The Hard Times of RJ Berger

The Hard Times of RJ BergerNetwork: MTV
Episodes: 24 (half-hour)
Seasons: Two

TV show dates: June 6, 2010 — May 30, 2011
Series status: Cancelled

Performers include: Paul Iacono, Jareb Dauplaise, Kara Taitz, Amber Lancaster, Jayson Blair, Larry Poindexter, Ciena Rae, Beth Littleford, Adam Cagley, Marlon Young, Noureen DeWulf, Seth Donavan, Chris Warren Jr., and Kristopher Higgins.

the hard times of rj berger past TV show

TV show description:
At first glance, everything is awkward about Ohio teen RJ Berger (Paul Iacono). His appearance, social skills, and athleticism all seem to be lacking. He’s even embarrassed about his parents and has more eyeglasses than he has friends. Yet, he has one thing going for him. His shorts once fell off in front of the entire school, and suddenly he went from anonymous to infamous. Everyone, from the girl of his dreams to the meanest jock in school, knows how well-endowed he is and start to revere him.

RJ’s best friend, Miles Jenner (Jareb Dauplaise), is exactly what RJ isn’t — overly confident with a gift of talking himself out of trouble. Yet, he wants one thing in life, to get others to like him, especially girls with no self confidence. He’d love to use RJ’s new popularity to land himself in the middle of the school’s in-crowd.

Lily Miran (Kara Taitz) doesn’t hang around RJ because of his new popularity. She’s been obsessed with him since they shared a kiss in kindergarten. They’re just friends and, for now, she’s happy being a third wheel with him and Miles. She uses her unique fashion sense and overtly sexual comments to get RJ to notice her.

Jenny Swanson (Amber Lancaster) is the object of RJ’s attention. He sees her as perfect, both inside and out, from her blonde hair and blue eyes to her cheerleader image. She’s his study-buddy and co-lead in the musical, Vamp Side Story. She’s also caring, smart, and humble. It’s too bad she’s dating Max Owens (Jayson Blair), the biggest jock in school. He’s good-looking and an intimidating bully. Yet, Max loses a step with everyone once RJ’s physical gift is shown publicly. Suddenly, he’s not the big man on campus anymore.

Series Finale:     
Episode 24 — The Better Man
RJ is unsure of what to do after seeing Max kissing Guillermo in the men’s locker room shower. The next day, Max starts to beat up RJ because he and Jenny are still in the running for Mr. & Mrs. Pinkerton High. RJ whispers to Max that he knows his secret and Max immediately leaves him alone.

The rest of the school starts buzzing about it — including Hamilton, Miles, Lily, and Jenny. RJ confides in Jenny and she’s stunned, until she recalls that her relationship with Max never got very far. They agree to keep it a secret but Lily and Jenny make a plan to ruin Robin and Max on their own.

Jenny bumps into Robin on purpose and she goes into a rant against Jenny and the student body. Jenny secretly recorded the whole conversation on her cell phone. RJ tries to patch things up with Amy, but she’s so upset about all of the time that he’s spending with Jenny that she doesn’t notice that RJ truly loves her.

At home, Sinclair proposes to Suzanne but Rick and RJ rush in and ruin the moment. Rick reads Suzanne the poem that he wrote to her about their first time making love. Rick and Suzanne immediately make up and Sinclair storms out after vowing to get revenge on RJ.

At the school assembly, the contestants make their speeches. RJ uses his time to proclaim his love for Amy and she responds by saying that she loves him too. Hamilton has Lily’s phone with Robin’s recorded rant but can’t find her. After the speeches, Miles and Hamilton play the rant over the loudspeakers when Max and Robin win the contest. The crowd boos and throws food at them and RJ and Jenny win. Lily enters sobbing and confesses to RJ that she is pregnant with his baby.
First aired: May 30, 2011.


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