Cancelled or Renewed? Status of ABC TV Shows [12/4/12]

canceled or renewed ABC tv showsIs your favorite ABC TV show returning or has it already been cancelled? What TV series have been renewed for next season? How many episodes are there?

Below is a list of all of the regular ABC series that have aired (or are expected to air) during the 2012-13 season — roughly September 2012 – August 2013. (I’ve also included Summer 2012 shows because people will be wondering about them too.)

Using this “cheat sheet” you can tell where your favorite ABC television program stands; how many episodes are in the current season, when it’ll be back on the air and, of course, if it’s already been renewed or cancelled.

Click here to see if there’s a more recent list or, to view past lists.

Here are listings for the other networks: CBS | The CW | FOX | NBC

TV shows Current/latest season Status
20/20 35 (?? eps) not cancelled or renewed yet
666 Park Avenue 1 (13 eps) cancelled
America’s Funniest Home Videos 23 (?? eps) not cancelled or renewed yet
The Bachelor 17 (?? eps) debuts 01/07/13
The Bachelorette 8 (10 eps, aired) not cancelled or renewed yet
Bachelor Pad 3 (8 eps, aired) not cancelled or renewed yet
Body of Proof 3 (13 eps) debuts 2/5/13
Castle 5 (23 eps) not cancelled or renewed yet
Celebrity Diving 1 (?? eps) debuts 3/19/13
Celebrity Wife Swap 2 (?? eps) debut TBD
Dancing with the Stars 16 (?? eps) debuts 3/18/13
Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23 2 (?? eps) not cancelled or renewed yet
Duets 1 (9 eps, aired) not cancelled or renewed yet
Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition 3 (15 eps) debuts Summer 2013
Family Tools 1 (10 eps) debuts 5/1/13
Final Witness 1 (7 eps, aired) not cancelled or renewed yet
The Glass House 1 (10 eps, aired) not cancelled or renewed yet
Grey’s Anatomy 9 (24 eps) not cancelled or renewed yet
Happy Endings 3 (22 eps) not cancelled or renewed yet
How to Live with Your Parents
(For the Rest of Your Life)
1 (13 eps) debuts 4/3/13
Last Man Standing 2 (18 eps) not cancelled or renewed yet
Last Resort 1 (13 eps) cancelled
Malibu Country 1 (18 eps) not cancelled or renewed yet
The Middle 4 (24 eps) not cancelled or renewed yet
Mistresses 1 (?? eps) debuts mid-season
Modern Family 4 (24 eps) not cancelled or renewed yet
Nashville 1 (22 eps) not cancelled or renewed yet
The Neighbors 1 (22 eps) not cancelled or renewed yet
Nightline Prime 3 (?? eps) debuts 03/01/13
NY Med 1 (8 eps, aired) ended
Once Upon a Time 2 (?? eps) not cancelled or renewed yet
Primetime 24 (?? eps) not cancelled or renewed yet
Private Practice 6 (13 eps) ending
Red Widow 1 (8 eps) debuts 3/3/13
Revenge 2 (22 eps) not cancelled or renewed yet
Rookie Blue 4 (13 eps) debuts Summer 2013
Scandal 2 (22 eps) not cancelled or renewed yet
Secret Millionaire 3 (6 eps) not cancelled or renewed yet
Shark Tank 4 (24 eps) not cancelled or renewed yet
Suburgatory 2 (?? eps) not cancelled or renewed yet
The Taste 1 (8 eps) debuts 1/22/13
Trust Us With Your Life 1 (8 eps w 2 unaired) not cancelled or renewed yet
Wife Swap 7 (13 eps) debuts mid-season
Wipeout 6 (?? eps) return TBD
Zero Hour 1 (?? eps) debuts 2/14/13

If you can’t find a particular ABC program on this list, it may have been cancelled last season (2011-12) or the one before that (2010-11) — time flies doesn’t it! For a list of cancelled or ending shows from all networks, you can go here. It may also be possible that we missed something so feel free to let us know in the comments below.

What do you think? Which ABC TV shows won’t be renewed? Are there any that you wish would be cancelled?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. says

    Nashville is one of the best shows on TV. The music and the stories are always fun. I live in Nashville and this is very close to how the industry actually operates here. I love it.

    • kate says

      I agree – reality shows are exactly that – no acting experience needed and it shows! PLEASE KEEEP THE COMEDIES! NOT ENOUGH FUNNY IN THE WORLD!!!

  2. jeremy says

    Wow how ridiculous is ABC getting? it makes me not even want to try and watch any shows that they have to offer anyone! ABC u SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Kris says

    ABC, shame on you for cancelling a fantastic show like ‘Last Resort’! I have watched every episode and like someone mentioned previously, I know several people who watch the show, so were are you getting your information to make a decision to cancel?! You will keep shows like ‘The Bachelor’, ‘The Bachelor Pad’ (watch a joke of a show!), ‘The Bachelorette’ and many other reality type shows that I won’t even let my dog watch because they are sooooo ridiculous. It is hard for me to believe that enough people watch those crappy shows to warrant keeping them around over ‘Last Resort’ ~ Again, SHAME ON YOU ABC!!!

  4. Nichole says

    I can’t believe all these lame reality shows get spots but an awesome show like last resort gets cancelled!! That’s why I hate starting a show it always gets cut!! Make reality a time of the past

  5. Anne says

    Are you kidding me? If you are going to cancel anything it should be Nashville. The accent of that Australian actress is so fake and over the top. In fact I stopped watching it for that exact reason. How come no one else in town has such a ridiculous exaggerated accent? I also also agree that there are too many reality shows. Cancel them! And what happened to GCB? It was a cute tongue in cheek show.

    • Southerner says

      You clearly have no accent recognition, since she is English, not Australian. I know plenty of people who speak that way – Southern accents still have regional variations. I love Nashville, but I find it extremely irritating that it airs so sporadically.

  6. PAM FRANKLIN says

    I can’t believe you are cancelling Last Resort! One of the best series ever! Everyone I know watched it and it kept them spell bound! Big Mistake! I am very upset with you for doing this! I don’t know who you pull but you left a whole lot of people out! Please re think this!

  7. says

    Please don’t cancel Castle. So few good adult shows on,(hate “reality”, vampire, and non-funny comedies that promote sarcascm, nasty comments about adults,etc). Castle, NCIS, Leverage, Person of Interest, The Mentalist, CSI, CSI-NY, Criminal Minds, Bones, Hawaii 5-0, Covert Affairs,NCIS-LA & Burn Notice are the only really good adult shows on. Some idiots at TNT have dropped Leverage (hopefully another newwork with some brains will pick it up), so to lose Castle would be a disaster. Castle is the ONLY show on ABC that we watch. Please give us the one reason to watch ABC. If you are really smart you will pick up Leverage because your programming basically stinks.

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