afraid to stand up to the white man for fear that white men would retaliate against him for doing so? Did he believe that the Black man did not or does not have a valid point for upholding his views?

    Did Ablow make rational allowances and excuses for the African American man as he had done for the white woman on the stage? No, he made no rational allowances for this Black man and so, the Black guest explained why he felt and believed as he did. He talked about being a Vietnam Veteran fighting to protect America, and the subsequent manner in which Black people were being portrayed and mistreated by whites in America-the country he and so many thousands of Black men died for in war.

    Clearly, he had taken the views of his male guest personally. This was evident when he retorted, “Do you hate me?” And, then Ablow made an appeal to the studio audience by commenting to the white males in his audience as the cameras honed onto the face of one white male in the audience.

    Now, not once did Ablow come down on this white racist female as he did on the Black racist male. He allowed her to state her opinions without rebuke, except to say to her that “you are a racist.” Not once did he refer to this ignorant and mentally ill woman as a “liar.” Not once did Ablow ask the audience to view her as being “dangerous” for her racist views, feelings and ignorances.

    Therefore, it is my observation that Ablow’s professionalism was compromised at that moment. He discriminated against(a black male) in favor of another guest(a white female). He was objective but subjective as was apparent to me watching. I was angered by his obvious discrimination. He clearly did not like this Black man’s views as hating white men and seeing them as devils.

    Historically, and especially pre-Civil Rights era an overwhelming percentage of white men in specific geographical venues hated Black men just because Black men were physically endowed, could think and had the audacity to speak out against the evils exacted at the hands of those white male. Additionally, Black men were murdered just because they stood up for their manhood and announced that they were men and not dogs. Thousands of Black men were castrated, buried in construction sites, thrown in rivers and weighted down before being thrown into those rivers for wanting and trying to protect his women. Why would any white male be surprised or insulted by the views this particular guest held? Why would Ablow become indignant by attacking this aging African American man? Where was the same tolerance he rendered to the caucasian female who clearly voiced her feelings about Black people and more specifically, about her daughter’s choice in men?

    I am happy to have read that Keith Ablow’s show has been cancelled. If a host of a nationally televised program is not going to uphold his integrity and ethics by being impartial to all guests, then he or she should not be well recieved by that national audience and should not be sanctioned to have a television program. Why? Because television and what is shown there influences hundreds of thousands of sick-minded individuals across the nation and around the world. I am happy Dr. Keith Ablow’s show has been cancelled. I came to the conclusion on March 2 that he has his very own ghosts in the closet. This, I feel is why the good doctor flogged the Black male guest without mercy.

  13. Kess says

    Lisa, I’m so sorry to hear about your negative experience. What a shame! I truly hope that this was due to the lack of caring on the producers’ part and NOT Dr. Keith’s. I have been strung along for months saying that I’d be appearing on the show….but nothing ever came of it. I’m still Dr. Keith’s number one fan though. Check out his books….he’s an amazing author. Maybe his last show should be Dr. Keith analyzing his staff on why they seem to feel little remorse lying to their guests. Hopefully some of their guests got real help. I find it hard to believe some didn’t. The doctor seems genuine to me, and I’m very sad to see that the show will be cancelled. It was the only thing I watched on TV….the only thing worth watching in my opinion. I guess it’s just business for the producers…but I think Dr. Keith actually cares. Oh, and I did come in contact with some very nice producers….but unfortunately they have a higher power to answer to also.



    I have enjoyed watching your show everyday before I went to work.I was really interested in all your shows and the topics that you choose to talk about! I know that alot of people could relate to what you were talking about. Well it is going to be sad to see you leave!! I wish that they could not take you off the air but everything happens for a reason!It was nice seeing you every morning.

  15. Lisa says

    It does not surprise me that Keith Ablow’s show is being cancelled. I have a problem addressing him as a doctor as I was a guest on his show last October, “Mom’s Addicted To Pain Pills.” I wrote to Keith Ablow last summer explaining the horrible experience I have been being on worker’s comp the last 3 years. Denial of treatment has caused me to become addicted to vicodin. I explained to him that I had 2 surgeries on my arms (a total of 12 procedures were done), but continued to suffer from back and neck spasms. His show contacted me in September of last year asking me if I wanted to be on the show entitled Mom’s addicted to pain pills. I explained to her that I would have to have treatment for my back/neck spasms before I could come off of the vicodin, they said they would give me that treatment as well. In less than 24 hours, they had myself, my ex-husband as well as my 2 children on a plane to New York to tape the show. On the show, Keith Ablow asked me if I was ready to get help right now, I stated I was. He informed me they would be sending me to a detox center, I guess for TV drama, he implied they would be taking me right after the show.

    Right after the show, we had 10 minutes to talk to the aftercare specialist (Dr. Karen Derby) as I plane was leaving and they had a car ready for us to return home. I did not hear from them after the show, with the exception of a couple of requests for more pictures) and I called inquiring about the treatment they verbally (my mistake for not getting it in writing) promised me. It took several days for the aftercare specialist to return my call and when she did, she stated there would be no treatment for my back/neck spasms as that was not part of the program. I informed her I would never have appeared on the show had that not have been promised to me. She was firm in stating that I would not receive the medical treatment and not only that, the program did not consist of detox! Keith Ablow stated on national TV that I would be receiving detox. She stated no. She merely emailed me a list of doctors in my area that I needed to contact and they would contribute $1,000.00 towards my treatment.

    Several requests to speak personally with Dr. Keith have been denied.

    So no, I am not surprised this show is being cancelled, You don’t take someone who is crying out for help, promise them help and then just leave them hanging.

    I spoke with Vivian from Telepictures and she stated that she spoke with them and they stated they never promised treatment for my back/neck spasms, imagine that.

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