V: Finale Will Be a Bloodbath But May Not Be the End

VA few weeks ago, we reported that, despite low ratings, the producers of ABC’s V had no plans to give fans any kind of closure in the season (likely series) finale. Now, TV Guide reports that the finale will actually be a blood bath, killing off as much as a third of the show’s series regulars.

Executive producer Scott Rosenbaum says that two or three of the following actors have been let go from the ABC series: Scott Wolf (Chad), Logan Huffman (Tyler), Morris Chestnut (Ryan), Joel Gretsch (Father Jack), Laura Vandervoort (Lisa), and Jane Badler (Diana). He’s hoping that this “bold move” (also read: cost cutting) will help convince the network to renew V for a third season. Rosenbaum said that he made his decision of who to get rid of based on “what would be most devastating for the characters I want to continue.”

Vandervoort says that viewers will be shocked by what happens, as the cast and crew were when they read the script.

While it was looking like the new V was doomed to be cancelled after two seasons, it looks like there could be hope. The ratings have started to pick up in the last two weeks and the 18-49 demographic ratings rose nearly 6% each episode. The series is still averaging a poor 1.9 rating in the demo and 5.7 million viewers and there are just four episodes left in the season. If the numbers keep rising, ABC could see this as encouraging enough to give it another shot. A similar thing happened last season when the show was on the bubble.

What do you think? Who won’t survive the season (or series) finale? Do you think ABC will take a chance and renew V again?

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  1. xavier slowman says

    At least please bring V back to us. The show doesn’t have to be on TV make it like what Secret Life is doing. Make the series a DVD series.

  2. K . J says

    Come on, this show is great, and the good thing , the 2nd EPs end as open, so if there is a 3rd part, would of be a full of options, but not making a 3rd part, will be so bad, because am one of the fans that buying it at whatever cost because I enjoy it.

    ABC, you have to make a 3rd part, this show most keep going, and am sure it will see more rating up, or as soon you release the 3rd part to the TV :)

  3. Linda Henderson says

    I had watched V from it’s first appearance years ago.

    When I heard they were making a new seriers I was very excited. My husband and I sat down together and watched it. We loved it. We planned our TV nights around this new program.

    The show had a lot of potential. It is sad the writers and producers lost the vision.

  4. says

    I loved The V Finale, It was the best of the season and I definitely think it should be renewed for a third season. However if you try to watch any episodes of V on the ABC .co website “it doesn’t work” I will be very upset if the they cancell this show. I am still reeling from when they cancelled “Invasion” after only one year!

    • Massive Marbles says


      I don’t want them to cancel either, it has potential…

      Important email me!!!

      massivemarbles at gmail

  5. Massive Marbles says

    The series definitely has a chance to dominate all others. This is how I would do it!!! FIRST, Pump Up the sensationalism. How? Bring in celebrity guests! SECONDLY, Revive Diana to head the V-supported 5th Column with Joshua! THIRD, Kill or Kidnap the leaders of all nations to drive up the suspense! FOURTH, The Aries Project should be assisted by another advanced extraterrestrial race who are natural enemies of the V’s. FIFTH, Give the V’s a name – what species are they really? Give a contest to allow viewers to be guests on the show! Drive Up the Hype people! Put the Earth in Danger!!!! Make it real, ADVERTISE – EVERYWHERE!

    • Massive Marbles says

      Once the war starts, “take the gloves off” – shed all human skin from the majority of the V’s and just leave the human heads on the ones that will be relevant to the lead cast !!!

  6. Paul Weaver says

    I had a problem with the bad guys winning so I wrote a continuation of the series on my blog at Myspace in which I make the good guys win.

  7. cw says

    Heh,just look at the original series,so much better than this one.
    All you see i this is down to earth for some action,up to the mothership where everyone seems to stand in the same room all the time and with cheap background animation,then back to earth,then up to the ship again.. i mean mean come on…
    But the show IS getting better,the last episode with “M.Donovan” back is very good,so there is hope.Too bad they killed off Diana,i think its a mistake (if shes really dead ?) also wish they could get the other actors from the old show back…
    if you keep this up the audiance will return..
    C.W (sweden)

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